Maruti Omni Car Insurance in India

Maruti Suzuki has created a name for itself as a reliable vehicle manufacturer, because of which its “Omni” model has been well received. When purchasing an Omni, it is essential to opt for Maruti Omni insurance, ranging from ₹ 2,957 to ₹ 5,549. The Maruti Omni features an engine capacity of 796 cc and is a multi-utility vehicle (MUV). Primarily designed to transport a number of passengers, it is popular with large families. Depending on the variant under consideration, the Maruti Omni car price ranges from ₹1.98 to ₹3.40 Lakhs.

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Assessing the Insurance Premium Applicable to Maruti Omni Variants

Before you select a Maruti Omni insurance plan, you must acquaint yourself with the overall cost of the vehicle. Additionally, you must first understand what the average insurance policy for your Maruti Omni van will be. Take a look at the table below which breaks down what the ex-showroom price of each Maruti Omni variant amounts to along with the Omni van insurance price tethered to each variant.




Ex-showroom Price

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-Party Premium - FY 22-23 (effective 1st April 2022))

Omni 5 Seater



₹ 2957 onwards

Omni 8 Seater

₹ 2,87,553


₹ 3,508 onwards


Disclaimer – The aforementioned Maruti Omni car insurance premium rates apply to the newer Maruti Omni variants only. These rates are liable to change keeping in mind the place and year of registration, variant, model, fuel type, policy type, IDV and add-on riders selected.

How to Buy Vehicular Insurance Online for your Maruti Omni

It is imperative to purchase an adequate insurance plan for your Maruti Omni. Insurance plans can be purchased with ease on the Bajaj MARKETS website. Simply follow the steps mentioned below to apply for a car insurance online.


Step 1. Visit the website of Bajaj MARKETS and head to the car insurance calculator

Step 2. Begin by filling out the registration number of your Maruti Omni along with your phone number.

Step 3. Submit the details asked of you and key in your application form.

Step 4. Take a look at all the insurance plans available on the website and select the one that best meets your requirements.

Step 5. Pay the premium applicable to the plan you have selected online.


Once your payment has been processed your car insurance plan will be emailed to your registered email address.

How to Renew Your Maruti Omni’s Insurance Plan Online

If your car insurance plan is about to expire, you must renew it immediately so that you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted coverage from your insurance provider. Simply follow the steps outlined below so that you can renew your Maruti Omni insurance plan on the Bajaj MARKETS website.


Step 1. Head to the ‘Insurance Renewal’ page of the insurance provider's website &

enter your previous policy details.

Step 2: Input your personal and car-related details.

Step 3: Check your renewal premium.

Step 4: Make an instant online payment.

Step 5: Your Maruti Omni insurance will be active soon.


After your payment has been processed you will be able to download your renewed Maruti Omni insurance policy.


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Insuring your Maruti Omni is a Must

Insuring your Maruti Omni van is important for many reasons. Some of these reasons to opt for a Maruti Omni insurance have been highlighted below -


  • For starters, the Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes possession of valid vehicular insurance a must for all vehicle owners. In order to follow the law, therefore, you must possess a third-party car insurance plan for your vehicle. (Omni van third party insurance prices can be discerned on the Bajaj MARKETS website).


  • Next, the value of owning vehicular insurance is that it provides you, the policyholder, with adequate financial coverage in the event that your vehicle is damaged in an accident.

  • The financial coverage provided by vehicular insurance gains credence in instances wherein your vehicle is damaged in a natural or man-made calamity.

  • By opting for Maruti Omni insurance, you get to avail of the benefits that add-ons provide. These riders have been designed to further extend the coverage that your policy provides.

  • Finally, in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident with your vehicle, you can use your vehicular insurance to offset the costs associated with legal liabilities.

Types of Maruti Omni Car Insurance Available


The price tethered to your Maruti Omni insurance will depend in large part upon the kind of vehicular insurance plan you select for it. By and large, there exist two major kinds of car insurance plans that are available on the Bajaj MARKETS website. They have been highlighted below.


1. Third-Party Car Insurance


The third-party coverage is provided to offset the cost of damages caused by your car to a third-party vehicle and property. Additionally, coverage is also provided to offset the cost of medically addressing any injuries sustained by a third party. As mentioned above, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 stipulates that this form of vehicular insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners.


2. Comprehensive Car Insurance


This comprehensive car insurance policy is broader in its scope of coverage and extends beyond the coverage that third party car insurance plans provide. By possessing such a plan, you can comply with the law and take advantage of the fact that coverage extends to you also. This coverage can be enhanced with the aid of add-on riders.

Understanding Car Insurance Plan Inclusions and Exclusions

Ordinarily, car insurance plans come with a list of inclusions and exclusions. Understanding what each of these is before selecting an insurance plan is a must. Explore the two lists featured below to better understand what is included and excluded under Maruti Omni insurance policies available on Bajaj MARKETS.


The following scenarios are accounted for under your Maruti Omni insurance plan.

  • Personal accident coverage for yourself and other passengers is included

  • Expenses associated with replacements and repairs are covered

  • Third-party liabilities are included

  • Loss or damage owing to natural or man-made calamities is included

  • Damage stemming from an accident is covered


The following scenarios and expenses are not covered under your Maruti Omni insurance plan, owing to which claims cannot be made on them.

  • Coverage isn’t provided to offset expenses related to fixing the regular wear and tear of your vehicle

  • A mechanical or electrical breakdown isn’t covered

  • You can’t make a claim on vehicular damages or loss owed to malicious activities

  • If you happen to have damaged your vehicle while driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol you will not be provided with coverage

  • War-like situations that damage your vehicle aren’t included

  • If you don’t have a valid driver’s licence and damage your vehicle, you won’t receive coverage for it

  • If your car insurance policy isn’t active you will not be given coverage to offset any damages sustained by your vehicle

Add-On Covers for Your Maruti Omni Car

When you purchase a car insurance plan you are entitled to avail of add-ons so that you can enhance the coverage available to you. The add-ons you opt for impact the final insurance price tethered to your Maruti Omni. Take a look at the add-on riders mentioned below that are available on Bajaj MARKETS, for your Maruti Omni insurance.

  • Personal Accident Cover –

The personal accident add-on helps offset the costs associated with accidental death, bodily injuries or permanent disability that may arise if you have an accident involving your insured vehicle.


  • Roadside Assistance

The roadside assistant rider entitles you to emergency on-road assistance that is covered by the insurance provider. Emergency on-road assistance ranges from towing services to car tyre repair and refuelling.

  • Personal Baggage Cover –

With this add-on, it is possible to avail of coverage in the event that your personal belongings are damaged or lost in an accident involving your vehicle,

  • Engine Protection

Fuel leaks or water seepage that can damage your engine can be covered under this engine protection add-on.

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Maruti Omni Insurance Claim Process

If any of the aforementioned scenarios arise and are included in your car insurance policy, you can easily raise a claim on the Bajaj MARKETS website. Both, cashless as well as reimbursement claims can be raised on this platform.


Filing a Cashless Claim

This kind of claim is particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of money on hand as you aren’t required to pay money upfront. Instead, your insurer is responsible for settling your bills directly on your behalf. Cashless claims on your Maruti Omni insurance policy can be filed on Bajaj MARKETS by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1. You must inform your insurer and register your claim using the toll-free number of the insurer or by visiting their website.

Step 2. Take your vehicle to the nearest garage listed under your insurer’s network of garages so that repairs can be made.

Step 3. Provide your insurer with the necessary documentation.

Step 4. Once your insurer is able to verify said paperwork, your car Maruti Omni insurance claim will be directly settled with the garage.



Filing a Reimbursement Claim

This kind of claim requires you to first pay the costs and then file a claim with your insurer who can reimburse you for your expenses. Follow the steps mentioned below to file a reimbursement claim.

Step 1. Begin by informing your insurer of the damage sustained by your vehicle.

Step 2. In the event of theft or damage caused by a third party, file an FIR.

Step 3. Submit a copy of this FIR along with other pertinent paperwork.

Step 4. Pay to have your vehicle repaired at a garage.

Step 5. Submit the original bill you received for this repair work to your insurer.

Step 6. Once this bill has been verified by the insurer, your claim will be reimbursed.


Regardless of the kind of claim you wish to raise; you will be required to complete and submit certain paperwork. Take a look at the documents you need to provide each time you file a car insurance claim with your insurer.

  • A copy of your valid car insurance policy

  • Details pertaining to your insurer

  • Details outlining the incident for which you have raised a claim

  • Details about your vehicle

  • A copy of the FIR you filed in case of theft

  • The original bills and receipts relating to your car’s repair work


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How to Reduce the Cost of Insuring your Maruti Omni

It isn’t unusual for you to feel as though the insurance cost tethered to your Maruti Omni is rather pricey. That being said, there are some ways via which you can make the insurance cost more affordable. Take a look at the suggestion provided below.

  • Make it a point to compare policy options available online before selecting a car insurance plan for your vehicle

  • In order to keep your no claim bonus intact try to cover the costs associated with small repairs on your own

  • Always drive your vehicle with caution to avoid an accident

  • Increase the deductible that you would have to pay in the event you file a claim

  • Make it a point to maintain your vehicle well

Top Tips to Maintain your Maruti Omni

While the Maruti Omni is a van that’s been categorised as a multi-utility vehicle, designed to tackle a number of tough conditions on the road, it is still important for you to take adequate care of your car. Consider the suggestions mentioned below such that you can maintain your Maruti Omni with care.

  • Always park your car in the shade and use a cover for it to prevent the paint from fading or peeling

  • Make it a point to rub silicone rubber protector on the window and door seals of your vehicle periodically

  • If you have leather seats you should use a leather cleaner or polish to clean them periodically

  • Vacuum the dirt and debris that accumulates within the interior of your vehicle with frequency

Maruti Omni Maintenance Cost

Servicing your Maruti Omni at periodic intervals helps maintain it. To better acquaint yourself with what this service costs amount to, it is recommended that you reach out to the nearest Maruti Suzuki authorised service centre. You can also reach out to any garage mentioned under your insurance provider’s network of cashless garages to learn more about the same.

Some of the popular maintenance costs associated with a Maruti Omni are as follows.

Cost of Replacing Parts Changed During Servicing

Ordinarily, authorised service centres may choose to replace certain key components or parts of your vehicle when they service your Maruti Omni. By being aware of what these replacement costs will amount to, you can adequately prepare for the finances you will be expected to cover. To understand the costs of parts that are ordinarily replaced during servicing your vehicle, you can always connect with the nearest Maruti authorised service centre.

Cost of Making Replacements at Different Intervals

Once your Maruti Omni begins to age, some of its key components may need to be altered so that the vehicle can continue to perform at the level expected of it. Examine the table featured below to understand when each service ought to be made. 

Service No.


Free or Paid

Total Expenses

1st Service




2nd Service




3rd Service




4th Service




5th Service




6th Service




7th Service




Now that you know the frequency with which you will need to service your Maruti Omni take a look at the parts that will need to be replaced or serviced and the interval within which these parts will need to be addressed.

About Maruti Suzuki Omni

Right after its launch, Maruti Suzuki Omni was such a huge success that the parent company set forth 20 variants of Omni. It was one of the most affordable and efficient cars in its lifetime. The Maruti Omni seating capacity included 5 to 8 seats. With an engine capacity of 796cc, the Omni came in petrol, CNG and LPG variants. Let’s look at the Maruti Suzuki Omni specs:

Maruti Suzuki Omni Specifications 



Maruti Omni Mileage

14.0 - 19.7 kmpl

Engine Displacement


Transmission Type


Max Power

34 bhp @ 5000rpm

Max Torque

59 Nm @ 2500rpm

Maruti Omni Seating Capacity


Fuel Type

Petrol, CNG & LPG

Maruti Omni Fuel Tank Capacity

 36 Liters

No. of Cylinder

 Boot Space (Litres)  210
 Ground Clearance Unladen  165mm

Engine Immobiliser

Halogen Tail & Head Lights

Front Cabin Lamps

Analogue Instrument Cluster

Glove Compartment


Child Safety Locks

Brake Assist

Even though the Maruti Omni and its variants have now been discontinued, you can still opt for insurance with us! The right insurance plan can give you comprehensive financial protection in case of an accident or any damage to your car. So, browse through the car insurance policies available on Bajaj MARKETS and safeguard your vehicle today!


Service Schedule Intervals

Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter

1000 km OR 1 month


Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter

10000 km OR 1 year

Brake & Clutch Oil


Manual Transmission Oil

Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Spark Plug


20000 km OR 2 years

Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter


30000 km OR 3 years


Air Filter

Brake & Clutch Oil


Fuel Filter

Manual Transmission Oil

Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Spark Plug


40000 km OR 4 years

Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter

50000 km OR 5 years

Brake & Clutch Oil


Manual Transmission Oil

Normal Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Spark Plug


60000 km OR 6 years

Disclaimer – The service and replacement costs outlined in the table above are meant to be indicative and could vary from the actual cost applicable to your vehicle.

About Maruti Omni

The Maruti Omni has continued to enjoy an ample amount of success over the years. This was first evident when it first arrived in the market and was received very well by the public. Because of this success, its parent company chose to launch 20 different variants of the vehicle over the course of 30 years that followed.

Recognised as one of the most efficient and affordable cars in the market, some of the Maruti Omni specifications are as follows: The Maruti Omni seat capacity ranges from 5 to 8 seats. The Maruti Omni mileage amounts to 16.8 kilometres per litre while the Omni fuel tank capacity is 36 litres. The Omni ground clearance is 165mm. Continue reading to learn more about this multi-utility vehicle.

Variants of the Maruti Omni

Variant Name

Fuel Type





Omni 5-Seater BSIII



Omni 5-Seater BSII






Omni 8-Seater BSII















Omni CNG


















Omni Limited Edition



Omni 5-Seater BSIV



Omni 8-Seater BSIV



Omni MPI Ambulance






On Road Price for the Maruti Omni in Top Cities

Acquainting yourself with the Maruti Omni on-road price is important as it serves as the final price you would be expected to pay in order to avail of the MUV. Understanding what the Maruti Omni price is in the city you reside in is important as it may vary from one state to another owing to road tax and registration fees. Examine the table below to understand what the on-road price of this vehicle amounts to in some of India’s top cities.


Maruti Omni On-Road Price


₹ 2.91 – ₹ 2.93 lakhs


₹ 3.26 – ₹ 3.29 lakhs


₹ 3.45 – ₹ 3.48 lakhs


₹ 3.36 – ₹ 3.39 lakhs


₹ 3.20 – ₹ 3.22 lakhs

Features of the Maruti Omni

Examine the table featured below in order to understand the key features available under the varied variants of the Maruti Omni.


Cup Holders-Front


Glove Compartment

Brake Assist

Child Safety Locks

5-Seater Maruti Omni






8-Seater Maruti Omni







While the Maruti Omni has been designed to take on varied conditions, it is recommended that you adequately protect it from sustaining any damages. Financial protection in the form of a valid, comprehensive Maruti Omni car insurance plan can go a long way in providing you with financial assistance in the event that your vehicle is damaged in an accident or mishap. By availing of such a plan on a platform like Bajaj MARKETS you can rest easy in the knowledge that financial coverage will be provided in case parts of your vehicle are damaged and need to be repaired. 

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Maruti Omni Car Insurance in India - Cost & Specifications

  • ✔️What does the Insured Declared Value (IDV) amount to in the case of a car insurance policy purchased for a Maruti Omni?

    The insured declared value (or IDV) amounts to ₹ 1.24 lakhs in the case of the 5-seater variant of the Maruti Omni and ₹ 1.28 lakhs in the case of the 8-seater variant. This value indicates the maximum claim your insurer will provide you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Different insurers may have different IDV values they assign to a given vehicle.

  • ✔️Does the Maruti Omni feature an anti-theft alarm?

    No, the Maruti Omni does not feature an anti-theft alarm.

  • ✔️What is the kerb weight of the Maruti Omni?

    The kerb weight of the Maruti Omni is 785 kilograms.

  • ✔️Does the Maruti Omni feature an engine immobiliser?

    Yes, the Maruti Omni does feature an engine immobiliser.

  • ✔️What is the boot space of the Maruti Omni?

    The Maruti Omni has a boot space of 210 litres. 

  • ✔️What is IDV in car insurance?

    Insured Declared Value is the maximum amount you can receive under your insurance plan for total damage or theft of the vehicle.No, section 64VB of the Insurance Act, 1938, does not allow insurance providers to offer coverage until the full amount of premium is received from you.

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