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Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Reviews

To know in detail about the car insurance you’re opting for, read the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance reviews. It is recommended - as you will understand from the reviews - that you choose a comprehensive auto insurance plan so that, in the event of any damages, it will cover not only you and your automobile but also any third parties. One of the top auto insurance plans offered in India is the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, sold onBajaj Markets. This policy guarantees that your out-of-pocket costs in case of accidents or damage are kept to a minimum. 


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Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Review

Third-party car insurance is a mandatory requirement for driving on Indian roads. Such insurance policies exempt you from any legal liabilities in case of damages caused to any third party or person by your vehicle in case of an accident. However, it is ideal that you opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy that protects you and your vehicle as well as third parties in case any damages occur. The Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, is one of the best car insurance policies available in India. This policy ensures that you minimise expenses in case of any accidents or damages to your vehicle. Read on below to know about the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance reviews online. 

Car Insurance Testimonials and Reviews by Customers

A car insurance review is incomplete without a few customer testimonials. Here are a few Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance reviews from our customers for you to understand how they have benefited from this car insurance policy which is available on Bajaj Markets:

“Availing the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance was very easy owing to its convenient payment procedure. I availed the insurance policy for my Hyundai Santro and was offered multiple payment options for the plan.”
- Deepanshu Mittal

“I have availed the comprehensive policy of the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance for my Renault Duster. I am able to have claims settled for damage repair expenses quickly and conveniently.”
- Mohini Batra

Video Testimonials from Happy Customers

Below are the transcripts of a few video testimonials from customers who have availed Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance:

“We were travelling to Udaipur on 14th August, and we had a very bad accident on that day. Our car faced 100% damage and after 2-3 days, we got a call regarding the further formalities of the insurance. The response level I faced and the timeliness in which I got the assistance, it was really fantastic. I'll tell everybody about it now. My car was 100% damaged but I got my money within a month after the accident. Recently, I have purchased a new car and again, here I have insisted on buying Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, and I am a satisfied customer now.”
- Vishal Shah

“In March, I was informed that my car was stolen. We rushed to the police station, registered a complaint and the police assured us that they would be able to find my car. When that did not happen for almost a week, I decided to go to Bajaj Allianz, let them know about the theft and go on with the proceedings. The surprise package here was that it took all of 3 meetings and very accurate sessions with Miss Binny Brahmbhatt, who informed me of all the information that she required from my end. Within a matter of days, the money was in my account. The entire episode has left me so hopeful that in the future, if ever, I have to knock on the doors of an insurance company, I hope that I can repeat a similar experience like I had with Bajaj Allianz.”
- Anurita Rathore


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FAQs on Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Reviews

✔️Which are some of the add-on covers I could get with my online car insurance?

Some of the add-ons available with the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance include: 1. Coverage for lock and key replacement add-on which includes fitting and purchasing new locks, and even replacing the keys of the insured vehicle. 2. Accident Shield Cover which offers coverage to anybody who is injured while being driven in the insured vehicle.

✔️What happens to my car insurance policy when I sell the car?

Your Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance can be transferred to the buyer while selling the car. However, you, as the seller, will retain the NCB.

✔️What is NCB in Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

NCB or No Claim Bonus refers to the reward offered to the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance policyholder in the form of a reduction in car insurance premium at the time of policy renewal. This reward is offered when the policyholder does not make any claim/s during the previous policy tenure.

✔️What are the exclusions of the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance?

The following are the exclusions on the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance: 1. Normal wear and tear or ageing of the insured vehicle 2. The consequential loss or depreciation 3. Mechanical or electrical breakdown 4. Instances where the insured vehicle is used for other purposes, such as if a private vehicle is used for commercial purposes 5. Damages caused to the insured vehicle if it is driven by someone who does not hold a licence 6. Damage to the vehicle when driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs 7. Loss or damages caused owing to nuclear risks, war, or mutiny

✔️Which type of motor insurance coverage should I opt for?

It is ideal to secure your vehicle with a comprehensive car insurance cover as it provides extensive coverage to your vehicle. Such policies provide financial coverage for third-party liabilities as well as own car damages.