Acko Cashless Garages List

With ACKO's partnership with various garages in India, policyholders can get their insured four-wheelers repaired without having to pay upfront.


The key highlights of Acko cashless garages list are that they provide efficient car repairing services and make the claim process of your comprehensive car insurance policy seamless and free from duplicity. Additionally, your car undergoes necessary repair and replacement services on a priority basis. When there is a claim, the insurer and the garage handle it on your behalf by providing a quick and efficient settlement of the claim.

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ACKO partners with various garages in India so that the policyholders can get their insured four wheelers repaired in case of an accident without paying up front. The comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy purchased from ACKO covers expenses incurred due to repairing the damages caused in an accident. In this facility, garages get their service charge and cost of the replaced parts directly from the insurer. However, you have to visit only the listed ACKO garages in India to obtain all its benefits.

Highlights of Cashless Garages

You can get hassle-free repairing from the network garages of your insured vehicle if it meets with an accident causing minor to major impacts. Following are some major benefits you get by servicing the damages of your car from ACKO partner garages:

  • Quality service

ACKO partners with the most efficient car repairing service providers to ensure that customers get maximum satisfaction from the services. Apart from this, the insurer also delegates their surveyor to supervise. Acko car insurance partners ensure the ACKO cashless garages work seamlessly and claim processing is fairly simple

  • Transparent claims

You do not need to raise your claim for reimbursement if you visit any cashless garage of ACKO. Instead, the concerned garage sends bills to the insurance company that directly pays on your behalf. This way, no third party stays involved, making the claim process of your comprehensive car insurance policy free from duplicity.

  • Quick claim settlement

In case you get your car repaired from the garage not listed by ACKO, you need to claim reimbursement. This process involves several interconnected steps, including validation, approval and settlement of the reimbursement, to be completed by the insurer. You need to wait for days to get the amount credited to your account. By visiting any repairing centre mentioned in the ACKO insurance cashless garages list, you can avoid this time-consuming process. This insurance company pays bills directly to that garage, so you can avoid being actively involved.

  • Hassle-free claiming

You can stay abstained from all the formalities of claiming. Instead, the insurer and the partnered garage complete all these on your behalf. So, you can stay completely worry-free by getting your servicing done from these partnered garages.

  • Priority in repairing

As these cashless garages stay in partnership with the insurance company, they ensure that your car undergoes necessary repair and replacement. You will experience quick and on-priority servicing from these ACKO car insurance cashless garages.

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ACKO cashless garages list in India

Besides these benefits of cashless garage facility, ACKO has partnered with Bajaj MARKETS, an online diverse marketplace that makes the insurance purchase process convenient and effortless. In addition to that, ACKO extends value-added services such as one-hour pick-up, 3-day assured claim servicing, zero paperwork etc.


In addition to the effortless and speedy policy claiming process, you can avail of a quality car servicing by visiting garages partnered by the insurer. It helps you avoid paying a hefty amount to get your car repaired after it gets damaged in an accident. Again, you do not need to wait for days for the reimbursement. You only have to find any ACKO garages in India near your location to get your cashless servicing done on time. 


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