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Buying a car is a momentous occasion for most people, especially so for us Indians, who consider our cars as an integral part of our family. Since cars are a big-ticket investment, they are one of the most prized possessions for many while a status symbol for some. Regardless, we all ensure that we put in ample time and effort to do some research and comparison of various car models before buying them. And a crucial part of the research and consideration process of car buying is – test driving a car. Although visiting various car showrooms and driving different cars might seem like a hassle, it is important to test drive a car before you buy. Here’s why:


When we buy a car, we spend so much time on the roads that it becomes imperative to buy a car that complements our driving and lifestyle needs. The only way to choose a car that is in perfect sync with our needs is – taking a test drive! The Indian car market is teeming with innumerable car models and their myriad variants. To add to the confusion, you are exposed to numerous advertisements that talk only of the various advantages. In such a confounding situation, a first-hand experience of driving a car is the easiest way to make the right purchase decision. And a test drive helps you with that precisely! Therefore, if you want to buy a car that fits your driving and lifestyle needs perfectly, take it for a spin before buying it.

What If I Don’t Go On a Test Drive Before Buying the Car?

Many car buyers are of the opinion that reading up the specs, features, consumer reviews and reports in detail is enough to make a buying decision and that a test drive is not required. However, if you are one of those people, you are mistaken. Driving a car involves various aspects like assessing and experiencing the power of the acceleration, the feel and noise level of the car, the comfort and safety features, the smoothness and jerk-level etc. Such factors of a car can only be assessed by actually driving the car and never by reading up on it. Moreover, each car is unique in its own way and test driving a car helps you grasp the nuances of driving it. There are so many factors that become clearer only when you book a test drive and try the cars you have short-listed. So the crux of this blog is – never buy a car without test driving it.


Just like test driving a car can help you avoid future problems with driving, buying Motor or Car Insurance will help you avoid the future financial risks of owning a car. For a reasonable Car Insurance Premium, Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy available on Finserv MARKETS provides coverage against a wide range of risks such as theft, burglary, loss or damage to the vehicle due to natural/ man-made disasters, third part legal liabilities, etc. So once you are satisfied with your test drive and book your car, you can buy car insurance online with us at just a click of a button.


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