AC Buying Guide

As per forecast by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), it shall be much hotter in 2019 than previous years. Such searing hot temperatures call for the coolness of an air conditioner. Picking the best split AC can be quite a task given the plethora of options lining the shelves. Thus, it’s best to get your research right for ensuring best cooling at home and office at the most cost effective prices available at EMI Store of online financial supermarket, Finserv Markets which takes care of all your personal needs too.

AC or an air conditioner is an electric machine that gives you an option to control the temperature of your room according to your wish. You just set a temperature, whether it is more or less than the actual one outside your room, and in a while, you'll get that precise degree of warmth.

The way it works

An AC works in the same method of the refrigerator or fridge in your house, but in a larger extent. The difference is, instead of taking the heat away from the edible objects kept in the fridge, it absorbs the heat from an entire room. Then it reduces the temperature with the help of a 'refrigerant'. This chemical substance gets vaporized after absorbing some of the room heat, and the rest of the heat is ventilated through the exhaustion panel of the device. In this way, it helps you to get cozy and chilled out in the burning summer atmosphere. During this cooling process indoor unit produces waste water which drains out.


Types of air conditioners

Depending on where the compressor and blower mounted, air conditioners divided into 2 types.

  • Split AC
  • Window AC

Split AC

Split AC, as the name suggests, it consists two units. One unit mounted outside of the home (on wall) and the other is mounted inside the home, room. The outside unit consists is a compressor and condenser and inside unit consists blower. Compressor connected to blower by connecting pipe which passes through the wall.     

Split AC is more aesthetically pleasing compared to other AC models and split AC perfectly capable to cool the bedroom and even large areas like halls and commercial places.


How it works

Where to install split AC

Split AC can be easily installed anywhere in your home. It can be easily installed. The only thing that you need to consider is the room in which you want to place Split AC must have an outside exposing wall for the exhaust to be installed.

Advantages of split AC

  • Split AC is the perfect choice for the bedroom because split Ac makes very less noise as it compressor, condenser is located outside which is the noisy part.
  • It can be installed in anywhere in any room. No need to worry about a window pane.
  • Split AC adds aesthetic, style and enhances the look of the room.

Disadvantages of split AC

  • Split AC usually expensive comparative to other AC types such as window AC.
  • Shifting, reallocating Split AC is much hard core work and expensive one.


Window AC

It consist only one unit with a combination of compressor and blower within it. Window AC can be installed only in the window frame. Blower side of AC facing inside the room, whereas the other side is facing outside open air.

Advantages of Window AC

  • Simple installation. Shifting, reallocating and reallocating window AC are much easier and fits in the budget. No need to refill the gas in the compressor while shifting with Window Ac, whereas it needed with Split AC.
  • Economical, Price range starts from 25,000 rupees in India.

Disadvantages of Split AC

  • Makes much louder noise while running
  • Window AC disturbs room aesthetics as it needs to be specially set up on a window pane.


Inverter AC

Inverter tech doesn’t mean it runs on an inverter or it runs even in electricity cuts. It uses an inverter technology, which uses to convert AC current to DC current which further regulates the compressor running speed.

A traditional non-inverter air conditioner compressor motor sometime goes “on” and “off”. Whereas, in an inverter AC, the compressor runs constantly but varies its speed to cool evenly and maintain a cool temperature throughout. Although, inverter AC compressor is always on, its major purpose is to save electricity a lot. When we switch to a non-inverter AC, its compressor motor starts running at high speed to cool the room at the desired temperature. After reaching the desired temperature, it stops the compressor motor. When room temperature increases, it starts the compressor again.

Whereas. The inverter AC compressor motor is always “On”. When the switch on the inverter AC, its compressor motor starts running at high speed to cool the room at the desired temperature. After reaching the desired temperature, it not stops the motor, instead it runs motor with minimal speed so that room temperature constantly maintained at the desired temperature.

When the air conditioner compressor motor goes ‘On’, it consumes peak level electricity. So traditional non-inverter AC whose mother goes ‘On’ and ‘Off’, obviously consumes more electricity. The inverter AC motor is always on so there is no electricity peaks and save electricity a lot. Inverter technology is just like a car accelerator. When compressor needs more power, it gives more power and when compressor needs less power, it gives less power. As inverter AC compressor motor is always on, it controllers the compressor motor speed, electricity consumption based on the room temperature.

  Non-inverter AC Inverter AC
Compressor motor always On and Off Always On
Electricity consumption More Less
Reach to desired temperature Takes time Quickly
Appliance lifetime Moderate High
Price Expensive Highly expensive

Overall inverter AC is electricity saving and gives go you quick cooling. Inverter AC is performing better than non-inverter BEE 5 star rating AC.

AC size and capacity

Choosing the right size air conditioner is tricky. Oversized air conditioner cools the room faster than usual, but consumes electricity lot, whereas, undersize air conditioner needs to work hard to cool the room, consumes electricity lot, even though it's not able to cool the room efficiently.

AC capacity depends on the size of the room. Before buying an AC, how to calculate the required AC size by measuring the room square foot area. In India, Air Conditioner size rated in tonnage whereas, in foreign countries they use BTU (British Thermal Unit). Here we summarize the required AC size based on room square foot area.

The size of the room where you plan to install best split AC or simply any air conditioner  would determine the cooling capacity of the said air conditioner. Getting the right one for the size of your room is necessary to avoid under cooling or over cooling.  It would also help you in using the best split AC optimally. For instance, for a 100 to 120 square feet room, a good 1 ton AC is sufficient. For a room around 175 square feet, you can opt for a 1.5 ton AC at best. What’s more is Finserv Markets offers many easy buying options on its EMI Store meant exclusively for this purpose.

Moreover, having a flexible thermostat with two cooling fans can aid you in setting two different fan speeds during different times of the day. Hence, take care of this aspect too when purchasing an air conditioner.

Air Quality

Among other features to be evaluated, indoor air quality is another important factor while buying and installing air conditioner.  The best split AC ought to have a good dehumidification unit that reduces the humidity levels in a room for more cooling and comfort. Also, a good filter helps in cooling better without choking dust on the evaporator coil.

Noise Levels

The best split AC should run smoothly and make no to least noise at all times ideally. The best sound range for an air conditioner that could also be brought from EMI Store of Finserv Markets with pre-approved offers should be between 19 to 60 decibels at most. Buying such an air conditioner will ensure proper rest and sleep for you and your family without getting disturbed by the undue noise pollution otherwise.

Installation, Product Price and Maintenance

Simply spending money on the best split AC in town will not help you alone. It is equally important to know that the optimal or substandard performance of an air conditioner depends to a large extent on its installation process. Thus, choose and trust only an authorised dealer or professional installation architect for this purpose. Furthermore, even the best split AC may be more complicated to install than some others in its league. Plus, comparing the prices after a market survey is always a good idea. In turn, you as a customer can know about approximate maintenance costs to be incurred by you over a passage of time.

Hence, take a look at Finserv Markets website and choose the best for your needs.

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Best AC brands in India

As every other electronic device, air conditioners are also manufactured by a handful of well-known brands. As it’s an everyday used device, you should definitely go for a known brand, instead of experimenting. Keeping this in mind, you can visit the showrooms of these mentioned brands: LG, Electrolux, Champagne, Whirlpool, General, Samsung, Symphony, and Voltas or you can visit Bajaj Finserv EMI Store where you get all the air conditioner brands under one roof along with the best deals.  If you want to have an Indian brand, you can choose Godrej. All of these products have proved their durability in the last couple of years.


Energy Efficiency

It is a well-known fact that an electronic appliance like an air conditioner heavily adds up to the monthly electricity bill at home as well as office. Hence, try to pick the best split AC that would invariably consume less power and meet your requirements too. Now, the question is how you should find the energy efficiency rating for an air conditioner? This is where start rating comes to play.

As you would know that almost all best split AC come with various star ratings. Hence, higher the star rating, the lower will be the power consumption and also your electricity bill.  For example, a three star air conditioner will consume more power than a five star air conditioner of the same brand. So, energy efficiency should be your first criteria evaluation when buying an air conditioner.