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Car Insurance in Surat

The Gujarati city of Surat is a sizable commercial centre. The New Textile Market area is packed with fabric stores, and it is a centre for textiles. In addition to being the second cleanest Indian city, the city is predicted to see the highest growth between 2019 and 2035. While most people prefer to drive their automobiles, there is a lot of hustling and bustling traffic in India's Diamond City. If you own a car in Surat, you need to protect it with a reliable, thorough auto insurance plan. We will discuss the advantages of car insurance in Surat, and other topics in this post.


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About Car Insurance in Surat

Surat, also known as the Diamond City, is counted among the fastest-growing cities in India. Over the last few decades, Surat witnessed phenomenal growth and is one of the cleanest cities in India. It has a nearly zero percent unemployment rate since jobs are easily available due to the rapid development of various industries in and around the city. A large section of people in this city prefer commuting by their own car. Therefore, the importance of having car insurance in Surat is high. If you are a car owner in Surat, you must secure your car with a good comprehensive car insurance policy. In this article, we will talk about four wheeler insurance in Surat, benefits of car insurance, and more.

Benefits of Car Insurance

Having a comprehensive car insurance policy is like having a guardian for your car. A car insurance policy with a wide coverage offers financial protection to your car in case of any manmade or natural calamities like riots, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, theft, cyclone, hurricane, etc. in addition to third party’s claims/damages. Moreover, having a car insurance policy is mandatory by law in India. Nevertheless, we have listed out some of the most important benefits of having car insurance:

  • No Penalty

Having car insurance means you are on the right side of the law as it is legally mandatory to have at least third party car insurance to drive on Indian roads. By getting your car insured, you can save on the penalties of driving without car insurance.

  • Financial Backing

As mentioned above, you will have financial backing with car insurance in case of any loss or damage due to an unfortunate mishap.

  • Covers Liabilities

A car insurance will take care of any third party liabilities in case of an accident.

  • Personal Accident Cover

A good comprehensive car insurance plan will cover your (driver of the insured car) treatment costs too, if you get into an accident.

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  • Secures Against Calamities

As a car owner, natural or man-made calamities are out of your hands and there is a high chance that these can leave your car damaged. With good comprehensive car insurance in place, you can rest assured that the repair and replacement costs will be taken care of.

Some of the Best Car Insurance Plans in Surat

If you want to buy car insurance in Surat or want to know about the car insurance price in Surat, you can refer to the table mentioned below.


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co

Acko General Insurance Ltd

HDFC Ergo General Ltd

Third-party cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Premium Amount~

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

Starting at ₹2,072 (- + GST, effective 1st April 2022)

No of Network Garages


100% cashless garages


Claim Settlement Ratio




Additional Covers


Disclaimer: ~The aforementioned third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual insurance amount that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

Network Garages in Surat

When you purchase comprehensive car insurance in Surat, you can also avail the facility of cashless claims at network garages. You can take your car to the nearest network garage, associated with your insurance company, to get it repaired. You will not have to pay any bills at the network garage for the repair and replacement costs of your car as the claim will be directly settled by the insurer. However, you should note that if the repair bills exceed the coverage amount offered, you will have to pay the extra amount from your own pocket.


It is imperative that you buy car insurance in Surat to drive legally and also to safeguard your precious vehicle against any damages or loss. If you’re looking for good car insurance in Surat, you can browse through a wide range of insurance policies at Bajaj MARKETS and opt for one through a simple online process. You can also compare different plans and then make the decision of which Surat car insurance you want to buy. So, do not wait more and get car insurance in Surat at Bajaj MARKETS now!

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✔️How can I renew my car insurance plan?

With Bajaj MARKETS, you can bid goodbye to the hassles when you renew car insurance online. All you have to do is visit our website and fill up a simple car insurance renewal form. Yes, it's that simple!

✔️Can I get a car insurance policy in Surat without inspection?

If you buy a car insurance policy online, you can get it without any inspection. However, this is mostly applicable to insuring a brand new car. If you are buying insurance for an old car, it may require inspection.

✔️What happens if my car insurance policy expires?

If your policy expires, you are immediately exposed to numerous risks that might give rise to many uncertainties in terms of damage, repair, and finances. Moreover, if you fail to renew your car insurance policy within 90 days of expiry, you will also lose out on accumulated benefits like the NCB.

✔️Can I get car insurance in Surat online?

Yes, you can get car insurance in Surat online at Bajaj MARKETS.

✔️Are there any network garages in Surat?

Yes, there are several network garages in Surat where you can get your car repaired if you buy car insurance at Bajaj MARKETS.