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Top 10 Off-Road Cars in India

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Off-road journeys offer a promise of adventure opportunities to explore unexplored parts of India. But these types of trips are impossible to undertake without a sturdy vehicle that can venture into the unexpected terrain while offering good mileage, comfort and ease of driving. If you are in the market for an off-road vehicle, here is a round up of the top 10 off-road cars in India listed in no particular order.


The blog includes the prices of off-road cars in India along with the engine capacity and fuel type along with a short list of their best features.

 List of Best Off-Road Cars in India


1. Mahindra Bolero




Price: INR 8.70 - INR 9.70 Lakhs

Engine: 1.5 litre

Fuel Type: Diesel


  • Touted as perhaps the best off-road car in India, Mahindra Bolero has a seating capacity of upto 7 people.

  • The design of the car is simple but sturdy.

  • It has all the latest safety features - ABS, airbags and a reverse parking sensor


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2. Renault Duster




Price: INR 9.86 - 14.25 Lakhs

Engine: 1.3/1.5 litres

Fuel Type: Petrol



  • The petrol engines produce power and torque that is important for off-road trails.

  • Roof rails, body cladding and sturdy build of the vehicle offer great.

  • Spacious, comfortable interiors with features like automatic climate control.

  • As far as off-road vehicles in India go, no car offers better features at this price than the Renault Duster.

3. Mahindra XUV 700




Price: INR 12.49 - 22.99 Lakhs

Engine: 2/2.2 litres

Fuel Type: Petrol/Diesel


  • The formidable exterior of the XUV 700 features diamond-cut alloy wheels, LED headlamps and DRLs giving the Mahindra XUV a coveted spot on the list of the top ten off-road cars in India.

  • The spacious interiors are an upgrade from the XUV 500 offering dual HD superscreen, infotainment, an instrument cluster, and sunroof.

  • High ground clearance and spacious interiors make for a comfortable ride all the way.


4. Mahindra Scorpio





Price: INR 12.77 - 17.61 Lakhs

Engine: 2.2 litres

Fuel Type: Diesel


  • The seating capacity of the Mahindra Scorpio is 5/7 people.

  • The model comes fitted out with all the latest safety features - ABS, dual airbags, high-speed alert, etc.

  • Roof rails, bonnet scoop and skid plates make the exterior look sturdy and rough road-ready.


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5. Force Gurkha





Price: INR 13.59 Lakhs

Engine: 2.6 litres

Fuel Type: Diesel


  • The full metal body allows for best in class safety features.

  • Force LED Pro Edge Headlamps with full LED high beams enable safe night driving.

  • Ample cabin space with a wide gangway that makes room for all your luggage.

  • The air intake snorkel gives the Gurkha the ability to wade through water upto 700 mm.

  • The Gurkha can take on extreme gradients of up to 35°.


6. Tata Safari





Price: INR 14.99 - 23.19 Lakhs

Engine: 2 litre

Fuel Type: Diesel


  • The Safari comes with top of the line safety features such as remote immobilisation, intrusion alert, speed alert and emergency SMS service.

  • Location-based services for navigation, weather updates, nearest TML service station and shared location make Safari the ideal companion for off-road adventures.

  • The Safari has plush interiors with remote command and plenty of leg-room and space for luggage.

  • The Tata Safari is a reliable, comfortable and safe vehicle option earning it spot on the list of top off road cars in India.

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7. Jeep Compass




Price: INR 17.29 - 28.84 Lakhs

Engine: 1.4/2 litres

Fuel Type: Petrol/Diesel


  • The Compass is fitted out with top of the line off-roading hardware such as a 4x4 system, a seven slat front grille, and sleek headlamps.

  • The interiors come with an infotainment centre, sunroof, ventilated seats, dual-zone air conditioning and wireless chargers.

  • The safety features of the Compass include six airbags, an electronic parking brake, and a 360° camera.



8. Toyota Fortuner





Price: INR 30.73 - 38.18 Lakhs

Engine: 2.7/2.8 litres

Fuel Type: Petrol/Diesel


  • The Fortuner has serious off-road hardware in the form of a high and low range 4-wheel-drive system, lockable differential, etc.

  • It comes with a premium JBL audio system, paddle shifters, ventilated front seats, cruise control, etc.

  • Safety features of the Fortuner include seven airbags, hill-assist control, traction control, VSC, brake assist, etc.

  • If you have the budget for it, a Toyota Fortuner is possibly the best off road vehicle in India.

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9. Isuzu D-Max V-Cross





Price: INR 21.06 - 25.59 Lakhs

Engine: 1.9 litres

Fuel Type: Diesel


  • The Isuzu is a hybrid between a pick-up truck and an SUV giving passengers a cargo bay behind the passenger cabin.

  • The Isuzu's safety features comprise six airbags, a rear camera, rear parking sensors, ESC, TCS, ABS, EBD, etc.

  • The Isuzu comes with automatic and manual gearbox choices.


10. Ford Endeavour




Price: INR 33.81 - 36.26 Lakhs

Engine: 2 litres

Fuel Type: Diesel


  • The excellent safety features of the Ford Endeavour include dual front, curtain and side airbags, a driver knee airbag, ABS, EBD, a rear camera, TPMS, disc brakes on all four wheels, etc.

  • The interiors boast a panoramic sunroof, a touchscreen infotainment system, rear AC vents, power-adjustable front seats, ambient lighting, etc.

  • The exterior design is fitted out with a chrome grille at the front and large alloy wheels.

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Buying an off-road vehicle requires a look at multiple parameters such as safety, comfort, off-road hardware and other add-on features such as a sunroof or a sound system that will make long journeys enjoyable. It is important to read reviews, take test drives and consult car dealers before picking the right car for yourself. It is mandatory for vehicle owners to have car insurance in India. You can review car insurance plans on Finserv MARKETS before you purchase them. In the same way, we compare prices, mileage, sound systems and fuel types for cars, comparing insurance plans is a good way to ensure you choose the right one for yourself.

FAQs on Best Off Road Cars in India

  • ✔️What are some of the main features to look for in off-road vehicles?

    High ground clearance, safety features, 4 wheel drive, powerful LED headlamps for night driving and ample cabin space are some of the features you should look at.

  • ✔️Which are some of the most affordable off-road cars in India?

    Mahindra makes some of the best affordable off-road cars in India. The Mahindra Thar, Scorpio, XUV 700 and Force Gurkha are fine choices.

  • ✔️What is the price range for the best off-road cars in India?

    The price range of an affordable car in India is from INR 8 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs.

  • ✔️What are some of the safety features to look out for in off-road vehicles?

    Some of the safety features to look out for in off-road vehicles are a mix of disc and drum brakes, airbag mechanism, speed alert and intrusion alert.

  • ✔️What kind of motor insurance should be bought for off-road vehicles?

    Some of the best kinds of auto insurance for off-road vehicles is a comprehensive plan that covers third party liability as well as own damage to vehicles.