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Safeguard Your Expensive Gadgets with Comprehensive Insurance

By Chanel Rick - Jul 26,2022
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If you don’t own the latest anything, are you even living?

This notion is notoriously prevalent around us – and for a good reason too!

In 2022, purchasing the latest gizmos is a buzzing interest for all strata of society. Whether a mobile device, handheld tablet or console – everybody wants in on it! While affordability is the biggest hindrance in acquiring these gadgets, what happens once you buy them? After spending thousands of rupees on this product, uncontrollable events could damage it. Sometimes, even beyond repair! 

This reality could quickly sober up those fantasies of purchasing new goods, especially those living on shoestring budgets. During monsoons, your devices are vulnerable to all kinds of ruin at the hand of moisture and wetness. Aside from some seasonal woes, there’s a possibility of theft or misplacing them. 

However, don’t let it limit you from occasionally indulging in some well-deserved treats. If these problems crop up, proper precautions could remedy them in a hassle-free way. 

And, by precautions, we didn’t mean locking up your precious gadgets! There are handy pocket insurance plans designed to protect your smaller but expensive assets. The best part? Their premiums are pocket-friendly and barely dent your post-purchase budget.

Safeguarding Gadgets with Pocket Insurance  

These small-ticket policies are a great way to ensure a financial backup to repair or replace the insured item. They cover a range of events that could be involved in ruining your device. The high sum insured provided by the policy can cover the funds necessary for product repairs and replacement. 

The following bite-sized insurance policies insure your expensive gadgets. 

Small Gadget Insurance 

With people scrambling to purchase the latest gadgets, it’s no surprise that most individuals own more than 2! The more devices you buy, your liabilities increase. Small gadget insurance covers a range of devices to ensure your product receives adequate finances for repairs. 

Valid for a period of one year, the premium is ₹399 and offers coverage up to ₹10,000

Mobile Screen Insurance 

The heartbreaking sound of a phone crashing down is just as bad as realising it landed on the screen. However, if your luck has been running low lately, a closer inspection might reveal damages like cracked and glitchy screens. Avoid heartache and financial impediments of these situations with mobile screen insurance. Whether accidental damage or a virus attack, it will protect your phone for one year with premiums starting at ₹1,215. 

Along with this small-ticket policy, you receive additional complimentary covers like Antivirus Protection, Protection Against Accidental or Liquid Damage, and entertainment subscriptions. 

Handheld Tablet Insurance 

Often spotted in the hands of little children and older individuals, it’s a lightweight device with a sizeable screen. While ideal for travels, it makes them more susceptible to loss, theft and damage. Purchase handheld tablet insurance to tackle these problems and avail a sum insured of up to ₹50,000. Use this amount to reimburse expenses like repairs or replacement due to accidental damage. 

And, if your tablet suffers a mechanical breakdown, the policy will finance its replacement or repair – all for a premium of ₹599 only! 

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Handheld E-Reading Device Insurance 

Until the debate between paperback and e-reading devices is settled, insure your gadget well in advance! Its slim design and lightweight build are great for travel but make it prone to malicious entities. Invest in handheld e-reading device insurance to financially secure your gadget against theft, accidents and damages. 

Enjoy the policy’s safety for a period of one year for a premium of ₹299. 

DSLR Camera Insurance 

Since photography is a common hobby, there’s no dearth of risks that could befall them! An accident could occur while trying out new lenses or cleaning them out. The DSLR camera insurance covers the expenses you may incur during repairs and replacement. Based on the sum insured or the value of your camera, you can receive financial aid for mechanical breakdowns, too! 

To avail these benefits, pay the premium of ₹699 for a tenure of one year. The policy offers a sum insured of up to ₹25,000. 

Wireless Headphone Insurance 

High-quality headphones are crucial for passionate music listeners and musicians. Since most people prefer wireless devices, it’s no doubt that such headphones cost them a fair bit. Add a layer of protection to these small gadgets with wireless headphone insurance! The policy covers man-made and natural calamities, along with financing repairs for any damages caused by accidents. 

Receive coverage up to ₹10,000 for a premium of ₹299. However, claims are ineligible if damages occur due to terrorist activity and pollution. 

Within minutes, you can complete insuring these expensive gadgets! Promptly insure a product after purchasing it to avoid missing the deadline. Moreover, ensure the damages are covered under the policy for hassle-free claims. Curious about what else pocket insurance can do? You will be surprised! Visit Bajaj MARKETS and explore a variety of small-ticket insurance policies today! 


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