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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a type of indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in India. Introduced in July 2017, it was intended to simplify the tax system by replacing various indirect taxes with a single tax structure.


However, as it replaced a legacy system, companies and taxpayers have faced struggles when complying with it. Thankfully, you get access to a GST Helpdesk with customer support numbers for assistance and guidance in addressing GST-related issues.


These services are provided by the Government of India and other authorised organisations. They are available throughout the day to help you address your GST-related inquiries and concerns.

GST Support Line Phone Numbers

The GST helpline number is 1800-103-4786, and it is a toll-free helpline number to help individuals and businesses. The support team assists with any questions or concerns you may have about the Goods and Services Tax (GST). 


When you dial this number, you will be connected with knowledgeable professionals who can assist you with a wide range of GST-related topics. These include: 


This helpline is an invaluable resource if you require guidance on GST-related issues and is entirely free of charge. The GST helpline no. is available from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. 


You can also choose to interact with the experts in multiple languages, as the GST helpline contact number offers assistance in English, Hindi, and several other regional languages.

GST Helpline via Email

To contact the GST helpdesk via email, simply use the following address: ‘helpdesk@gst.gov.in’


It is another platform provided by the government for you to seek assistance on GST-related matters. By emailing this address, you can receive guidance on various issues related to GST registration, filing returns, compliance, and more.


The GST helpline mail ID is available 24/7, and you can expect a response within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, the trained experts on the other end of the email are equipped to provide accurate and comprehensive guidance.


This makes it a convenient option for you if you prefer written communication over phone calls. Access to the GST helpline via email can be especially beneficial if you have complex queries related to GST


By interacting with experts via email, you can also maintain a record of your correspondence, making it easier to track progress and refer to previous conversations. Another option is the digital chatbot available on the self-service GST website. 


To access this provision, follow these easy steps. 


  • Visit the official portal – https://selfservice.gstsystem.in/

  • Click on the “GITA” bot on the bottom right side of the page

  • Read through the options and pick one or type your query

  • Choose a query on the left pane of the bot to find your specific section

  • Get answers to your queries regarding GST norms

The GST Interactive Technical Assistant (GITA) provision is a smart service to use if you have a common query and need quick information. You get answers instantly and can even check through various categories before sending an email or making a phone call. As such, this provision is likely the quickest option to avail for assistance.

GST Helpdesk on Twitter

The GST helpdesk on Twitter has the username @askGST_GOI 


It is a platform provided by the government for you if you seek assistance on GST-related matters through social media. By following the handle and tweeting your queries or concerns, you can get solutions online and quicker. 


The Twitter helpdesk is available 24 hours as it is a social media platform. Access to the GST helpdesk on Twitter can be especially beneficial for you if you are seeking quick responses or have relatively straightforward queries. 


By interacting with experts on Twitter, you can also engage with the broader GST community, potentially leading to new insights and best practices. Do note that it may be better to also consult experts over call or via email, in addition to contacting the GST helpdesk on Twitter. 

GST Self-Support Portal

The GST Self-Support Portal is a web-based platform developed by the Government of India to provide a self-service option for GST-related matters. The portal offers various services such as: 


  • Lodging grievances

  • Raising queries

  • Seeking assistance on various GST-related issues

  • Contributing to a more efficient and transparent GST system in the country

Here are the steps to complain on the GST Self-Support Portal:


  • Step 1: Visit the GST Self-Support Portal

  • Step 2: Click on the "Lodge Your Grievance" option available on the homepage

  • Step 3: Wait to be redirected to a page where you will have to select the type of complaint you have

  • Step 4: Select your option and provide the necessary details of your complaint and a brief description of the issue you are facing

  • Step 5: Upload any relevant documents to support your complaint

  • Step 6: Click on the “Submit” button after completing all the details

  • Step 7: Note the unique reference number generated as it is used as a complaint number

The GST Self-Support Portal provides a convenient and efficient solution to lodge grievances. Following these simple steps, you can easily file a complaint and track its status. Do note that you should also receive confirmation via SMS or email. 

GST Returns Help from GST Practitioner 

If you are facing challenges following or adhering to GST norms, you can consider hiring an authorised GST Practitioner. These professionals can help with issues such as filing GST returns or they can offer assistance in finding relevant information online or through the GST helpline. 


GST Practitioners are licensed professionals who are authorised to perform a variety of tasks on your behalf, including filing returns and registering for GST. These practitioners can offer you valuable insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of GST implementation and ensure compliance. 


This includes:


  • Providing details of inward and outward supplies

  • Filing monthly, quarterly, annual, and final returns

  • Making deposits into the electronic cash ledger

  • Filing refund claims on the GST Portal

  • Filing applications related to amending or cancelling GST registration

For those new to the GST regime or facing challenges in navigating the system, having access to these GST helplines can be highly beneficial.

FAQs for GST Helpline

You can contact the GST support team through various channels, including the GST help desk, email support, and the GST portal's query facility. To access the GST helpline, you can call the GST helpline number or send an email to the GST helpdesk email address.

A GST complaint is a formal grievance or objection raised by a GST-registered individual or business regarding any issues related to GST compliance, such as incorrect tax filing, refund delays, or other issues. Complaints can be filed through the GST portal's grievance redressal system or the GST helpdesk.

Yes, GST officers can call you for verification or inquiry purposes. They may also conduct visits or inspections of business premises. It is advisable to cooperate with the officer and provide all necessary information and documentation to avoid any penalties or legal issues.

There is no official GST WhatsApp number provided by the GSTN or the government. Any messages or notifications claiming to be from a number claiming to be the official GST WhatsApp number should be verified before taking any action, as they may be fraudulent.

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