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If you are travelling with kids, planning ahead is essential. Whether you are travelling with your kids for the first time or the tenth, anxious about their safety. Here’s a list of 10 travel essentials that will help you enjoy a happy and safe journey with your little ones.


1. Pack a basic first aid kit for your kids with items such as antiseptics gauze, thermometer, band-aid, medications for gas relief, pain, bug bites and cuts etc.


2. Make note of all the child-friendly places, in and around your destination well in advance. Planning ahead will help you and your child stay better prepared, no matter where you travel.


3. Pack toddler travel essentials if you are travelling with a toddler. Make sure to pack items such as diapers, diaper cream, wipes and changing pad, bibs, Sippy cups, pack-and-play and travel crib etc.


4. Pack some snacks such as cereal, puffs, crackers, fruits or anything that your kids like to eat. At times, finding food that your kids like can be a challenge when travelling. Hence it is always a good idea to carry your kids’ favourite snacks while travelling.


5. Children love to play, and it can be quite tough to play during a long car ride or a long flight. Packing a few of your kids’ favourite games and toys and planning plenty of play breaks will keep your kids happy during long hours of waiting or travel.


6. If you are travelling to a beach destination you may need to pack beach essentials for your kids such as, swimsuits, sunscreen and personal floating device for safety in pools or on boats.


7. If you are travelling to tropical destinations make sure to carry kid-friendly mosquito repellents.


8. Children have low immunity and are more susceptible to catching infections. Before you set out for travel, get your kids vaccinated from a travel immunologist. A travel immunologist will administer the required vaccines according to the area of travel.


9. Get a family travel insurance. For all parents, the health and safety of their kids are of utmost importance. Travelling to far off locations, particularly abroad entails several risks such as sickness, injury, theft etc. Medical treatment abroad can be very expensive depending on the country you are visiting.


Buying an overseas travel plan will offer you much needed financial protection against unforeseen risks. For instance, if your child has a stomach infection, you can get the best treatment for him/her without worrying about the budget, as your travel insurance will reimburse the cost. You can buy a travel policy online with Finserv MARKETS instantly, right here.


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