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About Electric Cars in India Under 10 Lakhs

The demand for electric vehicles in India is incrementally increasing, making manufacturers approach production and launch on the war front. While the projected sales have moved skyward as compared to that in 2019, there is still a widening gap between contemplation and large-scale adoption. Also, the type of vehicle is hardly a matter of concern as both two-wheelers and four-wheelers are bracing the market in regular intervals, to make life easier for a common buyer.

But then, electric vehicles are new and elusive entities, which in turn justify the higher price tag. Therefore, despite being privy to the advantages of EVs, the higher initial investments are holding back a majority of the prospective buyers. But then, if you are one of the more forthcoming participants in this EV revolution, here are the best electric vehicles under 10 lakh rupees that you can consider purchasing in 2021, and beyond.

Top 7 Electric Vehicles to Consider


1. Maruti Suzuki’ WagonR EV


WagonR has always been one of the more popular entry-level cars in India. However, the EV version takes things further for Maruti by bringing in a dedicated AC charging slot. Most importantly, the company has kept both DC and AC charging options open with the former refilling the battery by up to 80 percent, in less than 60 minutes.




  • Driving range of up to 130km

  • 7 Hours of AC charging time

  • 3-phase synchronous motor

  • Mileage of almost 300kms per charge

  • An expected price of almost 10 lakh rupees


2. Renault KWID


Unveiled a while back in China, the KWID EV happens to be one of the more affordable electric vehicles in the market. The most heartening aspect of this electric vehicle in India under 10 lakh rupees is its sleek and compact layout.




  • Mileage of almost 370kms per charge, depending on usage

  • 4 hours of AC charging time

  • 40 minutes of DC charging time via fast charging

  • Synchronous motor is included

  • Maximum price tag of up to 7 lakh rupees


3. ORA R1


GWM is one of China’s leading car manufacturers, which is soon planning to launch the affordable and resourceful ORA R1 in India. Touted as one of the cheapest EVs in the market, you could see an integrated AI system followed by voice activation support.




  • Up to 10 hours of AC charging timeline

  • Mileage of up to 350kms

  • Synchronous motor

  • Maximum price of up to 8.30 lakh rupees


4. Mahindra eKUV100


While the concept was presented way back in 2018, Mahindra’s eKUV100 is soon going to be a reality and one of the best options for someone looking to buy an electric car below 10 lakhs. What stands out is the updated motor with additional horsepower followed by the fast charging timeline of mere 55 minutes.




  • Induction motor

  • 9 lakh rupees is the price ceiling

  • 140kms of driving range

  • Normal charging takes up to 8 hours


5. KIA Soul


This electric car shares a lot of traits with the premium Hyundai Kona. However, it is the boxy design that caters perfectly to SUV lovers and ensures that there is a dedicated charging port at a strategic location.




  • 75 minutes of charging time

  • Can be priced a tad over the 10 lakh rupee mark

  • 350kms of mileage

  • Features one synchronous motor


6. Tata Tiago


Tata’s Tiago EV is one of the more sought-after electric cars if you prefer vehicles with decent mileage and affordable upfront costs.




  • 3-phase induction motor

  • 130kms of driving range

  • 90 minutes of charging time


7. Tata Altroz


This is not an electric vehicle that you can get for under Rs. 10 lakhs because it can cost upwards of Rs. 14 lakhs but if you consider extending your budget, this would be worth considering. This is a premium-looking hatchback from Tata, boasting an excellent design and a wide range of variants to choose from.




  • AC motor

  • 60 minutes of charging time

  • 300kms of driving mileage

Why is Electric Vehicle Insurance Needed?

Each of the mentioned cars needs a lot of maintenance, which can ramp up the costs significantly. Replacement parts and repairs can also be quite expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to have a comprehensive electric vehicle insurance plan handy to help you cover the unexpected damages and repairs. Besides, if you want to drive the car in India, then it is mandatory that you get car insurance.

How to Purchase an EV Insurance Plan at the Finserv MARKETS?

You need to head over to the Finserv MARKETS and compare multiple insurance plans before selecting one that suits your needs. You can even select between third party insurance or comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance may cost a bit more but it will provide better cover for your precious electric car. Once finalized, you can make the payment online and get yourself a policy in minutes.


Regardless of the electric vehicle you choose to invest in, you can find the most relevant car insurance plan at Finserv MARKETS, either for third-party or comprehensive coverage. 

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FAQs on Electric Cars in India Under 10 Lakhs

  • ✔️Is every car mentioned above available for purchase in India?

    Every car mentioned on the list isn’t yet available for purchase and you need to take your pick carefully and wait for a while to get hold of a larger set of selections.

  • ✔️Is electric car insurance the same as it is for other cars?

    Yes it is the same as insurance that you would get for a petrol or diesel car. It has the same features and benefits as that for other cars.

  • ✔️What is not covered by electric car insurance?

    Your electric car insurance will not cover any damage that may result from you driving without a license or damage that occurs as a result of you driving under the influence of alcohol or any other restricted substance. You will also not get cover for any damage that happens while you are not covered by a valid policy.

  • ✔️What happens if my insurance does not cover damage to my car?

    If your insurance declines to cover the damage, and if they have a legal reason to do so, then you will have to foot the bill for the repairs to your car.

  • ✔️Is it absolutely necessary to get insurance for an electric car?

    Yes it is because not only is it a legal requirement, it is also the only thing standing between you and paying through your nose for repairs. Also, if you don’t have insurance, you will end up paying fines if the police stops you.

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