By clicking on the “___I Agree to the Terms & Conditions_______” tab for purchase of the product on loan (“Transaction”) from Bajaj Finance Limited (“BFL”) on Bajaj Finserv Direct Ltd(BFDL), platform, you hereby agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions which shall be in addition to the terms and conditions for use of the EMI Card available at and the cancellation policy of the dealer/manufacturer(“Seller”),selling the product to you:
1. You understand and agree that once you give confirmation for the Transaction by clicking on the “__I Agree to the Terms & Conditions _” tab, (“Confirmation”), you will not be allowed to cancel the loan availed from BFL in relation to the Transaction.
2. You understand and agree that the Transaction can be cancelled in the following scenarios:
a. The Seller does not have the product selected by you in their stock,
b. You are situated outside the geographic location within which the Seller has undertaken to deliver the Product,
c. There is a discrepancy in the address mentioned by you for delivery and/or there is a change in your address post Confirmation of the Transaction,
d. The Seller does not make any attempt in initiating the delivery of your product within 3 (three) days from the date of your Confirmation of the Transaction, and
e. Any other act/omission by any party which renders delivery of the product impossible.
f. If the dealer/manufacture confirms cancelation of transaction to BFL because of return of defective product as per cancelation policy of dealer/manufacturer.
For any clarification/queries in relation to our cancellation policy or to address any grievance there in, please write to <<>>