Jeep Meridian Insurance

In May 2022, the brand-new Jeep Meridian was introduced in India by American automobiles manufacturer Jeep. If you intend to buy this automobile, you should also be sure to secure a reliable Jeep Meridian insurance policy for your brand-new Jeep Meridian. This is due to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, which requires auto insurance for all vehicles operating on Indian highways. So, make sure to take a look at Jeep Meridian variants and insurance prices before you make a purchase.

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Check Insurance Premium for Jeep Meridian Variants

Jeep Meridian will have 3 variants and the insurance price will vary with each of them. You can use any car insurance calculator available online to calculate these complicated prices. Bajaj MARKETS offers an easy to use and error-free online car insurance calculator.


It is advisable to know the car insurance premium before buying a car. Check out the insurance premium for different variants of Meridian here.

Variant Name

Fuel Type

Expected Ex-Showroom Price

Proposed Third-Party Premium Rates (Rs.) FY 2022-23


(effective 1* April, 2022)



Rs. 26.00 Lakhs

Rs. 7897



Rs. 30.00 Lakhs

Rs. 7897



Rs. 32.00 Lakhs

Rs. 7897

*The information in the table above is for brand new Jeep Meridian vehicles. Premium costs depend on the model, fuel type, variants, year and place of registration, add-ons, IDV, and other relevant factors.


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How To Buy Jeep Meridian Insurance Online?

Now, you must be aware of the cost of Jeep Meridian insurance in India and the expected price of the car. The next step will be buying a Jeep Meridian insurance cover for your vehicle. Bajaj MARKETS is your one-stop destination for all types of insurance needs. You can buy car insurance online using this platform. It provides a quick and hassle-free insurance purchase experience.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy Jeep Meridian car insurance online.


  • Visit the Bajaj MARKETS website and navigate to the car insurance calculator section.

  • Fill in details of your car, such as the vehicle registration number and your phone number.

  • Enter other required details and fill out the application provided.

  • You can check the Jeep Meridian insurance plans available online and choose one that fulfils your needs.

  • Check what premium is due and pay this online immediately.

  • Once the payment is confirmed, your insurance policy will be sent to your email ID.

How To Renew Jeep Meridian Insurance Online?

Always remember to renew your car insurance on time to avoid penalties and ensure financial protection. Renewing your Jeep Meridian car insurance is a simple process. Given below are the steps for it:


  • Visit your insurer’s website.

  • Enter the details of your vehicle like the registration number as well as your phone number.

  • Fill in the details of your existing Jeep Meridian insurance policy or policy which has expired.

  • You can check your Jeep Meridian insurance renewal amount online.

  • Make your premium payment online.

  • Download your renewed insurance policy, once the payment is confirmed.

Why to Insure Your Jeep Meridian?

Though these processes are easy and quick, you may be wondering why you should buy Jeep Meridian insurance. Here is why you should get Jeep Meridian insurance while purchasing the vehicle.


  • To drive on Indian roads, a third-party vehicle insurance is mandatory.

  • Insurance covers third-party liabilities in the event of an accident.

  • Comprehensive policies provide personal accident cover.

  • Through network garages, you can enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions.

  • Insurance provides protection for your car against natural calamities, theft, fire etc.

Types of Jeep Meridian Car Insurance

There are two types of Jeep Meridian insurance; comprehensive and third-party car insurance. You can choose any one of them at Bajaj MARKETS based on your requirements.

1. Third-Party Car Insurance

A third-party car insurance is the basic form of insurance cover. It covers death of a third-party and/or the bodily injury and protects you from financial liabilities. The insurer will pay for the damage to a third-party’s property if the accident is caused by the insured car.

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance is an enhanced version of the third party one. While providing third-party coverage, it also provides personal accident cover for the damages caused to the insured car. Other than that, loss and damage to the vehicle due to theft, natural calamities, etc are also covered under this plan.


You should be aware of the inclusions and exclusions of the Jeep Meridian insurance policy before choosing one. Here are some common inclusions you should keep in mind:


  • Third-party liabilities

  • Own-damage cover

  • Personal accident cover which could include passengers too

  • Damages to your car due to natural and man-made calamities including earthquakes, riots, etc.

  • Total loss because of theft

  • Expense cover for repairs and replacements


You should be well aware of what is not covered by your Jeep Meridian insurance plan as you cannot claim anything for such conditions. Knowing these exclusions very well will help you in the claim process. Some of the common exclusions in car insurance plans are given below.


  • Normal wear and tear

  • Electrical or mechanical breakdowns

  • Damages caused when driving the vehicle outside geographical limits

  • Damages caused when driving the vehicle for any illegal purposes

  • Damages caused when driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

  • Damage or loss while you are driving without a valid licence

  • Damages which are sustained while your policy is inactive/invalid

  • Damage due to a war-like circumstance

Add-On Covers for Your Jeep Meridian Car Insurance

While comprehensive car insurance helps you deal with the financial liability of an accident, it may not be completely enough. Here are some add-on covers for Jeep Meridian insurance that offer additional protection to your insured car. Note that the Jeep Meridian insurance price will change as you add each add-on cover.

  • Zero Depreciation:

It is commonly known as nil depreciation and also, bumper-to-bumper insurance cover. This cover helps you manage external care costs. The zero-depreciation cover takes care of all body repairs with no depreciation in the value of the car’s external parts.

  • Engine Protection:

The replacement and repair of your car’s engine parts are covered under the engine protection add-on. This includes pistons, rods and others.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection:

For a successful claim-free year, you will receive 20-50% of the premium paid No Claim Bonus (NCB) every year. Even if you make some smaller claims as per the policy terms, the NCB Protection add-on helps you to retain your discount.

  • Passenger Cover:

It financially protects the passengers travelling in the insured car against death or disability due to an accident.


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Jeep Meridian Insurance Claim Process

You can file for cashless claims and reimbursement claims for your Jeep Meridian insurance pretty easily by following the steps mentioned below:

Process To File Cashless Claims

Your insurance company directly settles bills with the network garage if you are going for a cashless claim on Jeep Meridian insurance. For cashless claim:


  • Register your claim through the website or the toll-free number.

  • Go to the nearest network garage and get your car repaired.

  • Provide the documents asked for.

  • Your insurer will verify the submitted documents.

  • Once it is verified, all your bills will be directly settled with the network garage.

Process To File Reimbursement Claims

In a reimbursement claim on Jeep Meridian insurance, your insurer will reimburse the costs incurred while repairing your car. For claiming reimbursement:


  • Inform your insurer about the incident and the damages sustained immediately.

  • If it is a major accident where a third-party is involved, file an FIR.

  • Repair your vehicle at the garage of your choice and pay for it.

  • Submit the FIR, original receipts, bills and other documents to your insurance company.

  • Once verification is complete, your insurance company will settle your claim and reimburse the costs incurred.


Here is a list of documents you should submit to your insurer if you want to claim Jeep Meridian insurance.


  • Car insurance policy

  • Vehicle details and information

  • Details of the incident

  • In case of theft or damage by a third party, a copy of the FIR filed

  • All original receipts/bills of replacement or repair

How to Reduce Insurance Cost for Jeep Meridian

You can considerably decrease your Jeep Meridian car insurance cost if you follow the below-mentioned strategies.


  • Browse through different insurance plans and opt for one that suits your budget.

  • Don’t buy all add-on covers, as this increases the premium of the Jeep Meridian insurance plans.

  • Install an anti-theft system in your vehicle to prevent theft.

  • Avoid modifications that increase the chance of theft.

  • Pay for small repairs and replacements from your own pocket.

  • The higher the deductible (the amount that you pay from your pocket before the claim is covered), the lower the premium that you pay on your Jeep Meridian insurance.

  • Claim NCB or No Claim Bonus at the end of Jeep Meridian insurance cover and earn back up to 50% of the premiums paid.

Top Tips to Maintain Your Jeep Meridian

Your Jeep Meridian will be your pride and joy. If you maintain your car on a regular basis, it will provide convenience and comfort for several years. Here are some top tips to maintain your Jeep Meridian well:


  • Service your vehicle at regular intervals.

  • Oil changes at recommended intervals will keep the car running for years without any trouble.

  • Filters, belts and spark plug needed to be replaced on time if found to be worn or damaged.

  • Make use of wheel cleaners to clean rims on a regular basis.

  • Check tyres for wear and tear and replace them if required.

  • Regular exterior cleaning and waxing of your car can prevent rust.

Jeep Meridian Maintenance Cost

You should take your Jeep Meridian only to authorised centres for regular vehicle services. The approximate amount of service cost and further details are unavailable since the car is not launched yet.

Replacement Costs of Parts Changed During Services

It is important for you to know about Meridian features and specs, not just when you purchase the vehicle, but also when and if you have to replace or change parts during regular services.


Having this knowledge helps you to plan your expenses in a better way. These rates may change depending on the city, dealer and service centre. The prices will be available online once the car is launched.

Components To Be Replaced/Serviced At Different Intervals

Components in your vehicle have a life span that is limited, and beyond such limits, you would have to get parts replaced. The vehicle manufacturer typically specifies when these have to be changed in the service manual you receive when you purchase your vehicle. The table below showcases various main parts that may have to be changed at intervals to make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly.


Replacement Interval

Engine Oil

After 10,000 Kms, or 1 year, whichever is reached earlier

Spark Plugs

3 years or 70,000 Kms

Clutch/Brake Fluid

30,000 Kms or 3 years

Drive Belt

Check every 60,000 Kms and then every 10,000 Kms

Fuel Filter

After every 40,000 Kms or 4 years

About Jeep Meridian

Jeep India released the first images of the 7-seater Jeep Meridian earlier this year. It is believed to be a Jeep Compass based model and has looks inspired by the Jeep Commander which is sold abroad. It has an extended wheelbase, longer rear overhang and a more upright tail section. The diesel engine option is scheduled to be launched first, followed by the petrol engine version.


Three powertrains will be offered with one of them likely being a 2-litre diesel engine with manual and automatic gearbox options as well as an optional all-wheel drivetrain. The interior features include powered front seats, six airbags, wireless charging, 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, 10.1-inch touchscreen, dual-zone climate control, traction control, ESC, hill-start and descent control, and selectable drive modes (sand or mud, snow and auto) and 360-degree parking camera.


Jeep Meridian is set to rival the Skoda Kodiaq, MG Gloster and Toyota Fortuner. The Jeep Meridian mileage is expected to be around 14.60 - 15.10 kmpl. All the cars of the Jeep have a reliable safety rating in the Euro NCAP safety test and the Meridian is believed to follow the same path.

Jeep Meridian Variants

The Jeep Meridian has three variants with different feature variations. Here is the list of variants on offer:


Fuel Type











On-Road Price in Top Cities

When you buy any variant of the Jeep Meridian, the final price will be decided according to the model/variant and the location from where you buy your vehicle in as well. Check out the Jeep Meridian on-road prices in the top cities of the country.


Jeep Meridian On-Road Price


Rs. 30.00 Lakhs


Rs. 30.00 Lakhs


Rs. 30.00 Lakhs


Rs. 30.00 Lakhs


Rs. 30.00 Lakhs

Features Of The Jeep Meridian

The features of the Jeep Meridian base model and more advanced models will offer stiff competition to other vehicles in similar categories of vehicles. Here are some key features of Jeep Meridian:



Power Steering

Anti-lock Braking

Touch Screen

Jeep Meridian






The Jeep Meridian is set to be one of the most awaited car launches of 2022 in India. If you buy a Meridian, it is best to protect it against unforeseen events by purchasing a well-rounded Jeep Meridian insurance plan. Such a plan will not only provide you with financial benefits, but also ensure that you have constant peace of mind.


Additionally, since it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance in India to drive around, buying insurance is the wisest decision you can make. Choosing to purchase car insurance from Bajaj MARKETS will help you compare and research a number of different policies from different insurers in one place. Bajaj MARKETS assures you of a safe and secure platform to buy car insurance that best suits your needs.  

Check Out Car Insurance Plans Available at Bajaj Markets


FAQs on Jeep Meridian Insurance

  • ✔️Does the capacity of the car engine play a role in deciding the insurance premium paid?

     The engine’s capacity does have a role to play in determining car insurance, as the higher the cubic capacity, the more insurance premium amount you will have to pay.

  • ✔️What is the estimated launch date of Jeep Meridian in India?

     The estimated launch date of Jeep Meridian in India is May, 2022.

  • ✔️Is it compulsory to buy car insurance?

     Yes, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 states that it is compulsory to have a third-party car insurance plan for your vehicle while you drive on Indian roads.

  • ✔️Can I issue a car insurance plan at Bajaj MARKETS for less than a year?

     No, at Bajaj MARKETS, you can get a car insurance plan for one full year at a minimum.

  • ✔️Does IDV decrease every year?

     Due to the Depreciation factor, your car’s IDV decreases every year. The premium cost also decreases a little every year because of the same reason.  

  • ✔️Will I be fined if I am caught driving my car without a valid car insurance policy?

     Yes, you will be charged a traffic challan under the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. For the first offence, the penalty for driving your vehicle without a valid car insurance is Rs. 2,000 and/or imprisonment up to three months. For subsequent offences of driving without a valid car insurance, the penalty is Rs. 4,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months.

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