5 Ways to Manage Financial Crisis

Posted in Saving By Aakash Jain - Jan 12,2022
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At its best, life is completely unpredictable.”- Christopher Walken. 

This quote rightly describes life. While life offers us a lot, it also brings uncertainties with it which can leave us stressed. Financial emergencies especially can create an indelible and unpleasant impression in one’s mind. The efforts to obtain funds during troubled times can leave one completely drained. However, it is also very necessary to stay calm and make right decisions during these tough times. Want to know how to manage a financial crisis. Here are 5 ways: 

Identify the Core 

Understand the reason which led to the financial crisis. Analyse if it is a single factor or a complex network of situations that landed you here. List down the factors and accordingly find a solution. This way you will be able to find light at the end of the tunnel. For example, if the factor involved is external, there are chances that the situation may improve once the external environment stabilises. If the crisis is due to your own actions, then create a budget tracker or emergency fund which can help you.  

Create a Budget Plan 

Another important thing to keep in mind is creation of a budget to alleviate the problems that crop up due to the financial crisis. It will help you understand where you are spending money and will help you keep a track of your expenses. Also, you need to avoid spending on non-essential commodities. This way you will also be able to create an emergency fund as well that will help you in the future. 

Go for a Personal Loan 

In case you are falling short of funds, personal loan is a viable financial instrument. You can apply for a personal loan and get as high as Rs. 25 lakhs. Most of the banks and NBFCs today offer loans at competitive interest rates and do not ask for heavy paperwork. Also, with advancements in digitisation, you can also apply for it online. The major advantage of taking a personal loan is that you can use it for any of your personal needs, without having to submit a collateral or security. Also, when it comes to repayment, the tenure is quite flexible and can extend up to 5 years. Thus, getting a personal loan can help you manage your financial crisis. 

 Additional Source of Income 

Yes. Looking out for ways to earn some extra bucks can help you sail through. Of course, you will need to invest your time and efforts into it along with your primary source of income. Whatever you will earn is surely going to contribute to your funds and will help you evade the hassles of the financial crisis. Similarly, even your family members can take up some jobs to strengthen the family finances.  

Consult a Financial Advisor 

Seeking help from a financial advisor can certainly help you tackle the challenges that come with a financial crisis. Their expertise and perspective can help you gather insights on how to manage your finances. Advisors can tell you the suitable financial instruments to invest into, or choose an insurance plan to stay financially secure in times of emergencies. You can take advice on creating a monthly budget tracker and how much amount you can set aside for emergency funds.  The consultation will not only help you save money but also you stay aware in future as to how to mitigate the crisis.  

In a nutshell, following the above mentioned tips will prove to be of great help when you want to wipe away the menace of a financial crisis. 

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