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Currently, Tesla offers a range of gadgets – from TVs and phones to home and domestic appliances and more. Among these gadgets, there have been rumours about the launch of a new Tesla phone.


However, one thing to note about the Tesla phone is that it is not yet available in India. That said, knowing what the phone is rumoured to offer can help you make a quick and informed decision when it launches in India. 


If you plan to purchase this device after its launch, you may do so using an EMI card. So, read on to know the specifications of the Tesla mobile phone.

Features and Specifications of the Tesla Phone

Barring two mentions by Elon Musk, there is no concrete data about the Tesla Pi Phone. However, considering that the device could launch in the coming years, experts expect certain specifications. These include: 

  • Connectivity: 5G support, and Wi-Fi 6 support

  • RAM: 12-16GB

  • Storage: 512GB

  • Operating System: Proprietary Tesla OS


Please note that none of these specifications are backed by official data, and are subject to change at the official launch of the device. The Tesla mobile phone may not even get released, as there are no mentions of the device in any stages of production. 

Buy a Tesla Phone on EMI Without a Credit Card

When a Tesla phone does launch, it is very likely to carry a high price tag. To afford it comfortably, you can consider getting it on EMIs. Here, your options include using a credit card or an EMI card. 


With the former, you pay interest with each instalment, and this increases the price of the device. With the latter, there is no additional interest, and you may even enjoy zero downpayment. 


To get your Tesla phone on No Cost EMIs, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Visit the partner store or website offering Tesla phones

  • Step 2: Choose the Tesla mobile phone you want

  • Step 3: Select the No Cost EMI option during the payment and choose the EMI card

  • Step 4: Assess the payment plans and choose one as per your preference

  • Step 5: Authorise the transaction by providing the required details


Upon completing the payment, you can get your new Tesla mobile phone without breaking the bank. 

FAQs on Tesla Phones

There are no details about the launch of the Tesla Pi phone in India, but some sources expect a late 2023 launch date. 

The Tesla phone price for the Pi model is rumoured to be between ₹60,000 - ₹70,000. However, there is no official announcement about the phone and its price.

The key features one can expect in the Tesla Pi phone are 5G connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, 512GB storage, and up to 16GB RAM.  

The pre-order facility depends entirely on the company. Generally, the company will announce a pre-order date along with or after the announcement of the launch date.

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