Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme

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Kalyan Jewellers is one of India's oldest business enterprises. Kalyan Jewellers has a family history that dates back over a century. The founders of Kalyan believe in primarily ethical, extremely honest, and trustworthy operational processes. Since 1993, the company has expanded into the retailing of jewellery. Since then, they've opened 135 showrooms around the country and around the world.

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme Details

Kalyan Jewellers' Dhanvarsha gold scheme is a very flexible scheme that allows customers to join at any time. There is no registration fees, and gold is purchased via advance payments. You can enroll for this scheme by visiting any Kalyan Jewellers store or filling out an online application. The maximum term of the scheme is 12 months. This Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme can be ended simply by purchasing the gold that was chosen. When people join the policy, they must determine the dimensions and qualities of the product at the outset.


Customers can change their decision on the eighth of each month under the Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme policy. If you haven't done so already, you can go to any Kalyan Jewellers showroom after a year to purchase a product. Monthly payments are required and should be done every 30 days. The value of monthly instalments under the gold booking policy ranges depending on the product chosen at the start of the policy.

Features of the Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme

The following are some of the characteristics of the Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme:


  • People who want to use this Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme online will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

  • Further taxes, like GST, must be paid as well.

  • When the weight of the ornament you choose changes by up to 10%, you are allowed to pay the difference in price based on the actual weight of the ornament.

  • Holders of the Gold card receive no points for enrolling in a scheme.

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme Eligibility Criteria 

  • SGB investing is open to all Indian citizens. Investments made on behalf of minors are allowed.

  • It is critical to make payments on schedule. There is a 0.25 percent increase in costs if payments are not made within the specified time.

  • Kalyan Jewellers provides a mechanism where you can purchase a piece from their inventory to close the policy before it expires.

  • The jeweller logs the transaction, and the ornament is set aside for you if the ornament is not collected within 20 days of the scheme's conclusion.

  • If you miss a payment for the last instalment, your policy will be cancelled, and your money will be returned to you by a demand draft sent to the provided address.

  • Cash refunds are not permitted, and the majority of complaints are resolved in Thrissur, Kerala.

Benefits of Kalyan Jewellers Gold Schemes

As the basic amount for the scheme begins at INR 500/month, the programmes are accessible to a wide range of people. The Kalyan Jewellers Gold Schemes are straightforward and quick. The scheme is mostly successful for people who want to buy jewellery for their relatives and weddings. It is not necessary to spend significant sums of money all at once.

Documents required for Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme

All you need to enrol and receive benefits is a copy of the following.


  1. PAN (Personal Identification Number) card

  2. Passport

  3. Driving licence

  4. At the time of closure, the same individual who acquired the plan must provide original identity verification.

Purchase Advance Scheme

Kalyan Jewellers has a programme that allows you to buy gold in advance. Customers can purchase gold by making advance payments ranging, depending on the adornment. Customers benefit from lower rates and rebates under the scheme.

How Does the Purchase Advance Scheme Work?

  • This Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme is open to anyone at any moment. Also, there are zero registration fees.

  • Customers can enrol in this scheme by visiting any Kalyan Jewellers store or by going online.

  • The scheme has a maximum duration of 365 days and must be terminated by purchasing the selected adornment.

  • Customers must choose a product, as well as the size, length, and weight, at the time of enrollment.

  • The option to amend or confirm the previous selection is available on the 8th of the month.

  • If you do not choose to purchase the specified product after confirmation, you may go to the nearby Kalyan Jewellers store and purchase any jewellery at the cost and VA indicated there.

  • Every 30 days, the monthly instalment is due.

  • Depending on the ornament chosen, the instalment amount will range from Rs.500 to Rs.40,000.

  • Cash, demand draft, or check can be used to pay the instalments.

  • After paying the 11th instalment, the scheme can be terminated.

  • Within 20 days, you can visit the Kalyan Jewellers showroom, settle any outstanding money, and pick up the ornament.

  • You will be responsible for the delivery costs if you register online.

  • You will also be responsible for all relevant sales taxes and other taxes.

  • The weight of the ornament you chose may vary by up to 10%, but you will only be charged for the actual weight.

  • This Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme does not award any points to gold cardholders.

Penalties of Purchase Advance Scheme

  • If you miss a payment or are late in making a payment, your fees will be increased. As a penalty, the making costs will be increased by 0.25 percent for each month the payment is late.

  • You can buy any goods from a Kalyan Jeweller store if you end the scheme before the 11-month period is up. The price will be determined by the store's price, and the VA indicated. There will be no discounts available to you.

  • If you do not pick up the ornament within 20 days of paying the last instalment, the sale will be logged at the current cost, and the ornament will be held for you in the store.

  • The sale of the ornament will be cancelled if you do not pay the balance within the 12th month. The money will be reimbursed to the address provided at the time of enrolment via a demand draft issued via registered mail.

  • It is not possible to get a cash return.

  • The court in Thrissur, Kerala, will have authority over any issues.

Documents Required for Purchase Advance Scheme

To join the Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme, the consumer must submit the following documents:


  1. A copy of a photo ID.

  2. The person who closes the scheme must be the same as the person who opened it, and he or she must have the original ID evidence with them.

This Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme is quite useful for individuals who need to buy gold in the near future, such as for their daughter's wedding or any other major event. Customers can contribute to the item's purchase in advance.

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Dhanvarsha Scheme

Kalyan Jewellers provides a variety of services. Dhanvarsha is a gold plan that offers people a great opportunity to save money in gold. Customers who are interested in purchasing gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, polki, precious stones, and uncut jewellery can join in various savings plans and pay in monthly payments over the course of 11 months.

Frequently Asked Questions on Malabar Gold Scheme

  • ✔️What does customization mean in Malabar gold schemes?

    Customization is a unique feature that allows you to select the right size for products that come in various sizes, like chains, bracelets, bangles and rings.

  • ✔️Can products ordered through the ‘Make to Order’ option be returned?

    The 14 day return policy from Malabar Gold & Diamonds is only available for regular orders. Any products ordered through the ‘Make to Order’ option in the Smart Buy scheme are specifically manufactured, so they can only be returned online or in any Malabar Gold & Diamond store as per the regular buyback and exchange policy.

  • ✔️Can I use a gift voucher for placing an order through this scheme?

    Yes, you can definitely make use of gift vouchers for these orders.

  • ✔️Why are products that are in stock coming with a ‘Make to Order’ option?

    Even for products that are in stock, the ‘Make to Order’ option may be available. This means that instead of sending you the product that is in stock, it is specifically manufactured for your order. That’s why the delivery date may be further away.

  • ✔️What payment methods are accepted?

    For products ordered online through Malabar gold schemes, all payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking and fund transfers are accepted. The ‘Cash on Delivery’ option is not available for ‘Make to Order’ products.

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