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UCO Bank IFSC Code

The ability to transfer funds from one account to another is a huge advantage to the banking sector, enabling their customers to move funds and make payments electronically with just a click of a button. With the help of NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) systems, UCO Bank customers can easily transfer their money to a beneficiary of any bank account. Initiated by the RBI, both NEFT and RTGS payment methods use a unique code known as the IFSC code to function. The Indian Financial System Code or the IFSC is a unique alphanumeric combination exclusively allotted to every branch participating in NEFT and RTGS transactions. IFSC codes are compulsorily used for every money transfer to eradicate any confusion or mistake in online transactions. It is to be noted that no two branches can have the same IFSC codes.


UCO Bank IFSC codes are 11 digit codes divided into three sections - The first 4 digits are alphabets indicating the name of the bank. 0 is the fifth digit. And the last 6 digits are exclusively allotted to each branch of the bank. To illustrate – The IFSC Code of the UCO Bank Davangere branch is UCBA0001043. UCB indicates the bank name - UCO Bank IFSC Code. The fifth digit is zero and 001043 is a unique numerical code allotted to the Davangere branch of UCO Bank.

About UCO Bank

UCO Bank, formerly known as the United Commercial Bank was established in the year 1943 in the city of Kolkata. It is one of the fastest-growing nationalized banks in the country. With a diverse customer pool, the bank has readily adapted to the technological evolutions of the prevailing age with an outstanding online platform to conduct transactions seamlessly. Customers of the UCO bank can make use of this facility by logging into their net banking account or via their mobile banking app. The online portal facilitates transactions of the savings account as well as the current account and Demat account via the net banking account of all the customers.

How to Find the UCO Bank IFSC Code and MICR Code Online

There are two options available to find the UCO Bank IFSC code and MICR code online:


  • UCO Bank - Visit the official website of UCO Bank and enter the branch details like the city and area. The website will then continue to display complete details about the IFSC Code.
  • Third-party platforms - There are various other websites available online like the official website of Reserve Bank of India and other third-party websites that maintain the UCO bank IFSC code list of all the branches across India.

How to Find UCO Bank IFSC Code and MICR Code Offline

Apart from finding the IFSC code and MICR code on the internet, you can also find them on your bank passbooks and the cheque book provided by the bank to every customer. The 11-digit alphanumeric code on top of the cheque starting with ‘UCOB’ is your IFSC code and the UCO Bank MICR code is the 9-digit long code on the bottom of the cheque. The first three digits of the MICR code represent the city, the next three represent the bank code and the last three digits represent the bank branch.

How to Transfer Money via UCO Bank through NEFT

Using NEFT, funds can be successfully transferred to a beneficiary’s account in no time. It stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer and is a very simple and quick method of fund transfer. It takes a maximum of one working day to complete a transaction if the transaction is made within the cut-off time, else it is transferred on the next day. Before initiating the transfer, the sender will have to add the beneficiary details like the bank name, account details, and IFSC code of the beneficiary’s bank.

How to Transfer Money via UCO Bank through RTGS

RTGS stands for Real-Time Gross Settlement System and is one of the quickest ways for transferring funds online. It is popular among users because it is a very safe and reliable method of fund transfer as money can be credited as fast as within two hours of receiving the transfer notification. RTGS enables the transfer of Rs 2 lakhs to a non-UCO bank account with no maximum limit. You can process the transfer via net banking, mobile banking, or by visiting the branch as well. The sender would need to add beneficiary details like the amount, name of the beneficiary, bank name, account number, IFSC Code, and any other message.

How to Transfer Money via UCO Bank through IMPS

Immediate Payment System or IMPS is an instant and secure 24x7 fund transfer system that allows easy transfer of amount from the remitter’s account to the beneficiary’s account. Once you login into your account using your credentials, you can transfer smaller amounts to a beneficiary’s bank account by entering the IFSC code and account number and then clicking on the ‘confirm’ button to complete the transfer.

FAQs on UCO Bank IFSC Code

  • ✔️Do I need a UCO Bank IFSC code for an online transaction?

    Yes, it is mandatory to have the IFSC code of the beneficiary’s bank branch before processing any online fund transfers.

  • ✔️Can two branches of UCO Bank have the same IFSC code?

    Every branch has a unique code, hence no two branches can have the same IFSC code.

  • ✔️Is there any limit for UCO Bank NEFT transfer?

    For UCO Bank customers processing NEFT transfers, there is no minimum or maximum limit of the amount that can be sent or received. But if you’re sending cash, there is a maximum limit of Rs. 50,000.

  • ✔️What are the benefits of the UCO Bank IFSC code?

    There are many benefits of the UCO Bank IFSC code that will help you in all types of online transactions and services. Some of these benefits are -

    • Net banking facility
    • Fast money transfers
    • No documents required for online transfers
    • Quick verification and settlement process
    • Safe and secure transactions
    • Flawless fund transfer via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS