Health is a priority for each one of us. When it comes to taking care of your family, you want to pick the best. With a number of financial products in the market, picking the right plan that suits your health requirements could be difficult. What you need is a comprehensive service package like the Finserv Protection Plan which not just provides health care wellness benefits, but also covers you for any unfortunate personal accidents. Not just this, apart from providing extensive health benefits, the Finserv Protection Plan also covers loans  opted by you to ensure your family does not have to face the burden of your financial liabilities  in case of your untimely death.

Over and above these benefits, FPP also comes with e-commerce discounts in the form of the Bajaj Markets voucher. The voucher can be redeemed from the Bajaj Markets ecommerce store.

Features & Benefits of Finserv Protection Plan

  • Credit Protection

    Finserv Protection Plan is an exclusive product that enables your family to be financially independent even in case anything was to happen to you. This plan gives your family the peace of mind to take care of the liabilities and financial responsibilities you leave behind in case of your unfortunate death. The credit protection benefit offered with Finserv Protection Plan reduces your family’s burden of loan repayment.

  • Doctor’s Consultation

    When it is about your family’s health, you don’t want to make any compromise. Your family deserves the right health advise. Consulting experienced medical experts is the first step to securing your health. However, consultation expenses are a major part of one’s regular health care expense. The doctor’s consultation benefit offered with Finserv Protection Plan has made it quite easier! This benefit opens options like Unlimited Telephonic or video consultation with expert doctors, along with a host of other benefits. Now manage health like never before!

  • Health Check-up Voucher

    A timely health check-up is all it takes to ensure that you and your family remain hale and hearty. Preventive health care benefits like a health check-up voucher offered in the Finserv Protection plan lets you stay ahead of health adversaries. It offers a complete health assessment that includes important health check-ups and medical tests offered by Thyrocare. The best time for a health check-up is when you don’t need one.

  • Online Pharmacy

    Now buying medicines is no more a troublesome job. With online pharmacy offered with the Finserv Protection Plan, you can order medicines at the comfort of your home in just a few clicks! The Pharmacy Vouchers available with Finserv Protection Plan let you buy your regular medicines through NetMeds.

  • OPD Consultation

    Don’t let your small health issues give you unwanted burden. Now keeping a check on your health just got easier. With the OPD consultation vouchers available with Finserv Protection Plan, you can avail quality OPD consultation at leading hospitals in the country.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    Accidents can never be predicted. But you can be prepared for the uncertainties followed by an accident. With the Personal Accident Cover, you stay covered against life’s worse nightmares like permanent partial and total disability occurred due to an accident. Personal Accident cover also comes with benefits like air ambulance for quick ambulance transportation, road ambulance for transfer to the nearest hospital from the spot of accident, and 3 months EMI cover incase the accident leads to a permanent partial disability. Get the right cover that supports you during the time of crisis.

How to Buy Finserv Protection Plan?

Getting yourself the Finserv Protection Plan is no rocket science! Just follow these simple steps and you are done!

  • Loan Application

    Begin your personal loan journey by filling the online application form

  • Specify Personal Loan Details

    Mention the personal loan details like loan amount and repayment tenure

  • Choose Finserv Protection Plan

    You can choose to opt for Finserv Protection Plan on the Product Bundle Page

  • Instant Approval & you are done!

    Get instant approval and disbursement along with Finserv Protection Plan!

Why choose Bajaj Markets?

Fast Online Process

With less than 5 easy steps, the online application process makes availing the Finserv Protection Plan very simple and quick!

Trusted Partner

With 100 million+ happy customers across India who have chosen Bajaj Markets as their trusted financial partner, you can rest assured. It's your turn now!

Minimal Documentation

With a process that is instant and one that requires minimal paperwork, Bajaj Markets makes it easy for you to get your Finserv Protection Plan.

Now that you know how to get yourself the bundle of protection – Finserv Protection Plan, go ahead and choose the it today. But before you proceed, let’s understand the usage of health benefit vouchers.

Pharmacy benefit worth Rs.500 per voucher (by Netmeds)

Here’s how you can avail the benefit:

  • Order your medicines online through Netmeds

  • Enter your voucher code to avail benefit and provide the delivery details

  • And you’re done! Your medicines will be delivered at your doorstep

  • medical_desc

Unlimited phone/video consultation (by vHealth)

Follow these quick steps to get yourself this consultation:

  • Download the vHealth by Aetna Mobile App and complete registration

  • Use your vHealth Mobile App or call 1800 103 4466 to book your appointment

  • Avail consultation by vHealth doctors & get your care plan in email inbox.

Comprehensive Health Checkup (by Thyrocare)

Just 3 easy steps and you are done!

  • Call 18001034466 to get yourself appointment.

  • Provide your health check-up voucher number.

  • Get home sample collection facility along with the test report on your email address.

Specialist consultation at top hospitals (vHealth Network Hospitals)

Follow the below mentioned steps to avail specialist consultation

  • Call the helpdesk 1800 103 4466 for an appointment.

  • Keep your consultation voucher ready during the consultation.

  • You’re done! Avail FREE consultation at the nearest partner center.

Claim Process

Steps to Register a claim in case of an accident

  1. You may notify any claim for personal accidental cover insurance within 24 hours of the incident.
  2. This can be done by notifying to Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited at
  3. You can also call on the toll-free no. 1800-209-5858 or by visiting any nearest branch office
  4. Registration of the claim can be done online @

Steps to Register a claim in case of an unfortunate death

  1. In case of your untimely death, your nominee should notify any claim for the credit protection cover within 45 days of the incident to Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
  2. This can be done online at or by visiting any nearest branch office.
  3. Your nominee can also call the helpline no. 1800-209-7272 and register the claim

Manage all your Finserv Protection Plan related queries here

✔️What is the Bajaj Markets e-commerce store?

Bajaj Markets e-commerce store is your one-stop destination for purchasing everything under the sun – from lifestyle products to home appliances! You can shop for high-end products such as laptops, smartphones, refrigerators, ACs, other electronics and appliances. You can also remain assured of finding 100 percent genuine products on our platform. Apart from the diverse range of options, you can also enjoy exclusive deals and offers. You can now purchase items at the most competitive prices and pay for them using your preferred mode of payment.

✔️How can I redeem the Bajaj Markets voucher?

The Bajaj Markets voucher can be claimed redeemed by visiting our e-commerce-store. Select any product of your choice and enter the voucher code which will be delivered to you via SMS.

✔️What is the Bajaj Markets voucher?

The Bajaj Markets voucher with FPP gives you a discount of Rs. 1000 on any electronics purchased over Rs. 15,000 from our e-commerce store. Voucher is valid for 3 months post the date of issuance. Voucher will be delivered to the customer via SMS/email within 10 working days of loan disbursement. Transactions via Bajaj Finserv EMI card will not qualify for the Bajaj MARKETS voucher discount.

✔️What is FPP?

Finserv Protection Plan or FPP is an exclusive service package that comes with a host of benefits including e-commerce discounts, health vouchers, credit protection, personal accident cover, OPD consultation and more.

✔️What are the Benefits of Finserv Protection Plan?

Finserv Protection Plan is an exclusive product that lets you enjoy benefits including OPD consultation across network hospitals, credit protection, vHealth doctor’s consultation, personal accident cover, health check-up packages, discount network card, and option to order medicines online on Netmeds. Over and above these health benefits, you can also get e-commerce discounts with Bajaj MARKETS vouchers from our ecommerce store.

✔️Why should you avail FPP?

By availing the Finserv Protection Plan you get a discount on the interest rates. Now, saving up on your interest amount is easy!

✔️How to avail FPP?

You can avail the Finserv Protection Plan along with your unsecured loan. Just choose the Finserv Protection Plan option on the Product Bundle page and you are done!

✔️Is there any death benefit offered under this plan?

Yes, if the customer happens to die during the tenure of the plan, a sum insured amount is paid to the family.

✔️What is Credit protection plan?

The credit protection plan gives your family a peace of mind in the event of premature death and helps them financially, protecting them from the burden of repayment of any loan in case of death or incase diagnosed with critical illness or in the occurrence of accidental permanent total disability or (if chosen by you).

✔️What is EMI cover?

With the EMI cover, if you face an injury due to an accident during the policy tenure which directly or indirectly results in permanent partial disability that refrains your from performing your duties related to your occupation, your contribution in EMI of your loan account specified in the Policy is paid by the insurer. T&C apply.

✔️What are the benefits of vHealth network?

You can avail value added services (VAS) at 16500+ vHealth empaneled centers spread across 38 cities, to get discounts on medicines, diagnostics and other treatments.

✔️How do I find the centers on vHealth network?

You may choose to visit the vHealth website/app where you can locate any center on vHealth’s panel through a map. Simultaneously, you can call the help desk number 18001034466 and the team will be more than happy to help you.

✔️How to use Comprehensive Health Check Voucher?

Members can call the vHealth Help Desk No. 18001034466 between 8 AM to 8 PM on all days (except national holidays). The Customer Service Executive will ask for your preferred timings and the location for collection of samples, after which the appointment request would be taken ahead.

✔️How to use Pharmacy Voucher?

Members can redeem Netmeds vouchers worth Rs. 250/ Rs. 500 against medicines ordered online by using the coupon code provided to them.

✔️How to use OPD Consultation vouchers?

To use the OPD consultation, members can simply call the vHealth Help Desk No. 18001034466 between 8 AM to 8 PM on all days (except national holidays). The Customer Service Executive will ask for your preferred timings and the location for suggesting OPD empaneled hospitals in the area, after which the appointment request would be taken ahead

✔️Who is eligible to enjoy the benefits offered with the Finserv Protection Plan?

The benefits are extended to 2 to 4 family members of the customer (Exception: Insurance plans)

✔️What is FPP Lite?

FPP Lite is a compact version of the Finserv Protection Plan. It includes the benefits of OPD consultation across network hospitals, vHealth doctor’s consultation, health check-up packages, exclusive digital gold, discount network card, and option to order medicines online on Netmeds.

✔️What is air ambulance cover?

In case of a bodily injury due to an accident, an add on air ambulance cover takes care of the expenses of air ambulance used to transport the injured from the site of the accident to the nearest hospital within India.

✔️What are the tests covered under health check-up package with 61 tests?

The tests covered under herein include ones for Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Renal Profile, Iron Deficiency, Thyroid Function, Diabetic Screen, Complete Hemogram, Vitamins.

✔️What are the tests covered under health check-up package with 84 tests?

The tests covered under herein include ones for Cardiac Risk Marker, Vitamin Profile, Hormones Profile, Iron Deficiency, Diabetic Screen, Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Renal Profile, Electrolytes Profile, Complete Hemogram, Blood Element Analysis Profile, Pancreas Profile.

✔️What is digigold?

On Bajaj Markets, you can purchase gold online without having to worry about quality, purity and safety, that too in small amounts. Finserv MARKETS facilitates buying, selling and delivery of physical gold.

✔️How to avail digigold?

Buying 24 carat Gold online on Bajaj Markets is easy. Just login to the Customer Portal through the Finserv MARKETS App and proceed to purchase gold. You can buy Digital Gold either in grams or INR.

✔️How to redeem Digigold?

You can choose to redeem digigold and have your purchase delivered to your doorstep. Please note that you can only redeem gold in grams.