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Introduction to the Upcoming Jaguar E-Pace Insurance


The E-Pace is Jaguar’s first compact SUV and promises a unique blend of looks and performance. While this vehicle is yet to be launched in India, the Jaguar E-Pace on-road price is expected to be around ₹ 50-60 Lakhs. Should you be looking to purchase this model any time soon, it would be most prudent to also evaluate car insurance options at this time itself. This is because car insurance is not only legally mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, but also beneficial to you in several other ways as well.


The cost of your Jaguar E-Pace insurance will depend upon a variety of factors including the insurer that you wish to go ahead with, the type of insurance you buy and the nature of add-ons that you include with your purchase. Read on to learn more about the intricacies of car insurance before you buy one for your Jaguar E-Pace.


Check Insurance Premium for Jaguar E-Pace Variants


The Jaguar E-Pace insurance price can be easily computed with an online calculator, once you know the actual cost of the vehicle. Similarly, you can only find out the IDV and zero-depreciation value of the vehicle once the car is launched across different Indian cities. The table below shows the expected variants to be launched in India and other information: 


Fuel Type

Ex-Showroom Price

Jaguar E-Pace Petrol


Rs. 45 Lakhs

Jaguar E-Pace Diesel


Rs. 45 Lakhs

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in the above table is based on two versions of the Jaguar E-Pace predicted to be launched in the Indian market.


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How to Buy Jaguar E-Pace Insurance Online


Buying Jaguar E-Pace insurance is easy when you buy insurance plans online. Here’s the set of steps you need to do to get Jaguar E-Pace insurance online:

  1. Go to the car insurance calculator section of the Bajaj MARKETS website.

  2. Calculate the premium you have to pay.

  3. Fill in the details requested by the insurer, and complete your application form.

  4. Pay the insurance premium online.

  5. Your Jaguar E-Pace insurance policy will be sent to you.


How to Renew Jaguar E-Pace Insurance Online


In terms of the Jaguar E-Pace price, you pay a lot of money for this luxury vehicle. Considering this, you would want to have insurance at all times to protect yourself in case of costs incurred due to damage, loss, accidents or theft. Hence, you must keep track of your insurance expiry date and renew your policy on time. Luckily, you can do so via a brief and convenient process online.

  1. Visit your insurance provider’s website.

  2. Start by filling in your vehicle registration information and your phone number.

  3. Fill in the information relevant to your previous or current policy.

  4. Note the renewal premium that you must pay and pay for it through the available online channel.

  5. Now you can download your renewed Jaguar E-Pace insurance policy copy.


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Why Insure a Jaguar E-Pace?


Given that the Jaguar E-Pace’s cost is pretty high, you have to be assured that you can also afford its maintenance. The only solution to safeguard yourself from high costs is to have a good insurance plan. Here are the key reasons to get insurance for your vehicle:

  • Third-party insurance is compulsory and a mandatory requirement as per the law.

  • Insurance covers any repairs your vehicle may need in the event of an accident/mishap.

  • Enjoy enhanced advantages when you purchase add-on coverage.

  • It offers financial security if your vehicle has been damaged in a natural or man-made calamity.

  • In case of an accident or theft, you are covered against legal liabilities.


Types of Jaguar E-Pace Insurance


As mentioned earlier, we predict that the new Jaguar E-Pace price will be quite steep. The overall price you pay will depend on the kind of insurance you purchase with your vehicle. Insurance is a mandatory requirement which also assures you of financial safety from any damage to your vehicle. Here are the two types of Jaguar E-Pace insurance plans on offer:


  • Third-Party Vehicle Insurance -

Third Party car insurance is a legal requirement in India. It covers the cost of any damage sustained by a third party and/or their property if your vehicle is involved in a mishap or accident. According to the rules laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, this is the most basic form of insurance you need to have.


  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance -

In case you want more extensive coverage, this is the plan for you. Due to the wide scope this plan covers, your overall Jaguar E-Pace cost may rise. This plan covers liabilities from third parties and covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle, as the case may be. Besides this, a comprehensive car plan can be supplemented with add-on covers that you can purchase as well.



Whether you pick a comprehensive plan or a third-party plan, you will discover that both plans contain inclusions and exclusions. Inclusions are conditions that your Jaguar E-Pace insurance plan will give you expense coverage for and comprise the following:

  • Personal accident cost coverage

  • Coverage for costs to other riders/passengers in case of accidents

  • Replacement and repair costs

  • Third-party liability coverage

  • Damage or loss that is caused by natural or man-made calamities




Exclusions are conditions in a plan that informs you what your plan will not cover. Here are some of the exclusions in Jaguar E-Pace insurance:

  • Normal wear and tear of your vehicle

  • Damage or loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown

  • Loss or damage as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants

  • Loss or damage due to a war-like circumstance

  • Loss or damage as a result of driving without a valid licence and/or a valid insurance policy

  • Damage or loss that is sustained due to malicious activities


Add-On Covers for Your Jaguar E-Pace Insurance


Add-on covers enhance your present Jaguar E-Pace insurance plan, widening the scope of your coverage. However, your Jaguar E-Pace insurance premium may increase if you go in for add-ons, so it’s a great idea to understand the various types of add-on covers available. Some of the most common add-ons that you can add to your Jaguar E-Pace insurance are:

  • Zero-Depreciation Coverage -

The depreciation is avoided due to the coverage. Hence, any given claim amount is unaffected because of this Zero-Depreciation cover.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover -

The no-claim bonus may not apply if claims are raised on your policy. Nonetheless, this add-on offers coverage for NCB, maintaining the bonus irrespective of you raising a claim.

  • Lock and Key Replacement Cover -

In case you have lost your vehicle keys, this Lock and Key Replacement Cover, covers the cost of retrieval of your keys.

  • Accessories Coverage -

In case your vehicle’s accessories are damaged/lost, this add-on covers the cost incurred for repair or replacement.

  • Road-Side Assistance -

Road side assistance offers cost coverage for any mishaps that occur while driving: like help with your engine or a tyre repair or change.


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Jaguar E-Pace Insurance Claim Process


The E-Pace’s price of insurance premiums factor in when you are required to raise claims if your vehicle is involved in a mishap or accident or is the subject of theft. As soon as a circumstance warrants a claim, you should get your documentation ready. When your documentation is in order, you can go ahead with claim processes:


  1. Your insurance policy

  2. Details of your insurer

  3. Details regarding the incident

  4. A copy of the FIR lodged if applicable

  5. Your vehicle details

  6. Original receipts and bills


  • Process for Filing Cashless Claims -

In cashless claims, your insurer will settle the bills directly with the network. The steps to file cashless claims are detailed here:

  1. See that your claim is registered through the website or the toll-free number.

  2. Take your vehicle to the closest network garage for repairs.

  3. Submit documentation to your insurance company.

  4. Your paperwork is verified, after which your bills will be directly settled by the insurer.


  • Process for Filing Reimbursement Claims -

The E-Pace insurance price that you pay for the plan you choose will determine the sum you receive from your insurer when you raise a reimbursement claim. Here, you must pay for your vehicle’s repairs, after which your insurer reimburses the cost. Here are the steps to raise such claims:

  1. Inform your insurer about the damage/loss to your vehicle.

  2. You must lodge an FIR if your vehicle is involved in an accident by a third-party, or is stolen.

  3. Hand over the required documents to your insurer, including the FIR, if applicable.

  4. Take your vehicle to a garage for repair work. Pay for the repairs.

  5. Submit all original bills/receipts to your insurer.

  6. After due verification of your claim, your insurance company will reimburse the expenses of your vehicle’s repairs.

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How to Reduce the Insurance Cost of a Jaguar E-Pace


As the owner of a luxury vehicle, you may have high expectations from your vehicle, performance-wise. Whether the Jaguar E-Pace fuel economy is relevant to you or the way your tyres are maintained, if you regularly look after your vehicle, your Jaguar E-Pace insurance price can be significantly reduced. How?

When your car is maintained, it is less prone to faults. If you raise no claims, you get discounts on premiums when you renew your insurance. Here are some cost-reduction strategies that will help you with lowering your Jaguar E-Pace insurance cost:

  • Pay for minor expenses from your pocket.

  • When you buy insurance, compare plans and select the one you can afford.

  • Install a device to prevent theft of your vehicle.

  • Maintain your car regularly so small issues don’t become larger problems.

  • Take advantage of the no-claim bonus benefit and avoid raising claims.

  • Finally, drive with care to avoid accidents.


Top Tips to Maintain your Jaguar E Pace


If you maintain your Jaguar E-Pace well, you can keep your luxury SUV in mint condition. Considering the Jaguar E-Pace price you have paid, you may wish to see your vehicle always looking brand new. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Inspect your coolant’s condition and change it if required. The coolant keeps your engine from getting overheated.

  • Check your tyres and see that they are not worn out.

  • Clean the vehicle’s rims so that they shine.

  • The exterior of your vehicle should be waxed periodically. This not only disguises scratches but keeps the surfaces glossy.


Jaguar E-Pace Maintenance Cost


Keeping your Jaguar vehicle in pristine condition should be your objective after you buy it. This means that the regular service schedule, as prescribed in the vehicle’s manual, should be adhered to. Services should be conducted at an authorised service centre only. Depending on the service you need and any parts that may have to be replaced, service costs may vary. The age of your vehicle also matters, but the company typically gives you the first services (up to 5 years, or 96,000 km depending on the vehicle and variant) free of cost.



Replacement of Parts at Intervals


Jaguar E-Pace insurance in India is a must when you own a vehicle, especially a luxury SUV. However, besides insurance, you also have to focus on servicing your vehicle. This is recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. While a regular service may be free in the initial years of owning your new Jaguar, certain parts that may require changing at servicings will have to be paid for. Here is a rough guide about components that should be checked and which may require replacing: 


Jaguar E-Pace Component (Petrol)

Replacement Interval/Check

Change Engine Oil and Filter

Every 8,000 km

Replace Spark Plugs

Every 24,000 km

Replace Air Filter

Every 24,000 km after inspection

Replace Transmission Fluid, and Filter

Every 48,000 km

Replace Power Steering Fluid

Every 48,000 km

About Jaguar E-Pace

Manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover, the E-Pace is an SUV in the luxury subcompact crossover category (for Europe, falling under the ‘C’ segment). The vehicle boasts a 5-star rating by NCAP (Europe) and an impressive engine capacity of 1,997cc. The upcoming Jaguar E Pace is touted to be launched in two variants. As per current information, the table below will give you an idea about the variants and details about them: 


Fuel Type


Jaguar E-Pace


Automatic 9-speed

Jaguar E-Pace


Manual 6-speed

On Road Price for Top Cities

As per the information available, the Jaguar E-Pace is estimated to be available at approximately Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs. 60 Lakhs. This is a general estimation of the cost of the vehicle as no accurate and exact on-road price for various cities has been confirmed. The table below will give you an idea of the expected Jaguar E-Pace on road price.



Jaguar E-Pace On Road Price


Rs. 45 Lakhs


Rs. 47 Lakhs


Rs. 47.5 Lakhs


Rs. 46 Lakhs

Note: The prices are only indicative, actual prices may vary.

Features of the Jaguar E-Pace


The features of the Jaguar E Pace will impress anyone who wants a compact SUV with all the trimmings. The upcoming Jaguar E Pace cost should give you enough value for money in terms of the features it possesses. Here are some of the features of the SUV and its variants: 



Touch Screen


Heated Seats

Alloy Wheels

E Pace Petrol

5 star





E Pace Diesel

5 star






Buying the Jaguar E Pace may be a great decision as you get a sub-compact SUV that serves as a spacious car and a utility vehicle all in one. With top-of-the-line features that spell “class and comfort”, a superior safety rating and excellent durability, your Jaguar is equipped to take you places. Additionally, if you decide to buy this vehicle, you must remember that insurance is a must and you should certainly ensure that you don’t miss out on getting a Jaguar E-Pace insurance. You can choose either a third-party car insurance or a comprehensive insurance plan depending on your financial comfort.

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FAQs on Jaguar E-Pace Insurance

  • ✔️Is comprehensive insurance the best kind of insurance I can get?

    Comprehensive insurance gives you the widest coverage scope, offering you coverage for third-party liability as well as expense coverage for your own vehicle.

  • ✔️What are the reasons to buy an motor insurance policy in India?

    In India, vehicle insurance is compulsory according to the regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Furthermore, insurance safeguards you against costs in case your vehicle is damaged or stolen. 

  • ✔️What are some of the exclusions of any insurance plan?

    Exclusions are those conditions that your plan doesn’t offer you coverage for. They constitute damage or loss while driving without a valid licence and/or an insurance policy, damage or loss while driving under the influence of alcohol, and damage due to regular wear and tear of your car. 

  • ✔️When should I buy insurance for my vehicle?

    You should purchase insurance as soon as you buy a new vehicle as you are not permitted to drive without it legally. Similarly, if you have insurance and your policy expires, you should renew it without delay.

  • ✔️Are there any tips to maintain my vehicle so I can avoid the high cost of insurance?

    You can maintain your vehicle by employing some techniques to avoid the high cost of premiums in insurance plans. For instance, you can maintain your car and service it regularly, so your vehicle is always in good condition. You can frequently check the engine oil, tyres and coolant to make sure they are adequate and in proper condition. Finally, you can drive with care to avoid accidents. 

  • ✔️What is IDV in car insurance?

    IDV can be defined as the maximum sum assured by your insurance provider that is extended to you, in case the car is stolen or has complete damage.

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