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ACKO Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance companies, you would be right to prefer those with a seamless claim process and a high claim settlement ratio. After all, these features and perks ensure that your car insurance policy works in your favour, should you ever need it. 


Acko, one of India's leading car insurance companies, has a customer-centric car insurance claim process in place. The Acko Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) is high, and the company extends features such as a pick-up service, where your car gets picked up for repairs within two hours of filing a claim. 


In case they fail to repair and get your car back to you within three days, you shall be eligible to receive cab vouchers for your daily commute*. These are just a few of the many perks, and you should read on to know more about the Acko car insurance claim process and the benefits on offer.

What is a Cashless Claim?

True to its name, a cashless claim is a claim that enables you to get car insurance coverage without paying any bills. All you have to do is inform your insurance provider about the damage to your car and the reasons for the damage. After that you can take your car to the nearest garage from their partner network, and get the car repaired.


Through cashless car insurance, you need not pay the bills for the repairs of the car. These bills will be directly settled by Acko, based on the terms of your car insurance plan. With the CSR of Acko car insurance being one of the best, you can rest assured that your claim will be processed immediately and seamlessly without any hassles.

How Can You File a Successful Acko Car Insurance Claim?

The Acko car insurance claim process is extremely simple and quick. Follow these steps to begin your claim process.


  1. Visit the official website of ACKO Car Insurance.

  2. Go to the Car Insurance Claim Settlement page.

  3. Click on 'Register a Claim' to file your claim.

  4. Enter your registered mobile number to log in.

  5. Click on 'Claim Now'.

  6. Submit the required personal information.

  7. Click on 'Submit Claim'.


The claims team at Acko Car Insurance will check your claim and the supporting documents and get your car picked up for repairs within two hours. What is more is that the car, once repaired, shall be delivered back to you within three days. You can check your Acko car insurance claim status online.

Documents You Need for Cashless Acko Car Insurance Claim

  1. A copy of your car's Registration Certificate

  2. A copy of your car insurance policy

  3. A copy of your Driving Licence

  4. A copy of the First Information Report (if applicable)

  5. Valid proofs of Identification and Address

What Is a Reimbursement Claim?

If your car gets damaged due to any reason, you can inform Acko about the incident. Here, you need to get approval from the insurer in order to get the required repairs covered. After your request is approved, you can repair the car at your preferred garage. Once your car is repaired and ready, you can file the Acko car insurance claim for reimbursement.


In contrast to a cashless car insurance claim, a reimbursement claim is filed after you have paid the repair bills for your car. Do note that while the Acko car insurance claim Settlement Ratio is high, you should get approval before starting repairs.

How Can You File An Acko Car Insurance Reimbursement Claim?

The Acko Car Insurance Claim for reimbursements can be filed through an easy process.


  1. Inform Acko about the damages caused to your car (through phone, email, or their website).

  2. Await the confirmation of your car repair request filed with Acko.

  3. Get the necessary repairs done on your car.

  4. Pay the bills for the repair and retain the invoice.

  5. Submit a copy of the repair invoice to Acko along with the other necessary documents (varies from one case to another).

List Of Documents Required For Acko Car Insurance Reimbursement Claims

  1. A copy of your car insurance policy

  2. A copy of your Driving Licence

  3. A copy of your car's Registration Certificate

  4. Your photo identity and address proofs

  5. The original bills for the repairs of the car

  6. The original First Information Report (if applicable)

Claim Car Insurance Under Different Situations

There are various instances in which you can raise an Acko car insurance claim. This includes:


  1. Damage caused during an accident

  2. Damage caused by a third party

  3. Damage caused by natural disasters

  4. Damage caused by man-made calamities

  5. Damage caused by fire

  6. Damage caused in transit from one place to another

  7. Total loss due to theft


In case of the theft of your car or accident-induced damage, you must file a First Information Report (FIR) with the nearest police station and attach a copy of the same in your Acko car insurance claim.

Why Can Your Acko Car Insurance Claim Get Rejected?

There are several reasons why your Acko car insurance claim may get rejected. These include: 


  1. Submission of incomplete information

  2. Submission of inaccurate information and/or documents

  3. Claim filed falls under the exclusion terms of your insurance policy

  4. Claim for damages that occurred prior to policy purchase

  5. Claimed filed on a lapsed car insurance policy

  6. Any malicious or illegal activity intended to indulge in fraud

No Claim Bonus in Acko Car Insurance

Like with majority of the car insurers in India, Acko car insurance policy also comes with a no claim bonus (NCB). You can get this bonus only if you have filed no claims during the policy period. The main benefit of this bonus is that with it you can get a discount on your premium at renewal. 


The bonus gets accumulated for every year you do not file a claim and the maximum discount you can avail with it can go up to 50%. Additionally, the bonus is transferable. So, in the event that you change your insurance providers, you can make the most of this benefit. 


However, keep in mind that the NCB is applicable only on the premium amount that goes towards own-damage cover and not for other cover. You can even get a NCB protection cover add-on to secure your bonus in case you file a claim. 

*: Applicable in some cities only 

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FAQs on Acko Car Insurance Claim

There are two types of car insurance claim processes – reimbursement and cashless. 


You can file a claim under your Acko car insurance policy by calling the toll-free number 1-860-266-2256. Alternatively, you can visit Acko car insurance website and raise your claim.

It is recommended to buy insurance from companies that have a high CSR because it also increases the chances of your claim being approved without any issues or delays. 

You can compare the Acko car insurance claim settlement ratio by visiting other insurers’ websites and manually checking the CSR. The other option is to use online tools that allow you to compare different car insurance companies and their policies.

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