Healthcare is one of the key building blocks of a country. It weighs considerably high to find out how a country is performing. In the last few decades, medical technologies in India have risen exponentially. Today, you get consultations, medicines, reports etc., on your mobile device, but there was a time when some severe diseases were incurable in India. However, with all the technological advancements nowadays, Indian healthcare not only works with curing these diseases but is one of the hotspots of medical tourism globally. 


Besides all the silver linings, let us face it, healthcare in India is expensive. Technological advancement comes with a cost, and that cost then is burdened upon the middle- and lower-class people in the form of increased healthcare services. 


For instance, the pathology in your neighbourhood recently got updated; they got new machines with more advanced features. The next time you go there for the test, the prices of the tests will be higher than they used to be earlier.


It is quite evident that even though healthcare services have risen tremendously, it is still out of bounds for most Indian citizens. Nowadays, medicines, surgeries, and medical procedures take nothing less than a few lakhs, and if you do not possess health insurance, then the medical bills are going to burn a hole in your pocket.

But why have the costs risen? Well, here is our try to answer this “open-ended question.” 

Medical Inflation

It is the most common reason for the price rise. An increase in both the unit and utilisation cost of services is known as medical inflation. The cost of raw materials and medical supplies along with import duties, freight charges, and warehouse charges, have risen globally. All these factors combined have increased medical inflation dramatically. In order to survive in this inflation ridden market, start investing and buy health insurance as early as you can.

Income Disparities

The gap between the income of rich and poor is getting wider. The rich are willing to spend as much as they want to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their loved ones, while the poor and middle class still struggle to get basic health care services. Also, as more and more private investors and owners are entering the healthcare industry, the more money-oriented it is becoming. The more they invest, the more profit they want; it increases the overall price of the services.

Technological Research

There are various diseases which are still incurable in India. Therefore, to not let Indian citizens suffer more, various research is conducted every year. These researches wipe out an enormous amount of money every year, and to compensate for all that, the services become expensive. 

Medical Tourism

The medical advancement of India is no more confined to national borders. Today, thousands of foreign patients come to India for affordable treatment of chronic diseases like cancer, kidney, organ transplants etc. Besides being economical, Indian Ayur-Veda has also helped cure several ailments. Therefore, numerous outlanders visit India annually, seeking the cure from Ayur-Veda, and India has never disappointed anyone. Hence, all the foreign currency that comes in as a fee goes for maintaining well-organised hospitals and highly paid personnel, which eventually raises the price.

Aftermath of Pandemic

The pandemic shook the entire healthcare system globally to its core, and the after-effects are still visible. Indian healthcare was no different; they worked day and night to deal with viruses effectively. To meet the needs, the demand for medical equipment skyrocketed. The healthcare industry witnessed a sudden price increase, which never came back to normal.


The cost of healthcare has risen dramatically, and it is on the verge of rising more. Instead of contemplating the reasons, you must buy health insurance. A health insurance policy will safeguard you in any and every situation and help you tackle the rising price of healthcare.

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