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What is a Hybrid Car? 

Hybrid cars have opened a whole new horizon in the automobile industry. In a nutshell, a hybrid car is fueled by two sources of energy to enhance its efficiency and performance. It is powered by an internal combustion engine which runs on petrol or diesel and an electric motor powered by batteries.

The HEVs or Hybrid Electric Vehicles incorporate the power of a gasoline engine and the efficiency of an electric motor. One or more electric motors present in a hybrid car use a “self-charging” mechanism to generate energy. It is recharged by the engine as well as the kinetic energy while braking or slowing down the car. The energy is reused to pump in more power while accelerating and thus reducing the consumption of petrol or diesel.

Types of Hybrid Cars

Thanks to the advanced automotive technology at hand, we have different types of hybrid cars. Let’s take a look at them.

Parallel Hybrid

This is the most commonly found hybrid car in the market. Here the petrol engine and the electric motors are directly connected to a single transmission allowing the car to combine both energies. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) is the most popular model used by many leading brands like Toyota, Ford, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai.

Series Hybrid

Though this type of car contains two power sources, the gasoline engine is purely used to charge the batteries and never to power the wheels. It is the electric motors that provide all the propulsion. You may find such a hybrid car to be a lot smoother with powerful acceleration.

Plug-in Hybrid

This is an up-gradation to the conventional HEVs. Bigger batteries and an external electric source make this car more like an electric vehicle. You can charge the car at your office, home, or a public charging station, and you are set for a short journey. If the battery power diminishes, the vehicle can seamlessly operate as a parallel hybrid. Fuel can be conserved to the maximum in a plug-in hybrid.

Mild Hybrid

As the name suggests, it is a ‘mild’ hybrid car. In the above 3 types, the electric motors are capable of powering the car by themselves (even for a little distance) but a mild hybrid can not do so. Instead, it plays a secondary role to assist the petrol engine to enhance the power, performance, and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

The Advantages and the Disadvantages of a Hybrid Car

Hybrid Electric Vehicles pack a punch when it comes to benefits. Some of the benefits of a hybrid car include

  • An Eco-friendly Choice:

When you opt for a hybrid car you are opting for cleaner energy. With less emission, you are reducing your carbon footprint in the world.

  • Backed by Advanced Technology:

HEVs are built on a futuristic technology of regenerative braking systems. You are recharging your car’s batteries on the go effortlessly.

  • Less Dependency on Fossil Fuels:

With fuel prices ever-increasing, hybrid vehicles make you less dependent on them.

  • Greater Tax Benefits:

To promote the sales of hybrid vehicles, there are several tax benefits, discounts, and subsidies on offer.

  • Higher Mileage:

One of the benefits of a hybrid car include better mileage with every liter of fuel you fill. Powerful electric batteries will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels continuously.

  • Better Resale Value:

The benefits of hybrid cars don’t stop there but extend further when you are selling them. More and more buyers are realizing the benefits of hybrid cars and would like to own one. This increases the resale value of HEVs, providing you a good deal.

Some major drawbacks of Hybrid cars are as follows:

  • High Maintenance Cost:

As they are driven by technology, HEVs are more expensive to maintain.

  • Scaled Down Power:

Some may find a hybrid car to be less powerful than the regular petrol or diesel vehicles owing to the combination of two power sources.

Wrapping Up!

The benefits of hybrid cars make a great case for this fleet of vehicles. With more and more manufacturers exploring this technology, you can expect some fantastic hybrid cars to hit the roads soon. With hybrid vehicles, you can be future-ready without compromising on power or performance. While you do so, it is more than important to understand that the more you focus on performance and power, the more you are abiding by the law, which involves getting a hybrid car insurance, such as the ones available on Finserv MARKETS.

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FAQs on Hybrid Cars

  • ✔️Are hybrid cars different from electric cars?

    Yes, hybrid cars are powered by petrol or diesel engines along with electric motors. But electric cars are solely powered by batteries. 

  • ✔️Why are hybrid cars more expensive than regular vehicles?

    Hybrid electric vehicles are more expensive because of the higher manufacturing cost. A lot of research and innovation goes behind these vehicles. Additional design changes have to be made to the car to accommodate petrol engines and electric motors. 

  • ✔️Are hybrid vehicles heavy to drive?

    Hybrid vehicles are well-balanced and light to drive. 

  • ✔️What is a hybrid car and how does it work?

    An internal combustion engine and an electric motor that uses energy stored in batteries power hybrid electric vehicles. A hybrid electric vehicle's battery cannot be charged by plugging it in. Instead, the battery is charged by the internal combustion engine and regenerative braking.

  • ✔️Is a hybrid automobile required to run on gasoline?

    Hybrid vehicles have two engines: one petrol and one electric. Both of them help each other spin the wheels. As a result, less gasoline is burnt, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. When hybrid vehicles cruise or brake, extra electricity is generated, which is used to charge the batteries.

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