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Car Insurance in Noida

Over the past few decades, Noida has emerged as one of North India’s corporate and industrial hubs. Consequently, it has attracted lakhs of people with better employment prospects. The high purchasing power of the rising population has exponentially increased traffic on the roads of Noida. Thus, purchasing car insurance in Noida has become an even more important. If you plan on driving in Noida, you must do it with valid insurance.


Car Insurance in Noida

Over the past few years, Noida has emerged as one of North India’s corporate and industrial hubs. As a result, it has attracted lakhs of people to the city who have come looking for better employment opportunities. Consequently, the traffic on Noida roads has increased exponentially over the past few years and with it, the instances of accidents. If you are going to drive a car on Noida roads, you need to have a valid car insurance plan. In this article, we’ll take a look at options for car insurance in Noida and the various advantages of buying a comprehensive car insurance plan.

Best Car Insurance Plans in Noida

Finding the right insurance plan for your car can be a complicated process. Fortunately, we have compiled the benefits and features of the various excellent car insurance plans available on Bajaj MARKETS in the table given below:


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co

Acko General Insurance Ltd

HDFC Ergo General Ltd

Third-party cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Premium Amount

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

No of Network Garages


100% cashless garages


Claim Settlement Ratio




Additional Covers

Disclaimer: ~The aforementioned third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual insurance amount that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

Benefits of Car Insurance in Noida

It is mandatory for all vehicle owners in the country to have at least third-party insurance for their vehicles. However, upgrading to a comprehensive insurance plan can have a number of valuable benefits, such as:

  • Covers Repair Costs for Your Car

While a third-party plan only provides coverage to the other party involved in an accident, comprehensive insurance provides financial cover to your car for any repair expenses that arise due to accidental damage. Repair costs for expensive or even budget cars can be very costly, so it is better to be prepared with a comprehensive insurance cover.

  • Personal Medical Cover

Not only does comprehensive insurance provide financial cover for your car, but it also covers the medical expenses you have to bear as a result of injuries in an accident. With the rapidly skyrocketing prices of private healthcare, you can save a lot of money on medical costs with a comprehensive insurance plan.

  • Obeying Traffic Laws

As mentioned previously, you need to have motor insurance for your vehicle before you can drive on the Indian roads. By getting comprehensive insurance, you are fulfilling your legal obligation to the government. Moreover, you can also avoid hefty fines and possible imprisonment if caught driving without insurance.

  • Add-On Covers

When you buy comprehensive car insurance in Noida, you will also have the option to purchase add-on covers. Add-ons are minor additions that you can make to your existing plan for a small cost and they offer specific, enhanced protection such as zero-depreciation cover or car theft cover.

  • Third-Party Cover Included

When you buy comprehensive car insurance in Noida (or anywhere in India), you will get the third-party cover included as part of the insurance plan offerings. Third-party cover for vehicles protects you against financial liabilities for damages and medical expenses caused to a third party in an accident.

  • No Claim Bonus

If you have not made any claims on your car insurance plan in the entire policy term, you are entitled to receive the No Claim Bonus benefit. Use the NCB at the time of car insurance renewal to get reduced insurance premiums.

Network Garages in Noida

When you buy comprehensive car insurance in Noida, you can also avail the added benefit of using network garage services. Network garages are a facility offered by insurers to the policyholders where the latter can directly take their damaged vehicle and get it repaired without paying anything. The garage then directly settles the costs with the insurance provider. Given below is a list of network garages in Noida:

Wrapping it Up!

In a densely crowded place like Noida, driving without car insurance can be very dangerous and cost you a lot of money if you get into an accident. If you plan to buy car insurance in Noida, make sure you research all available plans online and then decide which one to go for. You should also consider getting the appropriate add-on covers for enhanced coverage. If you are confused about the car insurance price in Noida, check out the car insurance premium calculator on Bajaj MARKETS. 

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FAQs On Car Insurance In Noida

✔️Are there any add-ons covered in my car insurance policy?

Yes, with the car insurance plan, you can enjoy several add-ons within your car insurance plan, such as –

24x7 spot assistance

Lock and key replacement coverage

Accident Shield

✔️What is a comprehensive car insurance policy?

A comprehensive car insurance policy offers coverage for own vehicle damage as well as third-party liabilities. As compared to a third-party car insurance plan, a comprehensive insurance policy offers a lot of coverages. Hence, the premium on these plans is comparatively high.

✔️Can I get a no-claim bonus on my car insurance?

Yes. You get a provision of NCB with Finserv Markets on your car insurance plan. In order to qualify for an NCB, the policyholder must not make any claims on his/her insurance policy during any previous policy terms.

✔️How can I register a claim on my Car Insurance?

As soon as you notice your car being stolen or damaged, you can file a claim online at Finserv Markets. The online claim can be registered on the Claims page of our website. A policyholder can also call on the toll-free number 1800-209-5858 to get in touch with our customer care executive for assistance on filing an insurance claim.

✔️Can I drive my car if my Noida car insurance has expired?

No, you cannot drive your car if your four wheeler insurance in Noida has expired.