Choose Your Smartphone

1. What has made Vivo the brand that it is today?

Vivo entered the Indian smartphone market in 2014 and has marched into the hearts of millions of Indians today. Being able to cater to the needs of its customer base has helped it peak! Vivo phones pack a punch in offering user-friendly interfaces and great performances. The launch of Vivo V9 with which the brand has brought top-notch for its Indian audience, and many more feature-rich smartphones paved the way for it to make its way towards the top.

2. Are Vivo phones prices costly?

Vivo smartphones are always budget friendly. Smartphones like V5, V5 plus, V7 plus, y66, y55s are extremely popular also because of their pocket friendly price.

Convenient Shopping
  • • V7 ₹16990/-
  • • V7+ ₹19990/-
  • • Y55s ₹10990/-
  • • Y69 ₹13990/-
  • • V9 ₹22990/-
  • 3. What are the best-selling Vivo camera mobiles?

    Vivo smartphones such as the V5, V5 Plus, V7 and the latest V9 are some of the best camera phones in the market. The V9 is equipped with a 24 megapixel front camera which captures life-like and sharp images. Its dual rear camera comes with a 16 megapixel primary camera and a 5 megapixel secondary camera powered by the Al Bokeh algorithm meant to capture crystal clear pictures which can rival DSLR photos.

    4. What is the capacity of the processor in Vivo phones?

    Vivo has constantly ben upgrading the capacity of the processors in its smartphones and talking of processors, it would be a crime to not mention the Vivo V9 as it has a mammoth 2.2 GHz Octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 Processor. A 4 GB of RAM & Adreno 506 graphics processor ensures phone runs smoothly and shows no signs of lag. 64 GB of internal storage can be expanded to 256 GB via a microSD card.

    5. Are batteries in Vivo Mobiles powerful enough?

    Vivo has constantly been increasing the battery life. For example, from a 2550mAh battery in V3 to 3260mAh battery in the V9, Vivo has come a long way. The battery of the Vivo smartphones is powerful enough to power everything that you love. Right from music to video playing to internet browsing and what not, it just keeps going!

    6. What features should be checked before purchasing Vivo mobile phones?

    Vivo mobile phones come packed with some top-notch features! Vivo smartphones are usually categorized as per the RAMs, screen size, processor, operating system, processor clocking speed, SIM type, camera and battery specs, and more.

    7. What are the least and maximum available storage and memory of a Vivo phone?

    Vivo phones have 1GB RAM and an internal memory of 4GB, expandable to 32GB, whereas Vivo V9 offers a 4GB RAM and a 64GB ROM expandable upto 256GB.

    8. Are Vivo’s latest phones being offered with non-removable batteries?

    Most leading smartphones come with non-removable batteries, Vivo smartphones follow a similar trend. You can see latest Vivo mobile phones offering non-removable Li-Ion batteries of about 3000mAh battery power, assisting these gems to remain charged to help you multitask!

    9. Will we see many more launches of Vivo phones in 2018?

    Upcoming Vivo mobile phones come with the promise of sleek design, high-end features and best-in-class specifications. Vivo has recently launched its Vivo V9 in April and phones like Vivo X21, Vivo Y71, Vivo V5 Lite, Vivo X20 Plus UD, and more are slated for release this year.

    10. How many service centers of Vivo are present in India?

    Vivo believes in offering fabulous and on-time after-sales experience to its customers! Hence, in its quest to serve its customers the best, it has more than 100+ customer service centers in India. Right from Bangalore to Pune, Chennai to Patna and Nagpur and more cities, you will find one near you! You can take a defunct or damaged Vivo phone there and get it serviced at the earliest.