Mitsubishi Car Insurance in India

Mitsubishi car insurance is a plan that offers extensive coverage to your prized possession against the risk of incurring accidental damage. Due to increased traffic on the roads, having Mitsubishi car insurance in India has become a necessity to avoid any monetary burdens. You can easily opt for Mitsubishi car insurance at cost-effective prices without compromising on coverage as there are endless offerings in the market.

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Mitsubishi Car Insurance Price for Popular Models

Here is the Mitsubishi car price list with insurance and ex-showroom rates:


Mitsubishi Car Models

Ex-Showroom Price* (Last Known)

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium*


₹8.02 Lakh




₹20.25 Lakh



Lancer (discontinued)

₹7.33 Lakh




₹26.93 Lakh



Pajero Sport

₹27.42 Lakh



Disclaimer: *The Mitsubishi car ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.

**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual Mitsubishi car insurance premium that you may have to pay may change depending on numerous aspects. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

How to buy Mitsubishi Car Insurance?

You can choose the right Mitsubishi car insurance at affordable prices only on Bajaj MARKETS:


Step 1: Go to the ‘car insurance premium’ page on Bajaj MARKETS.


Step 2: Enter the vehicle registration number and contact number.


Step 3: Provide the information required in the application form.


Step 4: Pick a suitable four-wheeler insurance plan.


Step 5: Make an instant payment online.


Step 6: Your Mitsubishi insurance policy will be issued soon!


How to Renew Mitsubishi Insurance Online?

Continue protecting your prized possession by opting for Mitsubishi car-insurance renewal:


Step 1: Go to the ‘car insurance renewal’ page of the insurance provider’s site and enter your previous policy details.


Step 3: Enter your personal and car-related details.


Step 4: Check your insurance renewal premium.


Step 5: Make an instant payment online.


Step 6: Your car insurance will be renewed in no time.


Why is it Important to Insure Your Mitsubishi Car?

A Mitsubishi car is more than just a commuter vehicle, and for many, it is probably even their dream car. When something is absolutely precious to us, we try to protect it against every possible risk. So, what if it is taken away from you? Can you bring your car back once it is stolen? Maybe yes, maybe no. Who can tell? But there is one way you can be financially protected in case of threats like theft, accidents, natural disasters, and more to your Mitsubishi: comprehensive car insurance. In fact, if you opt for the return-to-invoice cover, you will receive the purchase price of your car in case of complete damage or theft. So, do not delay buying a Mitsubishi insurance plan for your priceless possession.


Third-Party or Comprehensive Car Insurance: Which One Should You Get?


  • Third-Party Car Insurance

Car insurance is no longer a choice. Under the Indian Motor Vehicle’s Act, it is now compulsory for all vehicle owners to have third-party car insurance. Not only does this help cover the legal liabilities arising out of any road collision with a third party car or property, but also helps ensure a worry-free driving experience for the policyholder.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance plan covers third-party liability as well as damage to your own car. Since it protects your Mitsubishi in case of multiple threats like theft, natural disasters, man-made calamities, etc., it has a relatively higher premium. You can also extend the scope of your comprehensive car insurance policy with add-on covers.

What’s Covered Under Car Insurance?

Third-party Mitsubishi car insurance covers third-party, bodily injuries, death of the victim, etc. Furthermore, comprehensive insurance includes natural and man-made calamities, own damage, theft, fire, explosion, third-party liabilities, etc.


What’s Not Covered Under Car Insurance?

The comprehensive Mitsubishi insurance doesn’t cover damage caused outside the designated geographical area, claims arising out of any contractual liability, mechanical or electrical breakdown, etc.


Must-Have Add-On Covers for Your Mitsubishi Car

Mitsubishi car insurance plans available on Bajaj MARKETS offer lucrative add-on covers that you can avail at affordable rates!


  • Zero Depreciation Cover

Zero depreciation cover does not consider the depreciation value of your car while settling your insurance claim.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

With the 24x7 roadside assistance cover, you can avail services like engine battery jump, towing facility, fuel delivery, etc. during emergencies!

  • Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident add-on cover financially secures you/driver and the passenger against any accidental injury.

  • Return to Invoice Cover

This cover provides the total value of your Mitsubishi car in case of complete damage or theft. To put it simply, the amount you paid while buying the car is the amount you receive.


File a Claim Under Your Mitsubishi Car Insurance

Here are some important documents that you need for claiming your Mitsubishi insurance:


  • Mitsubishi car insurance policy document

  • Mitsubishi car details

  • Insurer details

  • Details of the Incident

  • Original bills and receipts of the vehicle repair

  • FIR copy, in case of theft/vandalism


There are two types of Mitsubishi car insurance claims:


  • Cashless Claim Under Car Insurance

Register the claim and inform the insurer. You may do so by calling their toll-free number or visiting their website. Due to the cashless facility under Mitsubishi car insurance, you can get accidental damages repaired at the nearest network garage. The insurer will directly pay the garage for incurred expenses.

  • Reimbursement Claim Under Car Insurance

Here, you can get your Mitsubishi car fixed at a preferred garage, cover the expenses, and raise a reimbursement claim against your policy. Upon claim approval, the settlement amount is transferred to your bank amount (minus the deductible, if applicable).


Read More: Car Claim Settlement Process

How to Avail a Lower Mitsubishi Car Insurance Premium

Make sure to follow these insider tips to enjoy reduced Mitsubishi car insurance premium prices:

  • Compare Quotes Online

Comparing is the best way to get your hands on a suitable insurance plan with a cost-effective premium. This way, you don’t have to compromise on the coverage!

  • Cover Smaller Claims

To maintain a claim-free policy year, you can try to cover inexpensive insurance claims that are affordable.

  • Maintain Your Car

Another trick to keep your Mitsubishi car as good as new and incur fewer troubles is to follow the scheduled servicing. Due to this, your vehicle won’t experience any issues, helping you keep the claims lower.

  • Make Use of NCB

Become eligible for the No Claim Bonus by filing zero claims throughout the policy period. Such a bonus will lower your Mitsubishi car insurance renewal premium price!



With a car like Mitsubishi, you do not want the car to bear the brunt of damages that cannot be repaired due to budget constraints. The countless external perils that lurk upon your car make comprehensive insurance cover an absolute necessity.

Even though certain Mitsubishi car models/variants have been discontinued, you can still opt for car insurance at Bajaj MARKETS. Enjoy the convenience of quick Mitsubishi car insurance application, cost-effective premiums, swift claim settlement, and lucrative add-ons won the platform!

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FAQs on Mitsubishi Car Insurance

  • ✔️Can I buy Mitsubishi car insurance online?

    Yes. You can buy Mitsubishi car insurance online on Bajaj MARKETS.

  • ✔️Can I buy add-on covers for my Mitsubishi car insurance policy?

    Yes. At Bajaj MARKETS, a range of add-on covers are available to improve the scope of your comprehensive Mitsubishi insurance plan.

  • ✔️What is IDV in Mitsubishi insurance?

    The Insured Declared Value or IDV, is the market value of your Mitsubishi car, agreed upon by the insurer and you (the policyholder). It is the maximum claim amount that the insurance provider will offer if your car is completely damaged or stolen.

  • ✔️Which Mitsubishi insurance is mandatory in India?

    According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, third-party car insurance is mandatory if you want to drive your Mitsubishi car on Indian roads.


  • ✔️What is the fine amount for driving without a Mitsubishi car insurance policy?

    As per the Amended Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, the fine for driving without Mitsubishi insurance is ₹2,000 for the first offence and ₹4,000 for the subsequent offence.

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