What will i receive under the asset secure membership?

As a part of your membership welcome pack, you will receive a Welcome letter, Product T&Cs clearly mentioning the benefits applicable for Extended Warranty as a part of Asset Secure membership plan. You will also receive benefit redemption codes as a part of your membership plan.


What if i don’t receive my asset secure membership welcome pack?

In case you don’t receive the welcome pack, you can contact our helpline number 1860-258-3030 which is open from Monday – Sunday, 11am – 9pm and place a request for regeneration of the welcome pack.


The appliance details mentioned in my welcome pack are incorrect. What should i do?

In case there is any error in the details mentioned in your welcome pack, simply call our helpline number 1860-258-3030 (Monday – Sunday, 11am – 9pm) and place a request. You may be required to submit documents to effect the change in your membership details.


For what duration can i purchase the asset secure membership?

You can take Asset Secure membership for a term of 1year.

What assistance can i avail from the multi-lingual feature related helpline?

With the Multi-Lingual feature related helpline service, you can get resolution about feature related queries related to any appliance in your home. Simply call our helpline number 1860-258-3030 (Monday – Sunday, 11am – 9pm) and we will be happy to assist in a language of your choice.


My wallet was picked while i was travelling and i have lost all my credit and debit cards. What should i do?

As part of your Asset Secure membership, you can avail of the Single Call Card Blocking Service. In case you lose all your credit and debit cards, you can call ’s 24-hour toll-free helpline number (1800-419-4000) and place a request to block all your lost cards. We will be happy to be assistance and block the lost cards to ensure they are not misused.


I have received redemption codes for benefits in my welcome pack. How long are these codes valid?

The redemption codes received by you are valid for a period of 90 days from the date of receipt of the pack. Please use them as soon as you receive the pack


What is manufacturer’s warranty period?

Manufacturer’s warranty is usually offered for a period of 6 to 12 months from the date of purchase. However, some parts of the appliance may carry Manufacturer’s Warranty of greater than 1 year. The Manufacturer’s Warranty term is mentioned on the warranty card provided with the product.


When can i avail the benefits under the extended warranty feature?

You can avail the features of the extended warranty insurance once the term of the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


I am facing problems with my appliance. What should i do?

If the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you can call Extended Warranty Help Desk: 1800 266 0900


What documents need to be submitted for making a claim?

At the time of making a claim related to the extended warranty insurance, the following documents are required:

  • Identity Proof

  • Duly filled Claim Form

  • Purchase invoice

You may be asked to submit any further documents as required by the insurer.

Is my asset secure membership transferable?

Your Asset Secure membership cannot be transferred.