International Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year in many countries. It is a day when we honour and appreciate the most special and loving people in our lives – our parents. This special day gives us an opportunity to show our love and appreciation to our parents by gifting them something special or doing something special for them.


If you are planning an amazing gift for them this year; a gift that will remind them of your love every day and still have practical value, why not surprise them with a brand new spanking car.


Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why a car is a great gift for your parents.

It’s a dream come true for most parents

Receiving an amazing gift such as a car is the ultimate dream for many parents. Parents work hard and sacrifice much for our health, education and upbringing from the day we are born. If you are a parent yourself, just imagine the joy of receiving a car as a gift from your child and you can understand what it must feel like. A car is an expensive gift but the relationship that you share with your parents is priceless and it will only strengthen the bond.

Has both practical and emotional value

Whenever your father or mother will drive or take a ride in the car, they will be reminded of your love for them – that’s enough to make up their day. Moreover, a car will help them go out in the city or nearby cities, visit relatives and friends, and go out for dinner, movies, etc. It will help them maintain an active lifestyle and shield them from falling ill due to extreme weather in summer, winter or rain.


After you gift your car to your parents, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that they are renewing their four wheeler insurance on time. Bajaj car insurance from Finserv MARKETS will be a good fit for them since it has a large network of more than 4,000 partner garages across the country for cashless services. In-house settlement, without any third party involvement, ensures speedy claim processing and approval if the car is damaged in an accident.

Especially valuable if they don’t live in the cities

Many people in India come to the bigger cities and metros for work from smaller towns, Tier II and Tier III cities. The public transportation system in these smaller cities and towns are not regular or comfortable. Due to this, elderly people have to travel long distances to get good healthcare services even in bad weather. Hailing a cab in smaller towns is not easy and cheaper as in the cities where you can book a cab with your smartphone.


If your parents live in Tier I and Tier II cities, a car is the most valuable gift that you can give them. They will thank you for saving them from jostling in a bus or auto rickshaw in their old age. It will be much easier for them to meet doctor appointments and get timely healthcare services, especially during emergencies.

They will cherish the gift for a long time

Having a car will help them regularly visit their children and grandparents. They will be happy hanging out with their grandchildren just as their grandchildren will love, enjoy and look forward to their company every weekend. Unlike a holiday gift, a car will remain with them for a long time and help them experience new things, travel to new places and make new connections. Elderly people love socialising and it’s good for their mental, emotional and physical health.


Ensure that they are taking the car for regular servicing and maintenance. If they are unable to do so because of their health, you can take out time during weekends and take the car for maintenance. You can also teach them how to check for the insurance premium or you can buy four wheeler insurance for them every year. Show them how they can purchase Bajaj car insurance on Finserv MARKETS from the comfort of their home and get assured of round-the-clock assistance and easy settlement of claims.

You can take a car loan

You don’t have to pay a large sum of money up front to gift your parents a car this Parents’ Day. You can apply for a car loan and pay in easy EMIs. Though prices of vehicles have jumped due to increase in cost of four wheeler insurance premium since 2018, you can still buy a good car within a budget of Rs. 6 lakh. Also, many car manufacturers are offering discounts to get rid of excess inventory at this time of the year.


Remember that it’s not mandatory for you to buy car insurance from the car dealer. You should keep the following things in mind while buying an insurance plan for your four wheeler – the make and model of your car, its present market value, the city in which you drive it, the services being provided by your insurance provider. If you get the same comprehensive or zero depreciation car insurance coverage from another insurer at lower costs, you can always buy them yourself.