HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance offers total financial protection to your precious four-wheeler, so you can safeguard both yourself and your vehicle from any unfortunate, unforeseen events such as accidents, theft, and natural calamities. It also allows you to add various add-on covers to your car insurance plan to enhance the security of your car. HDFC ERGO Car Insurance offers you the dual benefit of saving as much as 70% on the cost of the premium and access to a network of over 8,000 cashless garages across the country.

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Having car insurance is the best way to protect your car from several unfortunate incidents and HDFC Ergo car insurance assists you in doing the same. HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance provides complete financial assistance, allowing you to secure both yourself and your car from unpleasant, unforeseen events like accidents, theft, and natural disasters. It also enables you to maximise the safety of your vehicle by adding numerous add-on covers to your HDFC ERGO car policy.


With HDFC ERGO new car insurance, you may access a nationwide network of more than 8,300 cashless garages while also receiving a premium discount of up to 70%. You may easily buy HDFC ERGO car insurance through the Bajaj Markets platform to have a seamless experience and save your time. Additionally, you can also get your HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal done on the same platform.


Before we go through how to purchase HDFC ERGO car insurance, let's take a closer look at the advantages of this policy and the coverage that you will receive. 

Car Insurance Coverage

You must be informed of the HDFC ERGO vehicle insurance policy's inclusions and exclusions before purchasing it. This will keep you updated and make it easier to file a claim. Here are some further details.

1. What is Covered

Below is the list of coverages for which you can receive financial assistance. 

  • Physical Damage

The medical costs for anyone you unintentionally injure while driving your car will be compensated.

  • Death of a Person

HDFC ERGO car insurance will compensate the financial loss if someone has died as a result of an accident involving your automobile.

  • Property Damage 

This covers property damage caused by your vehicle to a third party.

  • Accidents

If your automobile was damaged in an accident, the repairing expenditure would be covered by this car insurance plan.

  • Explosion and Fire

If your vehicle gets damaged due to fire or any kind of explosion, HDFC ERGO will pay for the losses.

  • Theft

In the case of a stolen vehicle, you will receive compensation which will be determined on the Insured Declared Value (IDV)

  • Natural and Man-made catastrophes

The HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance plan will provide coverage for losses caused by riots, strikes, and other man-made uncertainties as well as natural calamities like storms and cyclones.

  • In-transit Damage

If your automobile was wrecked while being transported by railway, road, air, or water, the repairs would be reimbursed by the HDFC ERGO 4-wheeler insurance coverage.

  • Personal Accidents

The firm would cover the expense of your medical care if you were wounded in an accident involving your insured vehicle.

2. What is not Covered

Below are the details about the situations for which you will not be compensated. 

  • Depreciation

Your car loses value with time. Regular wear and tear caused by usage and value depreciation of the vehicle are not covered.

  • Illegal Driving 

Damages incurred as a result of illegal driving such as driving without licence, drunk driving, and under the influence of drugs would not be covered.

  • Electrical and Mechanical Failures

The repair expenses would not be compensated if your car suffers an electrical or mechanical malfunction.

  • Geographical Restrictions

If you drive your car outside India and sustain damage, the losses will not be covered by HDFC ERGO car insurance.

Car Insurance Plans Offered by HDFC ERGO

Here is the list of insurance coverages offered by the organisation. 

1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

The comprehensive car insurance policy offers a broader level of protection that includes coverage for both third-party liability and any damages to your automobile. However, in order to receive these benefits without any difficulty, you must perform your HDFC car insurance renewal in a timely manner.

2. Third-Party Car Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, having third-party car insurance is mandatory to drive cars on Indian roads. HDFC ERGO third-party car insurance offers coverage against third-party liabilities including accidents and property damage. 

3. Stand-Alone Own Damage Cover

The own damage insurance policy is only available if your car already has third-party insurance. This policy would safeguard the losses that a fire, a natural disaster, etc. causes to your automobile.

4. Cover for Brand New Car

This HDFC ERGO car insurance will provide you with one year of coverage for damage to your own car as well as three years of protection for damage to a third-party person or property.

Why Should You Buy HDFC ERGO's Car Insurance Policy

Here are the reasons explaining why you should purchase HDFC ERGO car insurance.

1. Simple and Speedy Procedure

With HDFC ERGO, the application procedure is easy and quick. You can purchase car insurance within just a few minutes. 

2. Emergency Assistance

You may contact the customer officials anytime to get assistance concerning your car insurance policy. 

3. Inexpensive Premiums

The car insurance premiums start at just ₹2,094, making it affordable to purchase while offering maximum benefits. 

4. Cashless Claims 

With 8300+ cashless garages across India, you may repair your automobile for damage caused by an accident without spending a dime.

5. Overnight Repair Facility

Thanks to HDFC ERGO's overnight repair service, your car will be repaired if it suffers minor accidental damage.

Key Features of HDFC ERGO's Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO car insurance comes with several features and benefits. However, it is important to keep a track of your policy expiry date in order to renew it on time. So that you can receive these benefits uninterrupted. If your plan is about to expire, you may easily get your HDFC ERGO car insurance renewed online just by sitting at home.


Here’s a closer look at the features of HDFC ERGO car insurance coverage. 



Third Party Damages 

Provides coverage against personal accidents, third party injuries, and property damages

Own Damage Cover

Offers protection against theft, fire, accidents, and natural calamities

Inexpensive Premiums 

Start at just ₹2,094

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Up to 50%

Personal Accident Cover

Up to ₹15 Lakhs

Cashless Garage Network 

Over 8300

Add-on Plans

HDFC ERGO zero depreciation car insurance

Emergency assistance

Return to invoice


Downtime protection

Engine and gearbox cover

Claim Settlement Ratio


How to Buy HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Online

Here are the steps to follow to purchase HDFC ERGO car insurance. 


  • Go to the HDFC ERGO official website.

  • Enter your vehicle registration number to get an HDFC ERGO car insurance quote.

  • You can also click on ‘Continue Without Registration Number.’

  • Next, select make, model, variant, manufacturer year, and city of registration to continue.

  • You will be taken to a new page. Choose a type of car insurance plan you wish to buy.

  • Fill in the required details and pay the premium.

  • Your insurance details will be sent to your email address. 

Additionally, you may follow the same method to get your HDFC ERGO car policy renewed.

How to Calculate Premium for HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

While buying HDFC ERGO car insurance online, you must be informed about the factors that may affect insurance premiums. It will aid you in calculating your premiums easily. Below are the details about the same.

  • Car’s Make, Model, and Variant

The value of a vehicle is determined by its manufacturer, model, and variant. Also, the premium is determined based on this value. For instance, premiums for luxury vehicles in comparison to economical cars are higher.

  • Registration Year

The age of the vehicle is determined by the year of registration. Higher premiums are charged for newer cars and vice versa.

  • Location of Registration

Compared to non-metro cities, cars registered in metro areas fetch a significant premium. This is because people living in urban areas have a higher probability of filing a claim and higher repair expenses. 

  • Fuel Type

Petrol vehicles are less expensive than diesel vehicles. Hence, they charge lower rates as premiums. 

  • No Claim Bonus

If you are doing your HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance renewal, you may use the NCB to get a rate reduction. However, this reward is only available if you have not made any previous claims.

  • Add-ons 

If you decide to buy add-ons with your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy, the premium rates will increase. 

  • Type of Policy

Your premium is also dependent upon the type of insurance coverage you buy. For instance, third-party car insurance has lower premiums than a comprehensive policy. 

  • Duration of Policy

The price for a long-term policy is greater in comparison to plans with short tenure. 

Contact Details

Here are the contact details of HDFC ERGO.


  • Contact Number: 1800 2666 400 (toll-free), 022 62642 6242

  • Email Id: 

  • WhatsApp/SMS: 7304524888

  • Office Address: D - 301, 3rd Floor, Eastern Business District (Magnet Mall), LBS Marg, Bhandup (West) Mumbai - 400078

If you have obtained HDFC ERGO car insurance through Bajaj Markets platform, here is the contact information that you can use (if required). 


  • Contact Number: 020 66399444 (From Mon to Sat between 10 am to 6 pm)

  • Email Id: 

  • Customer Portal:


While purchasing a car, it's essential to have good car insurance coverage in order to safeguard both your automobile and yourself from potential financial obligations brought on by unforeseeable circumstances. With more than 1.55 Crores satisfied and happy customers, HDFC ERGO car insurance is one of the top insurance options in the market, meeting the specific requirements of a diverse consumer base. 

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FAQs on HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

  • ✔️Do I need to have valid insurance coverage in order to register my new car?

    Yes, you need to register your new automobile with active car insurance coverage. Although you will get compulsory third-party car insurance while purchasing a car, you may secure comprehensive or other car insurance to receive more benefits.

  • ✔️How can I do my HDFC ERGO car insurance policy renewal?

    You can visit the HDFC ERGO or Bajaj Markets official website to renew your policy.

  • ✔️What is the starting premium of HDFC ERGO car insurance?

    HDFC ERGO premiums start at just ₹2,094, making it affordable to purchase while offering maximum benefits.

  • ✔️What happens to my HDFC car insurance coverage if I sell my car?

    In this situation, the insurance policy is transferred from your name to the name of the new owner. You will need to provide supporting documentation for the same, including the sale deed, Form 29, Form 30, a NOC, and the NCB recovery amount.

  • ✔️How can I modify my car insurance policy details?

    You can contact customer officials of HDFC ERGO or Bajaj Markets to get assistance with the same.