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 About Maruti Suzuki Swift

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is India's most-loved car and changed the image of Maruti Suzuki forever. Its third generation has grown in size and has left a lasting imprint on the list of best-selling cars. The new Swift is bigger than its predecessors, but it still retains the same sporty styling. It is available in seven variants and all of them are petrol-based. The diesel variant is not available. The base model starts from Rs. 6.37 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 9.37 Lakhs.

About Ford Figo

The Ford Figo is a mid-sized hatchback that has most of the basic features a car has. The upgraded model features a redesigned dash and a better quality interior. The new 1.5-liter diesel engine in the Figo is capable of delivering a linear power delivery that is as quiet as it is powerful. Its smooth and well-balanced performance makes it an excellent choice for diesel car buyers. Figo comes in three petrol and three diesel variants. Petrol variant starts from Rs. 6.11 Lakhs and diesel starts from Rs. 7.21 Lakhs.

Ford Figo Vs Maruti Suzuki Swift Comparison: Which Car is Better?

To find out which car is better in terms of performance and value for money, one should compare the two. If not the same, the comparison has to be done on similar grounds. So despite Figo being available in diesel variants, for unbiased comparison, we shall compare the petrol variants of both.


Let us begin to explore Ford Figo vs Maruti Swift, taking into account their gear transmission, aerodynamics, fuel tank capacity, mileage, braking system, and more such factors.


The specification-wise tables displayed hereunder will assist you to compare Ford Figo and Swift suitably.

Size and Weight


Maruti Suzuki Swift

Ford Figo










 Kerb Weight




Passenger Seats



Petrol Tank Capacity



Fuel Efficiency

23.75 km per L

18.50 km per L

Power of Engine


1.2 L Dual-Jet


Cubic Capacity



Full Power Capacity

89 bhp at 6000 RPM

95 bhp at 6500 RPM

Highest Torque Capacity

113 nm at 4400 RPM

119 nm at 4250 RPM





Gear Shifting

Auto + Manual


Steering Wheel and Braking System

Steering Mechanism

Electronic + Power

Electronic + Power

Brakes in the Front

Disc Type


Brakes in the Backside

Drum Type


Suspension Details

The Front Side

Mac Pherson Strut


The Rear Side

Torsion Beam


Wheels and Tyres

Wheel Material



Stepney Wheel Material



Tyre Size



Wheel Size




Some of these exclusive features will clear off the bias regarding which make is suitable for you and which is not. Let’s go-ahead and compare the features.



Maruti Suzuki Swift

Ford Figo




Child Seat Support



Seat Belt Alert



Ease of Access

Defogger and Wiper (Rear)



Reverse Camera



Keyless Unlocking




Continuously on LED lights



Headlight Style




In-built music system



Touch Display



GPS Facility



No. of Inbuilt Speakers




Manufacturer’s Warranty Period

2 yrs

3 yrs


Having gone through the detailed comparison between the two car models, it all comes down to one question - Ford Figo vs Swift, which is better? Well, both the cars are compact hatchbacks apt for driving in the congestion of the city traffic. Both of them have very similar pricing and the mileage does not vary much either.


Factors like resale value and maintenance cost should be able to help you decide in such scenarios. Maruti Suzuki cars mostly fetch better value in the second-hand car market. And as far as Ford Figo vs Swift maintenance cost is concerned, Swift has a plus point. So if you are planning to resell your car in a few years, Swift would be a better choice. Figo should be preferred if you want to buy a diesel variant.


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Note: It is worth noting that Ford has announced a closure of its plants in India. What this means for you is that if you were to buy a Ford Figo, you may need to look into serviceability and maintenance while buying the car.

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FAQs on Maruti Suzuki Swift Vs Ford Figo

  • ✔️Swift or Figo, which is a better car for a single person to commute to the office daily?

     Since traveling to the office is a daily task, a car with better fuel efficiency and compact size would be a better option. Given the choice between Swift and Figo, the fuel efficiency of Swift (23.75 kmpl) is better than Figo’s (18 kmpl) and hence. Swift would be a more rational choice for the said requirement.

  • ✔️Which, of the two, is a cheaper option?

     Maruti offers the base model of Swift at Rs. 6.37 Lakhs onwards, whereas Ford sells Figo’s base model starting from Rs. 6.11 Lakhs. The price difference is not huge but the Figo is slightly cheaper than the Maruti’s Swift.

  • ✔️If I want to buy a diesel car, then which car should I choose? Maruti Swift vs Ford Figo?

     Maruti Swift is only available in petrol variants. Having that said, there is only the choice to select Ford Figo if buying a diesel engine car is your requirement. However, you can choose between three variants available in Figo’s Diesel category.

  • ✔️Out of Maruti Swift and Ford Figo, which car has a better resale value?

     Cars manufactured by Maruti Suzuki generally tend to have a higher resale value in the second-hand car market. So, if you are looking for a car with better resale value at the end of your desired usage, then Maruti Swift would be a better choice for you.

  • ✔️How is the fuel tank capacity of Maruti Swift compared with Ford Figo?

     Ford Figo has a fuel tank capacity of 40 liters whereas Maruti Swift has a slightly smaller fuel tank which holds upto 37 liters. But you must also take note of the fact that Maruti Suzuki gives higher mileage of 23.75 kmpl compared to 18 kmpl of Ford Figo.

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