10 Things You can Gift a Frequent Traveler

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The holiday season is upon us and it is time to pick up gifts for our friends and family. It is also the time for many people to pack up their bags, and seek adventure in far away places. In fact, winter travel is rapidly gaining popularity among Indian travellers. According to a recent survey from a travel portal, a whopping 63% of Indians plan their holidays during Christmas. What’s more, December 2018 saw a 25% year on year rise in the number of Indians venturing on holiday trips. Indians are also going beyond borders, with a 70% increase in the number of Indians traveling abroad during the winter break.

This makes Christmas an opportune moment pick out a thoughtful gift that will come in useful for your loved ones your as they set out on their adventures.

While it is easy to pamper our loved ones with jewelry and accessories, it becomes difficult to zero in on the perfect present that would entice an avid traveler. Here we list some of the gift ideas for travel lovers which shows that thought does count.

1) Power banks – Travel takes you to far off places, which may not have charging outlets at times. You want to capture the view but realize that your phone battery is about to conk off. To counter such situations, a power bank is a thoughtful gift idea for a traveler. It not only keeps them connected on the go, but also provides them with the freedom, confidence and peace of mind to push boundaries and venture into unexplored territory.

2) Portable Bluetooth Speakers – Swati, a camping enthusiast, recently went trekking with a group of friends to Nanighat, Kalyan this August. As the sun began to set, the group huddled around the bonfire, sharing stories. They suddenly felt the urge to sing and dance. Thankfully one of her friends had brought a portable bluetooth speaker along. They connected the speakers to the phone, played the latest songs and danced away the night. A portable bluetooth speaker can come in handy in any number of situations. Be it impromptu dance parties, hands-free telephonic conversations or simply listening to your favourite playlist during a long car ride, a portable bluetooth speaker can be a lifesaver.

3) Travel pillow – This is a great gift idea for a travel lover who goes globe-trotting. A travel pillow is an ideal companion on long-haul flights, bumpy bus rides and stuffy train seats with no good head rests. It allows you to doze off comfortably during your commute and wake up refreshed without any aches and pains. There are a variety of travel pillows you can pick – from memory foam pillows to scarf shaped and inflatable ones .

4) Packing cubes – If your loved one is a neat freak and likes everything spick and span, then packing cubes are an ideal gift for him/her. These cubes come in small to big sizes and can hold a number of items – from clothes and accessories, to medicines and documents.

5) Water purifier bottle – Many a time, people may fall sick by drinking contaminated/unpurified water unknowingly during their journey. A water purifier bottle can be one’s saving grace, in such situations. It not only purifies the water, but also doubles as a sipper..

6) Travel amenity kit – A travel amenity kit is a wonderful gift idea for a travel lover who loves to look all spruced up during his/her journey. It allows them to carry mini-bottles of lotions, shampoos and other grooming items. If you are allergic and want to carry a lotion or shampoo, then there are kits which come with inflatable bottles.

7) Luggage scale – After her memorable camping trip in August, our travel enthusiast, Swati, was eager to visit Italy this November. On the day of her flight out to Italy, she arrived at the airport with her neatly packed luggage. But she was in for a rude shock – the airline staff at the counter told her that her baggage was over the permitted weight limit and that she would have to pay extra luggage duty. This could have been avoided if she had a portable luggage scale which would let her know how much she had packed. A portable luggage scale can help your friend stay prepared and know when to pack light.

8) The hidden pocket scarf – This scarf with hidden pockets is a nice way to keep oneself warm while looking stylish on long journeys. The scarf has pockets where you can keep your phone, pills, passport or other small items which you may need on your plane/train/bus.

9) Selfie stick cum tripod stand – Now, your trips to exotic locations are incomplete if you haven’t clicked enough Facebook and Instagram-worthy selfies. A selfie stick with a built-in tripod is a wonderful gift idea for a travel lover. It helps one click selfies as well as family pictures with beautiful locales in the background.

10) Pocket notebook – This is a thoughtful gift idea for a travel lover who loves to pen down a poem, a thought or random musings during his journeys. It can also help them keep track of their hectic travel schedule and even act as the perfect travelogue for their journey.

While these ideas are most definitely worthy travel essentials, the best gift you could give to your loved ones is to remind them to get travel insurance. They can opt for travel insurance available on Bajaj Markets for a hassle-free journey. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, offers protection from loss of baggage, covers medical expenses and reimburses you on trip cancellation. With this, they’re all set to go!

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