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Car Insurance in India - An Overview

Out of the 18 crore vehicles registered to ply on Indian roads, less than half lack a valid insurance cover, most of them being two-wheelers. The recent changes in the Motor Vehicle Act have led to stricter penalties against those who have still not insured their vehicles. This has spurred the sale of motor insurance policies in India. In 2018, motor insurance premiums accounted for more than 39% of the total non-life insurance premium in India.

Between 2012 and 2018, the car insurance market grew at a compounded annual growth rate(CAGR) of 11.36% in India. It is also mandatory to have at least a valid third party insurance in India for your car. In this article, we will understand the details about car insurance in India’s top states and cities. So if you are wondering about “car insurance near me”, you have come to the right place.

Car Insurance in States and Cities in India

You no longer need to worry and think, “Will I be able to find car insurance near me?”. A list of cities where you can purchase motor insurance is given below. You can easily approach companies and get your vehicle insured wherever you are in India.

Car insurance in Amritsar

Car insurance in Jaipur

Car insurance in Kolkata

Car insurance in Dehli

Car insurance in Kochi

Car insurance in Noida

Car insurance in Mumbai

Car insurance in Bangalore

Car insurance in Chennai

Car insurance in Bhubaneshwar

Car insurance in Hyderabad

Car insurance in Ahmedabad

Car insurance in Surat

Car insurance in Pune

Car insurance in Gurgaon

Car insurance in Patna

Car insurance in Ranchi

Car insurance in Nagpur

Car insurance in Vadodara

Car insurance in Indore

Car insurance in Faridabad

Car insurance in Erode

Car insurance in Jammu

Car insurance in Thiruvananthapuram

Car insurance in Lucknow

Car insurance in Chandigarh

Car insurance in Bhopal


There are numerous reasons why you should get car insurance available at Bajaj MARKETS. Some of the important ones are mentioned below.

  • Trustworthy

Numerous happy customers have chosen and trusted Bajaj MARKETS. It is your turn to join the family now!

  • Multiple Offerings

When it comes to car insurance, Bajaj MARKETS has a lot to offer as per your insurance needs. You can easily make the right choice when getting online car insurance with Bajaj MARKETS.

  • Quick Online Process

You do not have to worry about visiting the branch or doing tedious paperwork as you can easily buy car insurance at Bajaj MARKETS digitally in just a few minutes!

  • Customised Insurance Plans

With a wide range of policies and different additional rider covers on offer, you can customise your plan as per your needs at Bajaj MARKETS.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance

There are various benefits of buying car insurance. Here is a look at some of the important ones that you should always remember.

  • No Penalty

Having third party insurance is mandatory as per Indian law. If you have valid car insurance, you will save out on the penalty and drive legally.

  • Personal Accident Cover

You will be covered against any treatment costs incurred due to accidental injury if you are the driver of the insured car.

  • Financial Security Against Calamities

Any natural or man-made calamities come uninvited. With good car insurance in place, you can rest assured that the damages in such a scenario will be covered.

  • Financial Protection

Your car will be protected financially against any loss or damage that may arise in case of any unfortunate mishap.

  • Liability Coverage

Your car insurance will protect you against any third party liability in case of an accident.


Now that all your doubts related to motor insurance are addressed, make sure that you zero in on the right insurance provider that offers the best protection to your vehicle. Fast, secure and efficient claim settlement process, round the clock assistance and comprehensive coverage have made car insurance at Bajaj MARKETS the preferred choice of more than 100 million customers across India. So secure your car today and stay worry-free with car insurance available at Finserv MARKETS.

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FAQs on Car Insurance in Top States and Cities

✔️What are the car insurance partners at Bajaj MARKETS?

There are a total of three car insurance partners at Bajaj MARKETS, which are Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co., Acko General Insurance Ltd. and HDFC Ergo General Insurance.

✔️Can I buy car insurance online?

Yes, you can buy car insurance online at Bajaj MARKETS.

✔️What are the types of car insurance?

There are two types of car insurance, third party and comprehensive.

✔️What are the documents required for car insurance renewal?

Documents like proof of identity, proof of address, bank account details, a recent passport size photograph, driving licence and RC, previous policy details are required for car insurance renewal.

✔️What are the documents required for claiming car insurance?

Documents like car insurance policy documents, details of the vehicle, details of the insurer, incident details, FIR copy in case of theft, original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair are required to make a claim for car insurance.