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With ACKO's partnership with garages across India, you can get their insured four-wheelers repaired without having to pay upfront. ACKO cashless garages provide efficient car repair services. 


They ensure a seamless claim process of your car insurance policy. Additionally, your car undergoes necessary repair and replacement services on a priority basis. When there is a claim, the insurer and the garage handle it on your behalf. 


In this facility, garages get their service charge and cost of the replaced parts directly from the insurer. However, you have to visit only the listed ACKO garages in India to obtain all its benefits.


So, here is the ACKO Cashless garages list where you can visit to get your ACKO insurance-covered car repaired.

How Does Cashless Garages Work

ACKO’s network garages which offer cashless facilities help you to get the repair process of your vehicle done without any need to pay the bill. In such a case, follow these steps 


  • Step 1: Firstly, intimate ACKO at the earliest about the damages done to your vehicle. 

  • Step 2: ACKO will assign a car insurance surveyor to inspect the car damage and verify your claim. The official will provide you with an estimate of your car claim settlement amount. Once you receive the estimate, you can file your cashless car insurance claim

  • Step 3: ACKO will provide a free pick-up and drop service to your vehicle to and fro from the nearest network garage within an hour.


It must be noted that the insurer will directly settle the repair bills with the network garage. However, remember that you may have to pay the car insurance deductibles as per the terms and conditions which were agreed upon.

Highlights of ACKO’s Cashless Garages

In instances where your insured vehicle has been damaged in an accident, you enjoy hassle-free service at a network garage. There are many benefits involved in this process, some of which are listed below:


1. Quality service:

ACKO partners with the most efficient car repair service providers to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction. To maintain quality standards, the insurer also delegates their surveyor to supervise.


ACKO car insurance partners ensure the ACKO cashless garages work seamlessly and claim processing is fairly simple.


2. Transparent claims

You do not need to raise your claim for reimbursement if you visit any cashless garage of ACKO. Instead, the concerned garage sends bills to the insurance company that directly pays on your behalf. 


This way, no third parties get involved, making the claim process of your comprehensive car insurance policy free from duplicity.

3. Quick claim settlement

In case you get your car repaired from the garage not listed on the network, you need to file a reimbursement claim. This process involves several interconnected steps, including validation, approval and settlement of the reimbursement, to be completed by the insurer. 


It can take a few days to get the amount credited to your account. By visiting any repair centre mentioned in the ACKO insurance cashless garages list, you can avoid this time-consuming process. 


This insurance company pays bills directly to that garage, so you can avoid being actively involved.

4. Hassle-free claiming

Availing services from ACKO cashless garage allows you to free yourself from all the formalities of filing a claim. Instead, the insurer and the partnered garage complete all these on your behalf. So, you can stay completely worry-free by getting your car repaired from these partnered garages.

5. Priority in repairing

As these cashless garages are in partnership with the insurance company, they ensure that your car undergoes necessary repair and replacement.  You will experience quick and on-priority servicing from these ACKO car insurance cashless garages. 

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How ACKO Cashless Garages Make Claim Settlement Process Stress-free

The ACKO car insurance claim process is easy and prompt. Their Cashless Garages ensure that your car gets repaired efficiently and the settlement process is quick and convenient. You only have to follow the simple steps given below to make a claim. 


  • Step 1: Inform ACKO about the damages via email, call or mobile app.

  • Step 2: A dedicated team will visit you to verify the claims

  • Step 3: ACKO team will arrange for a free pickup service for your car

  • Step 4: Your car goes to ACKO cashless garage for repair

  • Step 5: The mechanic and ACKO team will assess the repair cost

  • Step 6: Your car will be delivered to your doorsteps within three days

  • Step 7: ACKO will settle the repair cost directly with the garage

Benefits of ACKO Cashless Garages

No Upfront Payment


Sometimes, the cost of repairs can be quite high. At an ACKO cashless garage, you do not have to pay upfront to the garage. The process is quick and easy on your pockets.

Stress-free Process


The entire process of car repair after an accident becomes a lot easier at an ACKO cashless garage. Not only do you not have to make any upfront payments, but ACKO also takes care of the pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Optimised Savings


If you choose to get your car repaired at any non-network garage, ACKO pays your invoices considering a deductible of ₹5,000. So, in order to maximise your savings, it is better to choose one from the ACKO network garages list.


In addition to the effortless and speedy car insurance claim process, you can avail of quality car servicing by visiting ACKO’s cashless garages. Here, you get quick service and you do not need to wait for days to get reimbursed. 


You only have to find any nearby garage from the ACKO general insurance cashless garage list to get your cashless servicing done on time.

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FAQs on ACKO Cashless Garages List

If you wish to know if a garage is in the ACKO’s network, you can inquire about the same via call or email. Additionally, you can also check the ACKO car insurance cashless garages list to get ACKO-partnered garages.

No, it is necessary that you inform ACKO about the damages done to your vehicle at the earliest in order to avoid the rejection of your claim. Besides, it should be done before getting your vehicle repaired on your own.

ACKO car insurance policy only covers the repair cost for the damages due to the accident. However, if you wish to use the garage’s other services, you can do it individually.

Yes, you can discuss the prospects for car towing from ACKO’s dedicated team.

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