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A third-party motor insurance is mandatory for your bike or your car but what about comprehensive motor insurance? While not being mandatory, a comprehensive bike insurance is definitely necessary if you want to protect yourself from additional expenses. While you do know that it provides cover against damage or loss, here are some features of your motor insurance that you might find very handy.


Roadside assistance
Imagine you’re on the highway and your engine fails. You’re now stuck almost in the middle of nowhere. Not a good place to be in, right? Well, did you know your motor insurance offers Roadside Assistance? Meaning, no matter your problems or your location, they’ll send services to help get your car back up and running.


Cashless garage network
You’ve just gotten your car repaired in a nearby network garage and it’s time to make settle the bill. You can use the cashless claim facility offered by your four-wheeler insurance to take care of the payment.


Claim settlement wallet
Rear-ended someone? It’s okay. You can settle claims with the help of facilities like car insurance claim settlement wallets. Just click a picture and upload on the app to receive instant reimbursements for your damage claims.


Round the clock assistance
What if it was about 2 a.m and you had a sudden question about your car insurance? Well you simply pick up and call, that’s all. There are 24*7 call centers that work round the clock to provide you with the assistance you need. Whether it is towing your car due to a flat tyre or supplying you with emergency fuel for your car, your motor insurance covers it all.


No third-party involvement
No long-drawn processes, no middlemen involved. You don’t have to go around from one place to another trying to get your vehicle insurance claims settled. Just an extremely quick, efficient process.