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This Women’s Day Starts Investing in Your Dream Car!

By Bajaj Markets - Apr 1,2020
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Women’s day: Your life, your money. Take control

Indian society is witnessing a paradigm shift in gender relations. Women are outnumbering men in a number of avenues, most noticeably in higher education. As per the findings of All India Survey of Higher Education, there is a significant gender gap in favor of women in medical studies, science and arts courses at the undergraduate level. The gap would most probably reflect as improved women participation in the workforce in a few years. It would lead to financial independence, which is a prerequisite for having independent life goals.

Armed with adequate financial resources, women are formulating life goals independent of spouse or family. Having a car is a long-cherished dream for many working women. A car satiates the thrill of driving as well as provides safety and convenience. Cars don’t come cheap and with some recent government-mandated safety measures, automobile prices in India have surged. Owning your dream car can become a reality only with proper planning and investment. Most women would already be saving for the future, but simple savings may not suffice when it comes to buying a car.

Saving vs investing

Savings is the amount that you put aside regularly for emergencies and future purchases. Savings are generally held as cash or in a regular savings account, which doesn’t generate much returns. Saving is the first step towards achieving life goals as it is possible to invest without the habit of saving. Once you inculcate the habit to save, it is important to channelize the resources towards more efficient instruments.

To be able to buy a car, you will have to invest intelligently. Investing is committing money directly or indirectly to stocks, bonds or other assets with an aim to generate substantial returns. Investing helps you take care of medium-term and long-term life goals. For instance, you can buy a new smartphone with a few months saving, but you will have to invest in a financial product for a few years to be able to afford a new car.

Where to invest?

With the will to invest, the next big question is where to invest. There are a number of investment options available in the market. From mutual funds and fixed deposits to stocks and bonds, you can invest in any of the financial instruments. But is it prudent to solely chase the dream of buying a car and allocating a bulk of resources to it? Being an earning member, you also have to think about the financial future of the family. Unit-linked insurance plan can be the ideal investment option for you. It will help you save for the car and simultaneously provide the protection of a life cover.

How do ULIPs help?

ULIP plans are a mix of insurance and investment. One of the biggest ULIP benefits is that you can accumulate wealth for life goals as well as remain protected by life insurance. Let us take a look at how ULIPs are best suited to help you achieve your dream of owning a car.

Market-linked returns: A part of the amount invested in ULIPs is invested in equity and debt markets and the balance is used for insurance. Investment in equity funds are riskier but generally deliver higher returns, which is a key ULIP benefit. With market-linked returns, you can accumulate the required funds for the car for a shorter period.

Flexibility: Markets fluctuate on a daily basis and in the event of a major occurrence, the outlook may even change for a few months. ULIPs provide the option to choose between various funds and the flexibility to switch between them as per the market conditions. You can also distribute your investment across equity and debt and balance risk and returns.

Low cost: There are various costs related or investments. But the costs are minimal when you buy a ULIP plan through Finserv MARKETS. When buying ULIP at Finserv MARKETS, you don’t have to pay any allocation charges or return of mortality charges.

Tax-efficient: The tax levied on returns from investment products reduces the final payout. With ULIP plans, you don’t have to worry about tax liability. The premium paid is eligible for tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, while the payout is exempt from taxes under Section 10 (10D) of the law.


With a host of benefits, ULIPs are the perfect product to save for life goals like owning a car. While choosing a ULIP plan, it is important to opt for a credible insurer. With Bajaj Allianz Life ULIP Plans, available on Finserv MARKETS, you do not have to worry about hidden terms and conditions. Buying ULIP through Finserv MARKETS is extremely easy and convenient.

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