Claim Process:


Q1. How can I make a claim?

You can follow these 12 easy steps to for a hassle free claim.


Steps to Claim:


1.) Click on


2.) Click on Claim Assistance tab



3.) Click on Commercial Insurance Claim Process



4.) Click on Online Claim Intimation

5.) Select New Claim Intimation from the drop down



6.) Fill in the Policy Number shared with you in the Product Features and Benefits Document.



7.) Fill in all the below details with your registered Mobile Number.



8.) Fill in all the below details.



9.) Click on I agree and Proceed.





1.) Select Upload Intimation Documents from the drop down.



2.) Upload the list of required documents.





1.) Select Know your claim status from the drop down.



2.) View the status of your claim


Q2.) What are the documents necessary for applying for claim?


  1. Claim Form: Not Mandatory

  2. Claim Photographs: Mandatory

  3. Repair Estimate: Repair Estimate from Authorized Service centre is mandatory in case the device is not repaired at the time of claim intimation.

  4. Repaired Bill: Repaired Bill from Authorized Service centre is mandatory in case the device is already repaired at the time of claim intimation.

  5. Cancelled cheque: Mandatory

  6. PAN Copy: Mandatory

  7. Address proof: Mandatory (It has to be a Govt. ID)

  8. Insurance Certificate/ Policy Copy: Not Mandatory

  9. Claim Bill: Not Mandatory

  10. FIR/ Policy Panchnama: Mandatory in case of Theft/ Burglary/ Robbery Claims.

  11. Invoice Copy: Mandatory

  12. Others: As required (Based on the type of claim, additional documents might be needed for processing the claim, hence this provision.




Q3.) How can I check the status of my claim?


You can know the status of your claim by selecting Know your Claim Status” from the drop down.


Enter “Claim Intimation Number” which you would have received on your registered mobile number and email ID at the time of describing the claim incident.



Q4.) In what cases can my claim can be rejected? Can I claim again?

The claims are rejected in case the cause of damage is out of scope as per the policy terms and conditions*. The reason of rejection is clearly communicated in case of a repudiation. You can claim again, but not for the earlier rejected reason.


Q5.) Do I have to pay anything for claim process?

No, you don’t have to pay anything at the time of claim, the deductible amount will be reduced from your claim payable amount and the balance will be paid.


Q6.) How will I receive the claimed amount?

You shall receive the claim amount in the bank account whose details are shared with us at the time of claim registration.


Q7.) When will I receive the claimed amount?

We will process the claim payment within 7 Working day after submission of complete and correct claim documents, provided the claim is admissible.


Q8.) Can I raise multiple claims?

Number of claims are restricted to 1 Claim for screen damage and 2 claims for other (covered under pointnumber 2).


Q9.) What if I want to change the device covered under policy?

You can't change the device covered under policy. The policy is restricted to the person (and Device) in whose name (and IMEI Number) the invoice is generated. Gifts would only be applicable if the invoice is in the name of the End User.


Q10.) What if I resell the device? Is the policy transferable? What if I'm buying the device as a gift for someone?

Transfer and Resell are not covered under the policy.