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The engine powers your car and is the most expensive to repair and fix. It is also susceptible to damage resulting from water ingression, lubricant oil leakage, gearbox malfunction, and more. It is especially vulnerable to water damage due to flooding.

The costs for getting the engine repaired or its parts replaced are generally not covered by comprehensive car insurance. This is where an engine protection cover can come in handy. An engine protection cover is an add-on cover offered by car insurance providers. Through it, you get a financial cushion for the cost of damage caused to your engine.

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Which Expenses are Covered by the Engine Protection Add-on in Car Insurance?

Although the engine protection cover helps you avoid paying out of pocket for repair-related expenses, there are some things which aren’t covered. Knowing which expenses are covered and which aren’t can help you make a better decision. 

Here’s a look at the inclusions and exclusions of an engine protection cover.



Lubricant oil leakage

Water inundation

Damage to gearbox

Force starting the engine

Car engine damage

Consequential damage

Hydrostatic lock damage

Regular wear and tear

Water ingression

Damage covered by the manufacturer

Labour cost 

Expenses for improvements or extra fittings

Cost of consumables

Loss/damage caused by delay in retrieving the vehicle

Damage to the undercarriage

Loss/damage caused by delay in informing the insurer

Benefits of Engine Protection Add-on Cover for your Car

Offers Financial Backup

Comprehensive car insurance does not extend its coverage to your car’s engine. Due to high cost, any expense related to this can easily burn through your savings. With a car engine protection cover, you can boost your coverage and protect yourself financially.

Secures New Cars

Experiencing any engine-related problems can be stressful, especially if you have recently purchased a brand-new four-wheeler. You can put those worries to rest by getting an engine protection cover.

Offers Support in Flood-Prone Areas

If you live in an area that has frequent flooding, your car engine is more vulnerable to damage resulting from water ingression. You can avoid paying for such repairs you’re your pocket repeatedly by getting an engine protection cover. 

Enhanced Engine Life

With timely and quality repairs done on your vehicle’s engine through this cover, your can give your engine a long life.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Engine Protection Cover

Making a purchase with incomplete information can result in unnecessary expenses, even in the case of an add-on cover. To make a well-informed decision, here are some points to know about the engine protection cover before you sign up.

  • If your car is older than five years, you cannot get an engine protection cover

  • A car engine protection cover is not available with third-party insurance. You can get this cover only if you have own damage-only or comprehensive car insurance

  • Choosing any add-on cover, including the engine protection cover, increases your premium

  • A car engine insurance cover normally comes with a limit as to how often you can raise a claim

  • While insurers usually allow two claims, check the terms of the specific cover you are buying to understand your coverage better


Bearing the cost of maintaining, repairing or replacing your car’s engine can be stressful and may lighten your wallet substantially. However, this is something you can avoid with the right insurance plan and add-ons. Since add-on covers like the car engine insurance cover are only available with comprehensive car insurance, this plan is a must-have to best protect your car. At Bajaj Markets, you can find the top insurers and some of the best car insurance plans to enjoy extensive coverage at a cost-effective premium!

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FAQs on Car Engine Protection Cover

Yes, water ingression is covered by this add-on.


  • Yes. As an engine protection cover is an add-on, it adds to your premium amount.

  • Insurance companies usually allow up to two claims under the engine protection cover.

Your car engine is susceptible to harm from many avenues including damage to the gearbox, hydrostatic lock, water ingression or oil leakage.

It is important to get your engine serviced, maintained and repaired when needed as it is the engine that powers your car. Without it in top shape, your car may not work, start or give you the needed mileage and fuel efficiency. In order to depend on your car, take care of its engine!

No, most engine-related expenses are not covered under regular car insurance. You will have to purchase an add-on such as an engine protect in car insurance for this.

Anyone can get engine protection in car insurance, but it is especially recommended if you have a high-end car or live in areas with frequent floods and water logging.

The costs for getting the engine repaired or its parts replaced are generally not covered by comprehensive car insurance. This is where an engine protection cover can be helpful.

  • Here are the steps for claiming a car insurance engine protection cover. 


  • Step 1: Let your insurer know about the damage caused

  • Step 2: A surveyor assigned by the insurer will evaluate your claim request

  • Step 3: If your claim approved, a reimbursement settlement will be decided on

  • Step 4: Submit the invoices or garage bills as proof of expenditure

  • Step 5: A reimbursement will be issued by the insurer and your expenses will be reimbursed shortly

You can opt for the car engine protection cover at the time of purchase or renewal of your car insurance policy. However, certain insurers permit the purchase of an add-on cover even in between the policy period.

Yes, the damage caused due to oil leakage is covered under the car engine protection cover.


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