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Force Motors Ltd. is a multinational automobile manufacturing company based out of Pune, India. The company is well-known for its varied range of commercial vehicles and a small range of off-road focused SUVs. The current commercial and budget segment vehicles from Force Motors are yet to be tested by any leading safety rating agencies.


If you are planning to purchase any vehicle from this brand, then it is vital to ensure it against loss or damage caused due to any unforeseen incident. To extend a holistic coverage to your vehicle, consider purchasing Force car insurance from leading insurance providers.

Check Insurance Premium for Popular Models of Force Motors

Currently, there is only one passenger car model on sale in India by Force Motors, called Force Gurkha. It is an all-terrain SUV. As such, the Force Gurkha price (ex-showroom) is around Rs. 14.49 Lakhs.


Find details about Force car insurance cost for this particular model in the following table:



Fuel type


Force Gurkha 2.6

Rs. 10.87 Lakhs


Rs. 7,897

Force Gurkha Xtreme ABS

Rs. 10.40 Lakhs


Rs. 7,897

How to Buy Force Car Insurance Online

Buying a car insurance plan for your Force car is extremely simple and convenient. You simply need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Visit the car insurance calculator on Bajaj Markets.

Step 2: Fill in a few details, such as the vehicle type, mobile number, etc.

Step 3: Choose the type of coverage and purchase add-on covers as per your requirement

Step 4: Make the premium payment through a suitable online payment method


Following this, you will receive your Force car insurance documents on your email address soon.

How to Renew Force Car Insurance Online

Timely car insurance renewal is integral to keep enjoying policy coverage benefits. You can renew your Force car insurance online through these steps:


Step 1: Visit the insurance renewal section on your insurer’s website

Step 2: Enter your car registration number and mobile number to proceed

Step 3: Next, review the policy details and add/remove any add-on covers, if required

Step 4: Make the premium payment to complete the process

Reasons to Insure Your Force Motors Car

Considering the Force Gurkha specifications and the massive amount of investment you put into your car purchase, it is imperative to protect it against unforeseen circumstances. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, availing of an insurance plan is mandatory to drive on the Indian roads. Otherwise, you will face consequences like penalties, and imprisonment in some cases. Also, with a comprehensive car insurance plan, you won’t have to make out-of-pocket expenses to repair your vehicle. Your motor insurance will cover all the necessary repair costs arising from accidental damage. Also, in case of an unfortunate accident, the treatment cost that you may sustain is taken care of by your insurer. Therefore, you will remain protected financially as the cover safeguards you against accidental disabilities and injuries.

Types of Force Car Insurance

Typically, you can find two types of car insurance policies for your Force car on the Bajaj Markets platform. Find out about them below –

  • Third-party car insurance

third-party car insurance plan covers damages caused to the third party. Purchasing this plan is a legal mandate as per the Motor Vehicle Act of India, 1988. Thus, if you do not have an active third-party car insurance plan for your vehicle, you will have to pay heavy penalties if caught. Furthermore, this plan also comes with a personal accident cover that would protect you against accidental injuries, disability or even death.

  • Comprehensive car insurance

As the name suggests, this plan offers comprehensive coverage to your vehicle. This includes third-party as well as own damage protection. Additionally, you can further enhance the coverage by opting for add-on covers on top of your basic insurance policy. Note that these add-ons come at an extra premium.


To learn more about these policies, and to get a Force car insurance quote, you can visit Bajaj Markets.


With a comprehensive car insurance, you will remain covered from financial and legal liabilities arising due to damages caused to a third-party as well as your own vehicle. Additionally, you can further enhance the coverage by opting for add-on covers on top of your basic insurance policy. Note that these add-ons come at an extra premium.


A point to remember here is that the premium for both these plans differs significantly. Hence, you can visit the Bajaj Markets website to get a Force car insurance quote.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Force Car Insurance

Before purchasing a Force car insurance policy, you must understand the inclusions and exclusions of your plan. This will help you make an informed purchase decision.


Typically, most car insurance policies feature the following inclusions and exclusions:

Common Inclusions:

  • Damage or loss due to natural calamities

  • Third-party coverage

  • Personal accident cover

  • Loss or damage due to man-made calamities

  • Theft of the vehicle

  • Damage incurred due to an accident

Common Exclusions:

  • Regular wear and tear of your vehicle

  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol or other toxic substances

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown

  • Loss of damage to the vehicle while driving without a valid driving licence

  • Damage or loss due to malicious activities

  • Damage or loss during war-like situations

  • Any loss or damage to the vehicle incurred with an inactive policy

Add-on Covers for Your Force Car Insurance

If you wish to enhance the coverage benefits of your Force car insurance, you can consider purchasing the following add-on covers:.

  • Roadside assistance cover

Getting stranded in the middle of the road due to vehicle malfunction can cause a panic-like situation, especially in the absence of a nearby garage. But, with this cover, you can avail of emergency roadside assistance 24x7 for various services, such as flat tyre repair, urgent fuel delivery and more.

  • Zero depreciation cover

zero depreciation cover on top of your basic insurance policy ensures that your insurer provides you with the claim amount without considering the depreciation on your vehicle. This ensures an increased claim amount.

  • Lock and key replacement cover

Typically, key replacement cost is not covered under the basic insurance policy. Thus, by purchasing a lock and key replacement add-on cover, you can ensure your key’s protection.

  • NCB protection cover

NCB discount is applicable for every claim-free policy year. With this benefit, you can renew your insurance policy at a lower premium. An NCB protection cover is a smart way to ensure that your discount remains intact even if you make a claim during a particular policy term.

  • Personal baggage cover

A personal baggage cover secures your personal belongings in the event of an unfortunate accident.

However, note that these covers are available only on comprehensive car insurance policies.

Force Car Insurance Claim Process

You can raise a claim for your Force car insurance through the following ways:

Cashless Claims

Under the cashless claim facility, you do not have to make any payment to the garage for repairs. Instead, your insurer takes care of the bills directly, provided that you visit a network garage for the repairs.


Here are the steps to raise a cashless claim::


Step 1: Inform the insurer and register a claim

Step 2: Take your car to the nearest network garage for repairs

Step 3: Submit the required documents

Step 4: Upon verification, your insurer will settle the bills directly with the garage


Reimbursement Claims

Under this method, you will have to pay the repair costs first. After that, you need to visit your insurer with the necessary documents to receive reimbursement.


The steps to raise a claim through this process are:


Step 1: Inform your insurer about the accident

Step 2: File an FIR in case of theft or third-party damage

Step 3: Take your car to a garage of your choice for repairs

Step 4: Produce the necessary documents and FIR copy to your insurer

Step 5: After verification, your insurer will provide you with the reimbursement

Before making a claim for your Force car insurance, ensure to keep the following documents handy:

  • Insurance policy details

  • Your personal details

  • Vehicle details

  • Copy of FIR

  • Details of the accident

  • Original repair bills

Ways to Reduce Force Car Insurance Cost

You can follow a few tips to reduce the insurance cost of your Force car. Find them below:

  • Purchase only those add-on covers that are necessary

Add-on covers may increase the coverage of a car insurance policy, but it increases the premium cost as well. So, it is ideal to only purchase the add-on cover required to keep the insurance premium in check.

  • Avoid policy lapse

In case you fail to renew a policy within its due date, you may face additional penalties while renewing it later. Therefore, to keep the cost of insurance premium down, renew you car insurance plan before the due date.

  • Install your car with anti-theft devices

Installing the anti-theft devices is a good way to keep the insurance premium cost down. The reason being, it reduces the chance of vehicle theft, thereby lowering the risk for an insurance provider resulting in a lower premium amount

  • Try to avail of the benefit of no claim bonus

Following a claim free year, you receive no claim bonus from you insurance provider. This additional benefit reduces the premium cost while renewing the policy.

  • Efficient driving and good maintenance of a car

If you drive efficiently and maintain your car, it also plays a part in lowering the premium cost of your insurance policy. Since driving efficiently and scheduled maintenance of a vehicle lowers the chances of breakdown and accidents, an insurer may consider lowering the premium cost.

Now that you know all about Force car insurance, ensure to make an informed purchase decision by comparing different insurance companies.


Even if certain Force car models might have been discontinued, you can still opt for car insurance for such models with Bajaj Markets. The comprehensive insurance policy ensures 360-degree coverage against numerous risks on the road. Right from theft and natural calamities to accidental damage and fire, your precious four-wheeler is secure from all perils!

So, browse through the car insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets today. With us, you can avail speedy claim settlement, hassle-free renewals, lucrative add-on covers and more!

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FAQs on Force Car Insurance

It is advised to declare the right Insured Declared Value or IDV of your Force vehicle to avoid incurring additional expenses in the event of a mishap.

Yes, you must always carry a valid Force car insurance policy document while driving your four-wheeler.

Although comprehensive car insurance is an optional plan and isn’t mandatory, we advice you to opt for it to completely safeguard your vehicle against unfortunate mishaps.

Here are some lucrative add-on covers that you can consider with your insurance plan:

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Zero depreciation cover

  • Key and lock replacement cover

  • Engine protect cover

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