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Silver has been a reliable investment asset for many Indians. For years, investors with limited capital have preferred investing in silver. On the other hand, seasoned investors have also invested in silver in order to enjoy high returns.


Moreover, the opportunities for Indians to invest in this precious metal have significantly increased with the introduction of silver exchange-traded products (ETPs) and digital silver. 


However, if you are planning to invest in silver in Delhi, you need to be aware of the silver price today in Delhi. So, read on to know about the silver price in Delhi so that you can make an informed decision on purchasing this precious hard asset.

Silver Price Per Gram in Delhi

Before you invest in silver, it is better to know about today’s silver rate in Delhi. Based on the current silver rate in Delhi, you can decide on how much silver to buy based on your budget.


So, to help you in finalising your investment, here is a price chart of today’s Delhi silver rate as per the weight of this metal:


Silver Rate in Delhi

1 Gram


10 Grams


100 Grams


1 Kg


Disclaimer: The rate mentioned above is as of July 16, 2024 and is subject to change.

Silver Rate in Delhi for the Last 10 Days

Just like gold, silver is an attractive investment option if you wish to buy it in the physical form. Historically, silver has outperformed gold prices in many financial uncertainties, making it a viable hedge against inflation and economic instability.


However, the prices of silver are determined by many factors and fluctuate daily. The following table shows the silver price in Delhi for the last 10 days: 


10 Gram Silver Price in Delhi

100 Gram Silver Price in Delhi

1 Kg Silver Price in Delhi

Change in Silver Rate in Delhi Per Kg

July 16, 2024





July 15, 2024





July 14, 2024





July 13, 2024





July 12, 2024





July 11, 2024





July 10, 2024





July 09, 2024





July 08, 2024





July 07, 2024





Disclaimer: The above-mentioned rate is as of July 16, 2024. 

Factors Impacting Silver Rates in Delhi

As mentioned above, silver rates in Delhi fluctuate every day and are influenced by various factors. Here are details about some of these factors:

  • Purity of Silver

The purity of gold is one of the major factors that influence the silver rates in Delhi. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has categorised silver into different grades. Grade 9999 is the purest silver and costs the highest.


Grade 9250 on the other hand will have 7.5% of zinc or copper mixed to provide higher strength and malleability. The price of lower grades will be lesser as compared to the finest grade. 

  • Supply and Demand

Like any other commodity, supply and demand forces come into force to determine the silver price in Delhi today. So, if the demand for silver is high but the supply remains stagnant, its price will also go up. 


On the other hand, if people move toward investment options other than silver, the demand would fall. Considering that the supply remains constant, the silver prices in Delhi may dip a bit. 

  • Inflation

What makes silver a great investment instrument is that it acts as a hedge against inflation. Considering that inflation is currently on the rise, it is advisable to invest in this precious metal.   


Because of this relationship, the silver rates in Delhi today rise when the inflation rate goes up. On the other hand, when inflation eases, the silver price in Delhi also experiences a downtrend. 

  • US Dollar’s Strength

The valuation of the US Dollar directly impacts silver prices all over the globe. When the value of the US Dollar falls, people prefer investing in gold and silver rather than holding the US Dollar.


This increases the demand for this metal and subsequently, the current silver rate in Delhi. Alternatively, silver prices fall if the values of foreign currencies depreciate against the US Dollar.

  • Global and Regional Economic Trends

Political uncertainties, wars, and aggression also have a direct bearing on the economic situation. So, when the economic situation worsens, the returns provided by many investment avenues decline.


This pushes the investors to invest in hard assets like silver and gold. The increased demand for metal subsequently pushes the silver prices in Delhi higher. On the other hand, in times of political and economic stability, the price of the metal remains at low levels.

  • Central Bank Policies

Central Banks control the credit and monetary policy of a country. In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revises the monetary policy periodically. Alterations in the monetary policy measures impact the value of precious metals like silver and gold.


Just like gold reserves, central banks also maintain a reserve of silver. The direct buying and selling of silver bullion by the central bank also influences the silver prices in Delhi. When the Central Bank buys silver, the price of this commodity goes up.

  • Large Private Institutional Investors

Large private institutional investors also have the ability to influence the market price of silver. For instance, the cost of silver rose worldwide when Warren Buffet purchased 4000 metric tons of silver in 1997.


So, if a large institutional investor decides to purchase silver, the silver rates in Delhi will rise. Alternatively, if institutional investors sell them in large quantities, the silver prices in Delhi will fall.  

  • Gold Prices

Historically, silver prices have followed the trends in gold prices. So, when the gold rates climb up, silver prices also follow the path. On the other hand, silver rates rally behind when gold prices are low. However, silver has many times outshone returns on gold.

  • Industrial Demand    

Since silver is a superconductor of heat and electricity, it has become an important component in modern industries. Silver is frequently used in sectors related to automobiles, computers, and batteries.


The expansion of such industries has pushed the demand for silver upward. With increased demand, the prices of silver have also rallied behind. 

  • Interest Rates

The prevailing interest rates indicate the current sentiments and condition of the market. Central banks lower the repo rate when inflationary forces are in full swing. 


This results in higher demand for silver and gold as an investment option, which subsequently increases their prices. On the other hand, when the inflation rate is lower, the RBI revises the repo rate upwards.  


Increased repo rate means that people will prefer other investment options like FDs and stocks over hard assets. This causes the silver prices in Delhi to decrease.  


In conclusion, silver is an attractive investment option if you wish to invest in hard assets and have low capital. Silver is more affordable than gold and can sometimes provide higher returns.


However, when investing in silver, look at the current silver prices in Delhi. This will help you decide on how much you wish to invest. 


In addition, you must also consider various factors that affect silver prices. These will help you assess the market condition and determine the right time for investing in this precious metal.

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FAQs on Silver Rate in Delhi

What should I check when looking for the best silver rate in Delhi?

To get the best rate of silver today in Delhi, you need to check and compare the rates from certified sellers in Delhi.

How is the silver rate calculated in Delhi?

Various factors like the purity of the metal, supply and demand factors, inflation, etc. determine the gold prices in Delhi.

How can I fetch the best silver prices in Delhi?

Compare the rates offered by certified sellers of silver in Delhi. You can choose the one that charges minimum making charges.

What is the price of 10-gram silver in Delhi as of today?

The price for 10g of silver in Delhi as of today is ₹771.

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