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With work hours getting longer and commutes to and from the workplace getting increasingly stressful, it is natural to feel a bit of pain or muscular tension at the end of a day. And not everyone has the time or the sort of finances to visit a spa every week. This is where having a body massager can help. 


Body massagers are unique devices that work on electricity. They incorporate various movements in different intensities to provide relief from muscle pain and tension. Some massagers even incorporate a bit of heat along with the massaging function to help relieve stress and relax the muscle fibres. 


Most body massagers are handheld and portable. However, there are also a few brands that offer unique reclining massage chairs. If the expensive price of body massagers is holding you back from owning one, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card offers help. With this card, you can purchase your preferred body massager on EMI without denting your finances. In fact, you might even be eligible for an occasional discount or deal which can further lower the prices. 

Get Some of the Latest Body Massager on EMIs at Bajaj Finserv Partner Stores

You can find a great range of body massagers at Bajaj Finserv partner stores. Here are a few of the models of body massagers that standout for their exciting features:

1. Hyperice Battery Powered Hypervolt 2 Featuring Quiet Glide Technology Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The Hypervolt 2 from Hyperice is a handheld massage gun that uses an electric motor to provide your muscles with a percussion massage. With the built-in dial, you can quickly tone down to increase the intensity of the percussion movement to tackle pain from different sites in the body. 


This body massager takes very little time to recharge and provides up to 3 hours of runtime per full charge. The ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold and manoeuvre along the various parts of your body. The massage gun comes with 5 different head attachments - flat, bullet, ball, cushion and fork - each designed to tackle various muscle groups. 


You can get this body massager on EMI at no additional cost for a total price of ₹30,999.

2. Hyperice Venom Portable Heat and Vibration Back Device

Made from neoprene, which is a soft and premium fabric, the Hyperice Venom can be worn across the lower section of your torso. The massager uses a combination of heat and vibration to provide relief from back pain and stiffness. 


Hyperice Venom also gets a touchscreen control panel at the front, which you can use to adjust the heat, vibration intensity, patterns and time. The device is powered by a built-in battery so you don’t have to be near a power socket at all times. 


You can get this body massager on EMI at no additional cost for a total price of ₹20,000.

3. RoboTouch Dreamwave Luxury PU Leather 3D Massage Chair (MCDMWLBR, Brown)

A full-fledged reclining massage chair, the RoboTouch Dreamwave is designed to give you complete relief from muscle tension and pain. It comes with 23 automatic modes that are tuned for various muscle groups. You can quickly adjust the massage speed and intensity using the built-in control panel conveniently located on the arm of the chair. 


This massage chair even comes with a Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your smartphone to listen to your favourite music tracks while you relax. The Dreamwave massage chair also features an infrared heater that gently heats your back to loosen the tight muscles in your torso. 


You can get this body massager on EMI at no additional cost for a total price of ₹5,49,000.

4. RoboTouch Dreamwave Luxury PU Leather 3D Massage Chair (MCDMWLRD, Red)

A luxury massage chair from RoboTouch, the Dreamwave gives you an exceptional deep-tissue massage from head to foot. This full-body massage chair has multiple settings that you can select using the LED touchscreen display. You can even map your most-used settings to a shortcut button for easy accessibility. 


Since the RoboTouch Dreamwave is a freestanding unit, you can move it from one place to another with minimal effort. The massage chair even comes with a dedicated USB port which you can use to charge your mobile devices while you get a relaxing massage.


You can get this body massager on EMI at no additional cost for a total price of ₹5,49,000.

FAQs on Body Massager on EMI

Not all types of body massagers may work well for all individuals. To ensure that you get the best type of body massager for yourself, consider factors like the nature of pain or muscular tension, various intensity modes and the number of attachments on offer, among others.

Lifelong, HealthSense and AGARO are a few brands that make some of the best body massagers in India

The effectiveness of a vibrating massager may vary from person to person. Also, it depends on factors like the nature, location and intensity of the pain or muscular tension.

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