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The Bharat Number Plate, also known as the BH Number Plate is introduced by the Ministry of Transport. According to the Ministry, any individual with this number plate can transport their vehicle from one state to another without being compelled to change the number plate. Since this number plate is valid across India, you can live in the new state for countless months without re-registering your vehicle there. That sounds like an interesting concept, but are you eligible for it? If yes, how can you get yourself a BH number plate? Let's answer such important questions in the further sections.

Things You Need To Know About Bharat Series Number Plates

Here's everything you need to know about the Bharat series number plate:

  • What is Bharat Number Series?

This series is for vehicle owners who travel from one state to another frequently. It replaces the state letters like DL, MH, GJ, etc. with BH (which stands for Bharat). Private vehicles will be given white number plates with black alphanumeric characters.

  • Eligibility Criteria for the New BH Series

Check out the below list to know if you are eligible for the new BH number series:

  • Military personnel

  • Government employees from both the state and federal levels

  • Central/State PSUs, and several private sector companies that have offices in 5 or more states/Union Territories

  • The Number Plate's Format

The new number series plate looks something like this: YY BH #### XX

  1. Here, the first and foremost element, i.e. 'YY' represents the year of the initial registration.

  2. BH signifies the Bharat series.

  3. The next component, '####' is a number that will be chosen randomly. This number can be anything from 0000 to 9999.

  4. The 'XX' element in the example represents any alphabet from AA to ZZ.

  • Advantages of the Bharat Number Plate

BH number series can be beneficial to people who travel frequently. It allows seamless ownership of the vehicle across India. If you have to shift to a new state, you can breathe easy. Since this number plate is valid anywhere in India, you don't have to register your vehicle again and again. Moreover, it comes with a low upfront cost. 

  • How to Apply for the BH Series?

Want to apply for the Bharat number series? Follow the below steps:


Step 1: Check eligibility since BH number plates are not for everyone


Step 2: Fill out the online application using Form 20 on the Vahan portal


Step 3: Submit all the required documents


Step 4: Make the necessary payments


Step 5: Wait for approval from the RTO

  • What are the Charges and Taxes for This Number Plate?

For private vehicles with BH number plates, the MV tax is levied for 2 years or in multiples of 2, i.e, 4, 6, 8, etc. Road tax is levied at 8% if the vehicle costs below ₹10 Lakh. If the vehicle cost ranges between ₹10 Lakh to ₹20 Lakh, taxes will be charged at 10%. And for vehicles over ₹20 Lakh, the tax is 12%.

To Conclude

Now that you know everything about the BH number plate, you would be in a better position to identify if this is for you. Be it a Bharat number plate or a state number plate, remember that every vehicle must be insured for it to ply on Indian roads legally. So, go on and check out the range of car insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets now!

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FAQs on Bharat Number Plate

The BH number series aims at providing ease of mobility for the citizens. According to the MV Act, any vehicle owner that shifts from one state to another must change the number series from their parent state to the new state.

The BH Series registration commenced on September 15, 2021.

Yes. The BH number plate is available in every Indian state, including Maharashtra.

Here's the BH series number plate format: YY BH #### XX format.

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