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Air Cooler | Buying Guide

Air Coolers are and have always been the paramount solution to make summers easy for countless Indian families for the past several generations. The tides may have turned a great deal introducing the Indian audiences to Air Conditioners in recent times but an Air Cooler still remains to be a favorite amongst the Indian Audience and it, as an appliance, has every right to be. Let us resolve your doubts and assist you in getting just the right Cooler.

Questions you need to ask yourself

Selecting an Air Cooler is not that simple as it looks. Without proper information, there are chances that you might end up paying more than required for an oversized cooler you don’t really require. You need to ask yourself some basic questions before choosing just the perfect Air Cooler for your home.


1. Why should I choose an Air Cooler over an Air Conditioner?

There are multiple reasons for one to choose an Air Cooler over an Air Conditioner. Let’s make this easier for you. To begin with, let’s look at the advantages that an Air Cooler has over an Air Conditioner:

i. Air Coolers are extremely cost-effective:

Air Coolers cost much lesser than their counterparts. Air Conditioners are heavy on the pocket and heavier if purchased without doing some research. This becomes the foremost advantage that Air Coolers come with.

ii. Reduced Electricity Consumption

Imagine the cost of your electricity bill with the AC running round the clock. Yes, it does help you beat the heat but quite literally makes you pay a heavy cost for it.

iii. Works well with proper ventilation

You don’t need to close your doors and windows while using an Air Cooler. You get proper ventilation.

iv. Fresher & more natural air

Air Coolers supply fresher air with added moisture in it. This might not be as cold at times as the air by an air conditioner but is definitely more natural.

v. Health benefits

Air conditioners dehumidify the air which can be harmful for people with conditions like Asthma.

vi. Portable

This is the most underrated feature of all the Air Coolers. Air Coolers can be easily moved from one place to another. However, this is not possible with Air Conditioners. Their portability works in their favor.


2. What type of Air Cooler do I require?

Next important step is to choose the correct type of Air Cooler for your household. Let’s see the type of Air Coolers available in the Indian market:


I. Personal Air Cooler

1. Room Size: Personal Air Coolers are the ideal choice for small to mid-size rooms.

2. Water tank capacity: 20-30 liters. Assuming your bucket size is 5 liters, you’ll have to fill it up 4-6 times to fill upto full capacity.

3. Blower: Personal Air Coolers use blowers instead of fans. Blowers are used to dispense air in a specific direction and work best in small to mid-size rooms whereas fans are used in larger coolers as they’re more effective in large rooms/halls.

4. Economical: The most evident advantage of an Air Cooler is that it’s much economical than an Air Conditioner. An average Personal Air Cooler starts from 5000, and on EMI Store, and on 0 downpayment.


II. Desert Air Cooler

1. Room Size: Desert Air Coolers are used to cool medium to large sized rooms. They’re an ideal fit for a large room, restaurant, prayer houses or even big office space.

2. Water tank capacity: 30-60 liters. Desert coolers are used for large rooms and hence come with a large water tank capacity. Another reason for this is to ensure you don’t have to refill often.

3. Fans: You need big fans running on powerful motors to provide the appropriate amount of cooling in a large room/ hall. Desert Coolers use fans instead of blowers for the same reason.

4. Expensive: As these are bigger in size, use bigger motors and larger cooling pads, Desert Coolers are generally a bit expensive compared to Personal Air Coolers. With EMI Store, you don’t need to worry about that though as we specialize in making expensive goods affordable.


3. What feature am I looking at?

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of the air cooler is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute of air flow). Below is the formula you can use to calculate the air cooler CFM required based on the room size:

Room size: 100 square feet

Ceiling Height: 10 feet

Total: 1000 cubic feet

CFM= cubic feet/2 = 1000/2= 500

So, if you want an air cooler for a room size of 100 square feet, you should go for one that has a CFM of 500.

Blower Speed

The speed of the air flow can be controlled using the blower control option. Most air coolers give you variable speed control option, with air flow speed control options ranging from three to seven.

Automatic Control

If you choose some of the higher end models, you may get the automatic control option. This control automatically switches the pump and motor off after a set period of time.

Water Level Controller

The water level in the tank should be maintained at a consistent level to ensure optimum functioning of the air cooler. The water flow through the inlet pipe is controlled by this option.

Water Level Indicator

This indicator tells the quantity of water available in the tank. If the indicator shows low water level, you need to refill the tank for it to last its entire cycle.


You should check whether the air cooler has castor wheels that will make the cooler easily portable. If the appliance doesn’t have castors, then you may have to probably invest in a trolley.

Cooling Pad

The cooling pad can be known as the heart of this appliance. It absorbs water from the tank and when air passes through the cooling pad, its temperature reduces, which allows the cooler to blow out cooler air. For maximum performance, the cooler pad should be made of quality materials that don’t get damaged quickly. Most of the cooling pads are made of high-grade cellulose and have a honeycomb pattern. There are many manufacturers offering replacement cooling pads. You should replace old or worn-out cooling pads with new ones free to ensure consistent performance and also reduce the growth of microbes.


A portable cooler will not require any installation. It will come with castors, so you can easily move it to a convenient location. You just have to fill the tank with water, plug the appliance to the electrical outlet, and start it. The window air cooler can be set up in an open window or placed on a trolley in front of the window. For safety, always ensure there is proper ventilation in the room where you are using the air cooler. You can also set up this cooling appliance in your verandah, balcony or any other outdoor space also.


4. What should be the capacity of the air cooler I want to buy?

There is another way to decide the same based on Air delivery or Air displacement (CFM). CFM denotes the total air in the room that's get changes in for every 2 minutes. But it usually mentioned based on hours making it more complex. While making purchase you can check the CFM as well. The formula for CFM is:

CFM in hours = (room surface area in square feets * room height * 0.84)

For example, for 200 square feet home of height 8 feet, the required CFM is 200 * 8 * 0.84 = 1344.


5. What’s my budget?

Let’s come to the most important question that defines whether or not you’ve made the right choice after you’ve purchased a product, the price of it. Air Cooler, no matter which category it belongs to, is one of the most cost-effective methods of cooling as it’s cheaper compared to an Air Conditioner.


6. Which brand would be perfect?

The Indian market has always witnessed a huge amount of Air Cooler manufacturers as it has consistently had a prominent place in the Consumer Durable goods sections.

Following are the brands available on EMI Store:





7.What are the Components of an Air Cooler?


They are openings in the air cooler through which the cool air is blown outside. A fan is placed near the vents to enhance air flow. During milder weather conditions, you can adjust the settings to vent-only to direct cool air and lower the energy consumption.


It takes the water from the tank and distributes it over the cooling pad. The water flow in the distributor channels is controlled by the pump and motor.

Water Tank

It is the container in which you fill water. In some models, you can also add ice cubes to make the air even cooler.


You can call it the heart of the air cooler, which controls the entire operation of this cooling device. The speed and performance of the motor differs from model to model.

Cooler Pump

It pumps water from the tank to the cooler pads via the distributor channels. The specifications and performance of the pump depend on the air cooler model.


The other minute, but essential accessories of the air cooler include brass fittings, tubing, drain kits, cooler leg kits, side grill, blades, cover, adapter, fan blades and float valve.


8. Service & Maintenance


Many top brands offer a warranty on their products. In fact, you get the exact details of the Air Cooler. When you buy the air cooler from an authorized dealer, you can get the exact details of the warranty period from them. You should also clearly ask the dealers/retailers about the types of repairs and maintenance jobs that are covered by the warranty. Once the warranty period expires, then you can go to your authorized for regular service. Each time you go for a service, you may have to cash out a lot of money. A cost-effective option will be to sign up an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with the manufacturer. Regular checks and maintenances can be done under this agreement at a relatively lower pricing.


9. Tips to maintain your cooler like a pro

1. You should regularly oil the motor and pump

2. Make sure that you clean the water tank periodically

3. Do check for loose connections from time to time

4. Always clean the hose pipes

5. Change the cooling pad every year


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