Earn interest up to 8.10% p.a. by investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit | Rated CRISIL AAA/ STABLE and [ICRA]AAA(stable)


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If you are a risk-averse investor who wants your money to grow rapidly, fixed deposit schemes are the best option for you. You invest your money for a pre-decided rate of interest and tenor. No market fluctuation impacts your returns on investment. However, along with opting for a safe investment product, you must also go for a safe bank or NBFC to ensure your money is secure.


Bandhan Bank is an Indian financial service provider that is headquartered in Kolkata. With 5618 branches, Bandhan Bank is spread across 34 states and union territories in India. Be it a senior citizen, a business owner, a farmer, or a salaried individual, Bandhan Bank makes its financial services accessible to all. This bank is especially famous for offering a wide spectrum of fixed deposit schemes. Let’s understand the features of its FD schemes and how to use the Bandhan Bank FD calculator in this article.

Features of Bandhan Bank FD Schemes

Here are a few key features of the Bandhan Bank fixed deposit schemes.


  • The tenor ranges from 7 days to 10 years

  • The minimum deposit amount to invest in its standard FD scheme is Rs. 1000

  • Bandhan Bank offers 6 types of fixed deposits namely standard FD, premium FD, tax-saver FD, advantage FD, Dhan Samriddhi FD, and super saver FD

  • The interest rates offered by Bandhan Bank ranges between 3% to 6%

  • The rates of interest for senior citizens range from 3.75% to 6.75%

  • The Deposit Insurance Scheme insures your FD up to Rs. 5,00,000

  • It offers the loan against FD facility

How to Use a Bandhan Bank FD Calculator?

Here’s a step-wise guide to use Bandhan Bank fixed deposit calculator 2021.


  1. Log in to the customer portal on Bandhan Bank’s official website

  2. Once you are on the ‘Bandhan Bank FD Calculator’ page, enter your deposit amount and tenor

  3. The Bandhan FD calculator will work up your rate of interest and amount receivable towards the end of the tenor

Bandhan Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Even though the Bandhan Bank FD interest calculator automatically evaluates the interest rate based on your details, it is best to have an idea before you get into calculations. Here are the FD interest rates offered by Bandhan Bank.


Interest Rates for Non-Senior Citizens

Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

7 days to 14 days



15 days to 30 days



31 days to Less than 2 months



2 months to less than 3 months



3 months to less than 6 months



6 months to less than 1 year



1 year to 18 months



Above 18 months to less than 2 years



2 years to less than 3 years



3 years to less than 5 years



5 years to up to 10 years



Formula to Calculate the FD Maturity Amount

Here’s how you can calculate the FD maturity amount manually:


Fixed deposit interest formula is A = P (1 + r/n)^nt




A = Maturity amount

P = Principal

r = Rate of interest

n = Number of times interest has compounded

t = Total tenor of the investment


The manual process of calculating FD maturity amount can be error prone and time consuming, hence it is best to use our Bandhan Bank FD calculator.

Benefits of the Bandhan Bank FD Calculator

The benefits of using the Bandhan Bank fixed deposit calculator are mentioned below.


  • The Bandhan Bank FD rates calculator is user-friendly

  • It enables you to opt for long-term and short-term investments

  • The FD interest calculator that Bandhan Bank offers is accurate and time-efficient

  • It ensures you make smarter and well-planned investments

Bajaj Finance FD on Bajaj Markets

With Bajaj Finance FD, you can be assured that your savings are in safe hands. We are backed by the highest safety ratings, i.e. CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA. Additionally, we understand the need for higher returns, hence Bajaj Finance FD can yield up to 8.10% interest. At Bajaj Markets, we are known to make fixed deposit investments easy with flexible tenors and online applications. So, head over to our FD page and start your investment journey today!

FAQs on Bandhan Bank FD Calculator

  • ✔️What is the minimum amount to invest in Bandhan Bank FD schemes?

    The minimum amount for Bandhan Bank FD is ₹1,000.

  • ✔️Does Bandhan Bank provide the loan against FD option?

    Yes, you can avail the benefit of loan against FD with Bandhan Bank.

  • ✔️What are the benefits of the Bandhan FD calculator?

    You can compare your indicative returns for different tenors with the Bandhan Bank FD calculator and opt for the most lucrative option.

  • ✔️What is the highest fixed deposit rate offered by Bandhan Bank?

    The highest FD rate offered by Bandhan Bank is 7%.

  • ✔️Can I open an FD account with Bandhan Bank online?

    Yes, you can open an FD account with Bandhan Bank online.