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Life’s uncertainties are undeniable. You never what may come your way, especially when it’s a natural calamity. And, with severe damages caused to your home and property, a natural calamity is not less terrorizing. We saw something similar of this sort very recently, when the cyclone Amphan created a havoc in parts of Odisha and West Bengal, followed by cyclone Nisarga that caused severe damage in parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra, affecting not just the lives of people but also causing major damage to property. Following these incidents, insurance companies in India were instructed to take necessary actions and ensure that they take immediate measures to ease the adversities of the insured individuals. For this, the regulatory body instructed insurers to make sure that the respective registration was carried out immediately and eligible cyclone insurance claims are settled in time. Cyclone claim is something that became the need of the hour at that time, making it important for insurers to handle the cyclone claim requests in time. Home and motor insurance policyholders must inform their insurer about the damage caused due to such a cyclone proactively, which can be done either by calling the insurer or connecting via email. It is important to note that when filing a cyclone insurance claim, knowing the entire claim process, amount payable by the insurer and other cyclone claim related details is important too.

Claims Instructions given by IRDAI 

Following this massive cyclonic damaged in certain parts of the country, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) instructed insurance companies in India to recommend a senior officer who would act as a nodal officer for the cyclone-affective states for the purpose of coordinating the receipt, processing and claim settlement, in case eligible. Furthermore, to make it even more easy and hassle-free for the affected individuals, IRDAI instructed publicising the details of offices or camps set up for the purpose on the official websites. IRDAI also directed immediate assessment of claims and quick surveys, so that all the claim requests are addressed in time. Moreover, with the recent lockdown scenario, customers are urged to use digital communications, to further streamline the process.

Home insurance claims during a cyclone 

With such cyclonic damages, people have faced tremendous damage to their belongings and homes. In such a scenario, home insurance plans come to their rescue. A home insurance plan covers natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, cyclone, and man-made calamities. Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance is a similar plan, available on Finserv MARKETS, that has you covered extensively. With both building and household articles covered, a home insurance plan helps recover your life after a disaster. A policy holder can claim against the home insurance plan by informing the insurer about the damage caused by the cyclone. In such cases, it is also very important to keep your home in the same state after the cyclone hits the premise. This way, the surveyor or assessor can inspect your property properly, post which the claim decision is made. Apart from filing the claim, it is also very important to read the policy documents properly, to ensure that you are covered for the incident you raise a claim for.

Motor insurance claims during the cyclone 

Apart from the claim process for damages to your home, cyclone insurance claim for damages caused to your vehicles are also very important. If a cyclone-affected individual has a comprehensive motor insurance policy, damages caused by natural calamities are covered. While filing a claim for your damaged car, it is important to avoid certain aspects that could result in claim rejection. E.g. if your vehicle is submerged under water, do not try to start the engine or fix it yourself. This could result in damaging the engine and claim rejection too. In order to file a claim, it is important to take the necessary snaps and inform the insurance company so that a surveyor visits for damage assessment. The vehicle can then be repaired at the nearest network garage. So, now that you know the importance of a motor insurance, ensure you are not the one facing financial burden, in case any such incident were to take place. Stay prepared with car insurance and bike insurance plans like the ones available on Finserv MARKETS.

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