Price Drop Protection


1. What is Price Drop Protection?

If the price of the phone you bought drops within 30 days of purchase, the dealer (Sangeetha Mobiles) will communicate the price difference and you can purchase any product with the difference amount from Sangeetha Mobiles.


2. What is an official Price drop?

Only an announcement or advertisement of price drop by the actual Brands themselves will be considered as an official price drop.


3. How will the price drop be announced?

The phone brands will announce the price drop of a particular model through email or telephone.


4. What is not considered as a price drop?

Discounts offered by retailers’ offline or online are not official price drops. Also, prices calculated under exchange offers are not considered as a price drop. Time duration to consider a price drop: The price drop should happen within max 30 days from the date of purchase.


5. How will EMI Store customers know if there is a price drop?

  • The Dealer (Sangeetha Mobiles) will communicate official price drop to its customers through email, SMS or telephone.
  • Communication will be made to the details provided on the invoice only.
  • Customers will receive SMS/Email along with the new price of the model purchased.
  • Dealers – Samsung authorized retailers and Samsung e-store.
  • So customers are hereby requested to provide correct mobile number and email during the billing process.
  • The communication sent to the customer through SMS/Email will have the new price and a UNIQUE alphanumeric code.


6. How to redeem the price drop amount?

  • Customers who visit any Sangeetha Store for a price drop claim should show the UNIQUE code for verification purpose.
  • The cashier at the store will then enter the unique code to check will then check the price drop amount the customer is eligible for.
  • The customer can buy a mobile phone or an accessory with the amount received as the price drop credit.
  • If the new purchase value is more than the price drop amount, the customer will have to pay the difference amount. If the product purchased is lesser than the price drop amount, the remaining amount seizes and cannot be carried forward.


Damage Protection

With Sangeetha's damage protection plan, if your phone is broken or has undergone any sort of physical damage, you can buy a new phone at half the price.

This is free for 30 days and applicable to all Sangeetha customers. If you want to protect your phone for more than 30 days, you will have to pay a nominal price to protect your from physical damages.


7. What to do with your damaged phone?

Customers will have to submit the damaged mobile phone at any of the Sangeetha stores. Along with the phone customer will also have to submit the accessories and BOX with IMEI stickers.


8. How do you get new phone?

Customer will have to pay 50% value of the handset value as per the invoice to get new phone. GST charges are applicable for replacement of new phone.


9. Which model can you buy?

Customers can only buy the same model and same color of the phone bought prior to this.


10. When and where do damage claim approvals happen?

All physical damage approvals will happen across counters on working days. While Sundays and other holiday, approval will take 24 hours.


Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer has been rolled out by our partner Sangeetha Mobiles. Any issues, grievances, disputes, to be addressed to the partner and shall not be entertained by BFL under any circumstances.