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Car Insurance in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneshwar is one of the major cities in the eastern part of India. It is home to educational institutes and major companies, and hence, this state capital is bound to experience road traffic. Since roadways are the main mode of transport in Bhubaneswar, it also increases the risk of accidents. It is imperative that you follow traffic rules to the T and stay protected against road mishaps. One way of doing so is having your car insured extensively. It will cover you against liabilities and other losses if and when you encounter an unfortunate accident. So, if you are someone who generally travels by a four-wheeler, buying car insurance in Bhubaneswar is a must.

Benefits of Getting Car Insurance in Bhubaneswar

A comprehensive car insurance policy with extensive coverage provides financial security against accidents, theft, floods, cyclones, riots, etc. Moreover, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes third-party liability car insurance mandatory if you want to drive your vehicle legally on Indian roads.

  • Helps You Drive Legally

As already mentioned above, third party car insurance is a legal obligation in India. So, buying a motor insurance policy puts you on the right side of the law. 

  • Cover Third-Party Liabilities

A comprehensive motor insurance plan assists you in dealing with third-party liabilities arising out of an accident. It also mitigates legal formalities with respect to accidents.

  • Financial Security

A comprehensive car insurance plan offers indemnification against different types of losses you might incur due to your car. To put it simply, this insurance policy covers you against threats like theft, accidents, natural disasters, man-made calamities, and more. You can also opt for add-on covers to further enhance the coverage. 

  • Personal Accident Cover

A personal accident cover covers your or the driver’s treatment cost in an event where you meet with an accident. Furthermore, you must note that personal accident cover, too, has become a mandate now.

  • No Claim Bonus

In case you have not made any claim during the full policy period, you can make use of the ‘No Claim Bonus’. This bonus is like a reward provided by your insurance company, simply because you went an entire term without raising a claim. This reward can be used at the time of renewal to avail reduced premium rates.

Some of the Best Car Insurance Plans in Bhubaneswar

Here’s what the three common types of car insurance plans cover:


Basis of Coverage

Third-Party Cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Own Damage Cover

Damage to the third-party vehicle

Bodily injuries to the third party

Damages to the third-party property

Loss or damage to your own car

Network Garages in Bhubaneswar

With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you can also avail cashless claims at network garages. All you need to do is visit a garage that is associated with your insurer. This facility enables you to repair your four-wheeler without settling the bill. Your insurance company will pay for the repair and replacement costs incurred. However, if the garage bill exceeds the coverage amount, you will have to pay the excessive amount from your own pocket.

You can check out the nearest network garages in Bhubaneswar for car insurance plans offered by our partnered insurers:


Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance network garages:




HDFC Ergo Car Insurance network garages:




To Conclude

Buying a car insurance Bhubaneshwar can help cover the damages to your car due to road mishaps, natural disasters as well as due to acts of civil disobedience. Moreover, it is also compulsory by law to have third-party insurance for all vehicle owners. Thus, a policyholder can either opt to buy an insurance plan that only offers a third-party car insurance (as is necessary by law) or opt for a more comprehensive car insurance plan that offers extra provisions along with offering coverage for third-party liabilities. To avail such competent insurance plans, visit us at Bajaj MARKETS now!

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FAQs on Car Insurance in Bhubaneswar

  • ✔️Can I get car insurance in Bhubaneswar, online?

    Yes. you can purchase car insurance in Bhubaneswar, online at Bajaj MARKETS.


  • ✔️Are there any network garages in Bhubaneswar?

    Yes, there are several network garages in Bhubaneswar where you can repair your car if you buy car insurance at Bajaj MARKETS.


  • ✔️Is buying third party insurance necessary in Bhubaneswar?

    Yes. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, buying third-party insurance is compulsory in India.


  • ✔️Can I avail cashless claims in Bhubaneswar?

    Yes. You can enjoy cashless claims in Bhubaneswar by repairing your car in one of your insurer’s network garages. Once the car is repaired, your insurance company will pay the bill.


  • ✔️What is the car insurance price in Bhubaneswar?

    Head over to the car insurance premium calculator to get the car insurance rate in Bhubaneswar.