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Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance | Bajaj MARKETS

Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance - Explained

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What is an Engine Protect Cover?

The engine protect cover in car insurance is an add-on that enables you to financially safeguard the engine of your vehicle. Such an add-on cover compensates for the damage caused to the engine and its components due to lubricant oil leakage, water ingression, etc. All the replacement and repair costs incurred shall be covered without any worries! Generally, your comprehensive car insurance plan does not cover the vehicle’s engine but you can opt for this add-on to maximise your insurance coverage.

Benefits of Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance

Here are key advantages of getting car insurance with engine protection cover:

  • Covers the Car’s Engine

As an owner-driver, you must be aware that the engine is the most expensive part of a car. Replacing or even repairing the engine can leave a dent in your life savings which is why you must get it covered under car insurance. And this is possible with the engine protection cover.

  • Offers Financial Backup

Comprehensive car insurance does not extend its coverage to your car’s engine. This can be quite worrisome as the cost of repairing the engine can easily burn through your savings. But the engine protect cover secures you against any repairs, replacements, or damages incurred by the engine!

  • Support in Flood-Prone Areas

For people living in flood-prone areas, the chances of incurring engine damage due to water ingression or other issues are high. In such cases, car insurance with engine protection cover can be a lifesaver!

  • Secures New Cars

Experiencing any engine-related problems can be stressful for car owners who have recently purchased a brand new four-wheeler. With an engine protect cover, you can cover all the expenses pertaining to any repair damage resulting to the engine.

What’s Covered Under Engine Protection Cover

With an engine protection cover in insurance, you will be financially covered for several aspects. Let us have a look at the list of damages that are included under the add-on cover:

  • Leakage of Lubricant Oil

The engine protection cover in car insurance secures any repair expenses arising from the leakage of the lubricant oil in your vehicle. So, now you can rest assured when it comes to your engine!

  • Damages to Gearbox

All damages to your gearbox including the cost of repairing as well as replacing the gearbox are covered under the add-on.

  • Damages to the Car’s Engine

If any part of your engine does not function effectively, its repair and replacement costs shall be covered. This includes the connecting rods, crankshaft, etc.

  • Damages to Hydrostatic Lock

In case of damage caused to the hydrostatic locks in your car, the add-on cover has got your back. This may happen if you try to start your car while the engine is still wet.

  • Water Ingression

Damages caused to the engine of the car due to water ingression are covered by car insurance with an engine protect cover.

  • Labour Cost

The labour costs incurred due to the replacement or repair work are included.

  • Cost of Consumables

The expenses incurred for the consumables used in your car while repairing the engine will be covered.

  • Damages to Car’s Undercarriage

Damages to the undercarriage of your car will be covered by the car engine protection cover.

What’s Not Covered Under Engine Protection Cover

It is best to understand the exclusions beforehand to avoid claim rejections in the future, so here are some aspects that are not covered under the engine protect cover:

  • Force Starting the Engine

The car engine protection cover will not secure any damage if you try to force start the engine of your car in case it was submerged in water.

  • Water Inundation

In any case of water inundation, both your replacement costs as well as the engine repair costs will not be covered. You will have to cover the damage expenses from your own pocket.

  • Consequential Damage

The car engine protection cover does not include the consequential damages caused to your car’s engine. For instance, if you continue to drive your car despite water logging, your car will incur damages that are consequential.

  • Regular Wear and Tear

The damages caused to your four-wheeler due to regular wear and tear will not be covered by the engine protection cover in car insurance.

  • Damages Covered by the Manufacturer

While purchasing your car, the manufacturer will provide you with a warranty for certain damages for a specific period. The engine protection cover in car insurance will not cover the damages that are already covered by the manufacturer.

To Conclude

Repairing or replacing the engine of your four-wheeler is an expensive affair. This is why a car engine protection cover is a must to help you maintain the vehicle’s engine while not spending excessively on repairs and damages. But such add-on covers are only available with a comprehensive car insurance plan.

If you still haven’t safeguarded your vehicle with the car insurance policy, now is the time to head over to Bajaj MARKETS. Enjoy speedy renewals, hassle-free claim settlement, extensive coverage and cost-effective premium with us!

FAQs on Car Engine Protection Add-on Cover

  • ✔️Will water ingression be covered with the engine protection add-on cover?

    Yes, water ingression will be covered.

  • ✔️Do I have to pay an additional premium amount for this cover?

    Yes. As the engine protection cover is an add-on cover, an additional premium has to be paid.

  • ✔️How many claims can I make with this cover?

    Insurance companies usually allow up to 2 claims under this engine protection cover.

  • ✔️What kinds of damages are common with car engines?

    Some of the common car engine damages are hydrostatic lock, water ingression, gearbox damages, and oil leakage.

  • ✔️Is car insurance mandatory?

    As per the Motor Tariff Act, it is mandatory for all the vehicles that use the public roads of India to have car insurance.