Current Petrol Price in Surat

Petrol Price in Surat Today

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Petrol Price in Surat

Surat is one of the largest cities and among the most important commercial centres of Gujarat. If you are looking to purchase fuel in the city, here is everything you need to know about the petrol rate in Surat today (updated at 6 AM daily). Once you understand the different factors that determine and influence the petrol cost in Surat, you will be able to compare it with the petrol price of other cities in Gujarat as well as in India.

Today's Petrol Price in Surat

₹ 94.99

Current Petrol Price per Litre

Which Factors Determine the Petrol Price Today in Surat?

Today, the petrol price in Surat can be different from that of yesterday. How so? Well, there are several controlling factors which contribute to the final petrol price in Surat.

1) INR-USD Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of the US dollar (USD) against the Indian rupee (INR) is one of the most vital components that influence the petrol rate in Surat. This is because crude oil (which is refined to make petrol) is purchased in the international markets using US dollars.

2) Price of Crude Oil

The cost of crude oil depends on multiple factors such as the global political scenario, the demand and supply ratio, etc. Any changes in the above affect the Surat petrol rate. If the cost of crude oil increases across international markets, the final price of petrol also rises. On the other hand, if the cost of crude oil drops, the current petrol price in Surat will also fall.

3) Charges by OMCs

Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) that import, refine, and transport the oil, also add a certain charge. This charge is inclusive of the profit margin.

4) Taxes and Commission

The central and state governments impose excise duty + Cess and value-added tax (VAT), respectively, which increases the rate of petrol in Surat. Do note that while central excise duty + Cess remain the same all over India, the charges of VAT on petrol varies from one state to another and is dependent on the ruling government. In addition to this, the dealer also charges a commission on the live petrol price in Surat.

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How Often is the Petrol Rate in Surat Revised?

The petrol price in Surat is revised daily as per the June 2017 policy of Dynamic Fuel Pricing. This happens at 06 AM every day, when dealers across Surat update the price of petrol for the day. So, if you are wondering what is the petrol price in Surat today live, you can check the display screens at fuel stations across the city. These are updated by dealers daily. In addition, you can also check the Surat petrol rate today on the websites and apps of oil companies.

What is the Impact of GST on the Petrol Rate in Surat?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a uniform tax structure that was introduced in 2017 to serve as an all-inclusive tax. However, petrol prices in Surat are not affected by GST as petroleum products are exempt from the Goods and Services Tax.

How to Check Petrol Price in Surat Today?

In Surat, the petrol price today can be checked using any of the channels mentioned below. Alternatively, you can also view the petrol rate in Surat today on the Bajaj Markets website and app.

Oil Company

SMS Code


Mobile App

Hindustan Petroleum

“HPPRICE DEALER CODE” to 92222 01122

(Click on Pump Locator)


Bharat Petroleum

“RSP DEALER CODE” to 92231 12222

(Click on Pump Locator)


Indian Oil

“RSP DEALER CODE” to 92249 92249

(Click on Pump Locator)


What are the Top Fuel Credit Cards?


Credit Card

Credit Card Benefits

State Bank of India

SBI BPCL Credit Card

4.25% Value Back on fuel purchases at BPCL Petrol Pumps

State Bank of India

SBI BPCL Octane Credit Card

7.25% Value Back on fuel purchases at BPCL Petrol Pumps

Axis Bank

Axis INDIAN OIL Credit Card

4% Value Back on fuel purchases at Indian Oil Petrol Pumps


Citi Indian Oil Credit Card

1% fuel surcharge reversal at Indian Oil Petrol Pumps


  • ✔️Who decides petrol prices in Surat?

     The Surat petrol price rates factor in the refining charges levied by oil marketing companies, dealer commission, and taxes (excise duty and VAT) levied by the Central and State governments. On a broader scale, the cost of raw petroleum, fluctuation of the INR/USD exchange rate, as well as the import and transportation charges play a role in determining the final petrol price in Surat.

  • ✔️How far can you go on 1-litre of petrol?

     The distance that your vehicle can cover on 1-litre of petrol depends on its mileage or fuel-efficiency.

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