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Maserati Car Insurance

Gaining popularity as an Italian manufacturer of luxury vehicles, Maserati produced some high-featured cars accompanied with dynamic performance and ensured optimum driving experience. However, car-owners in India are required to purchase a comprehensive car insurance plan to make the car road-legal. Moreover, it is essential to protect such exclusive car-models from untoward incidents such as explosions, accidents, damages etc. by opting for a car insurance for Maserati.


Read on to learn about the Maserati car insurance in detail.

Check Insurance Premium for Popular Model of Maserati

Potential owners of Maserati must make a proper plan before purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage. Although third-party insurance is mandated by law, Maserati owners must optimise their financial security by availing all-inclusive insurance for Maserati.


Here is a table for your reference to help you understand the insurance premium and other associated details in detail.



Fuel type


Maserati Ghibli

Rs. 1,04,04, 000


Rs. 7,897

*Please note that the information provided in this above table is only about the available variants of Maserati. Customers can visit the Bajaj MARKETS platform to learn more about these insurance policies for Maserati vehicles.

How to Buy Maserati Insurance Online

You can now purchase a vehicle insurance plan for Maserati easily from the convenience of your home.


Now, take a look at these simple steps to purchase the right insurance policy for your vehicle online:


Step 1: Go to the car insurance calculator on Bajaj MARKETS.


Step 2: Fill up the application form by entering details like your car’s registration and mobile number


Step 3: Provide a few more details about your vehicle


Step 4: Select an insurance plan that will best suit your requirements and budget


Step 5: In the next step, pay the Maserati Insurance price amount by choosing your preferred payment mode


You will receive the necessary policy details on your email ID.

How to Renew Maserati Insurance Online

Here are the elaborated steps for you to understand the insurance renewal process:


Step 1: Visit your preferred insurer’s website and enter your car’s registration number


Step 2: Now select the fuel type and proceed. After this, you need to follow the steps accordingly displayed on the screen


Step 3: Input necessary vehicle’s details such as make and model, manufacturing details, etc.


Step 4: Next, you need to submit KYC details such as address, communication etc.


Step 5: After successfully completing these steps, you will be directed to the payments page to purchase the policy through net banking


Lastly, you can download a copy of the renewed policy.


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Reasons to Insure Your Maserati Car

As a Maserati owner, you might be wondering why they need extensive insurance coverage for their vehicles. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is essential to purchase at least a third-party liability insurance policy that reduces the policyholder’s liability in case of any damage caused to any third party individual or property. In case your vehicle gets damaged due to untoward incidents such as explosion, accident, self-ignition etc., your vehicle will be protected from the incurred loss or damage with your car insurance policy plan. You will also remain financially covered in case of theft of your vehicle. In case of the death or disability of the policyholder due to an accident, the car insurance company provides compensation to the policyholder’s family. It also covers the medical expenses arising due to an accident.

Types of Maserati Car Insurance

There are primarily two types of motor insurance policies that you can explore by visiting the Bajaj MARKETS website. Both the plans have separate sets of features that need to be considered before making the purchase.


Following are some of the popular car insurance plans that one can purchase for Maserati:

  • Third-party insurance cover

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to avail of a third party insurance cover which ensures coverage for the type of damages caused to the third party property or vehicle. Such plans also include personal accident cover, which provides financial coverage to the policyholder against permanent, partial disability or death caused by accident. With such insurance plans, you can manage your expenses efficiently.

  • Comprehensive insurance

For Maserati comprehensive car insurance extends both third party and own damage cover. With all-inclusive protection, such policies help in managing legal liabilities caused due to a road accident. Moreover, you can customise the protection further by including add-ons, such as consumable cover, roadside assistance, zero depreciation, engine protection in your comprehensive car insurance policy.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Maserati car insurance

Every insurance plan comes with a set of inclusions and exclusions which intending policy buyers need to be aware of before making a purchase. Typically, most car insurance policies feature the following inclusions and exclusions:


  • Any losses of damage resulting from man-made disasters or natural calamities

  • Personal accident cover

  • Theft of the vehicle

  • Damages caused due to accident


  • Damages caused after the policy expires

  • Damages or loss occurred due to malicious actions or war-like situation

  • Regular tear and wear of the vehicle

  • Damages incurred to the car while driving under intoxication

  • Damage or loss occurred when driving without an authentic driving licence

Add-on Covers for Your Maserati Car

Add-ons are additional benefits that you can include over your existing car insurance policy to enhance the available financial coverage. However, these are available only on comprehensive plans, and one can’t include any add-on to a third-party insurance plan.


Here are some of the add-ons that you can combine with your existing car insurance plan:

  • Lock and key replacement cover

Since the replacement expense of car keys and vehicle locks are not covered under the policy in case of theft or loss, individuals can avail coverage with a key protection cover to cover the cost of replacement.

  • Engine protection cover

The repair cost of your vehicle can be significantly high. However, one can be stress-free from the engine damage, water seepage and other issues by choosing this engine protection add-on benefit.

  • Consumables cover

This additional cover will cover the replacement cost of different consumables like coolant, brake oil, engine oil etc., after a mishap.

  • Zero depreciation cover

With a zero depreciation cover, you can ensure coverage for the expenses for the repair of replacement or car components.

  • Roadside assistance cover

This additional benefit will ensure covering the costs for emergency roadside assistance such as towing, tyre puncture repair, fuel delivery, etc.


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Maserati Car Insurance Claim Process

Individuals can select any of the two processes to claim insurance for Maserati:

1. Cashless car insurance claim

In a cashless car insurance claim process, you don’t have to pay anything for the damage. The concerned insurance provider will pay for the expenses you experience for the damages or losses at the network garages.


Here are the steps for filing cashless claims:


Step 1: You can connect to your preferred insurance provider by calling the toll-free number or visiting their website to raise the claim. Share the details of the incident with the insurance provider


Step 2: Click pictures of the same and submit for proof


Step 3: Take your vehicle to the network garage and get the damages examined by the surveyor


Step 4: The concerned insurance provider will accept your claim request based on the report submitted by the surveyor, and the expense of damages will be directly paid by the insurance company to the garage

2. Reimbursement of car insurance claim

In this type of process, you can repair your Maserati car insurance at a garage at your expense and file a claim for it. Now, the insurer will verify all the bills and documents and reimburse the amount to your account.


To file the claim for reimbursement, follow the steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Inform your concerned insurance provider about the damage and take the car to the garage


Step 2: A surveyor will examine the damage to your car


Step 3: You need to submit the claim report


Step 4: Submit necessary documents and invoice to an insurance provider to claim reimbursement


Here are the following documents that individuals need to submit when filing a claim for car insurance:


  • Details of the vehicle such as registration number, engine or chassis number etc.

  • Insurance policy details

  • Original bill of repair and replacement

  • Incident details

  • Tax receipt

  • FIR copy

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How to Reduce Insurance Costs of Maserati?

You can follow the techniques below to minimise the insurance cost –

  • Avoid taking add- on covers

Since every damage is not covered by the base policy, add-ons allow policy buyers to increase the coverage. However, it increases the premium amount. Therefore, one should always choose the add-ons based on his/her requirements.

  • Avoid alterations and modifications

If you go for alterations/modifications/ installations, you need to inform your concerned insurer as it can significantly impact the premium amount.

  • Installing anti-theft devices

If your vehicle’s safety is on the higher side, the premium amount will be lower. You can do this by installing certain anti-theft devices from certified manufacturers to avail discounts on premium.

  • Avoid making small claims

If your vehicle goes through minor damages or dents, you should not raise claims for that because you will not be eligible for NCB (No-claim bonus) at your next policy renewal. So, it is better to raise the claim by checking your next policy renewal date.

  • Raise deductible amount

If the deductible is higher, the paid premium will be lower. So, if you do not drive often, it is wise to go for a higher deductible to reduce the premium amount.

  • Transfer NCB for a new vehicle

If you have accumulated a substantial NCB for more than 6-7 years and are willing to purchase a new vehicle, you can significantly reduce your premium by transferring the entire NCB from the old policy to the new one.

  • Research and compare for better insurance rates

Another effective way to reduce insurance cost is to compare and search for affordable premium rates in the market. with proper research, you can end up getting affordable insurance rates that suit your financial requirements.


The above explanation provides you with a detailed rundown of the specifications of car insurance for Maserati, and you must go through it before planning to purchase a policy. However, note that the cost differs based on the car variant. This is why you must compare different offers extended by leading insurance companies online before making the purchase.

To Conclude

The Maserati is an extremely expensive car that needs a high level of maintenance and upkeep. The cost of repairs in the event of an accident can easily go into lakhs. However, you can avoid these expenses by buying a comprehensive Maserati car insurance plan from a reputed insurer. The policy will help keep your car financially covered against damages such as accidents, fire, theft, natural and man-made calamities, etc. If you are looking to insure your car with the best options, you can check out the car insurance plans available at Bajaj MARKETS and choose a suitable one.

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FAQs on Maserati Car Insurance?

  • ✔️What is the Maserati on-road price for the Ghibli model?

    The base model of the Maserati Ghibli starts at a price of ₹1.30 crore in Delhi. 

  • ✔️When was Maserati Ghibli launched in India?

    Maserati introduced the luxurious supercar Ghibli in the year 2018. 

  • ✔️How can I check the insurance price of a Maserati car?

    You can use an online ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ to get an estimate for the insurance premium costs of a Maserati car.

  • ✔️Can I drive my Maserati without insurance?

    No, driving any vehicle on the Indian roads without third-party insurance is punishable by law, as per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019

  • ✔️What is IDV in Maserati Insurance?

    Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the market value of your car that is calculated based on the manufacturer’s selling price of the car and the depreciation value of the parts of the vehicle.

  • ✔️Can I buy Maserati car insurance online?

    Yes, you can choose to buy insurance for your Maserati car online, but make sure you only buy insurance from reputed insurance providers or aggregators such as Bajaj MARKETS.