The Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture of the Tata Group and American International Group. It was founded in January of 2001, and ever since, they have offered their policyholders a host of general insurance plans to secure their finances against eventualities. 

You will find Tata AIG Car Insurance functioning as an important component of this system. Under this branch of general insurance, the Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. offers third-party, own-damage, and comprehensive insurance plans. The financial support offered through these plans can help you shoulder unforeseen repair, replacement, and compensation expenses. Moreover, they offer services like prompt customer care, a Tata AIG car insurance renewal online portal, etc.

Tata AIG Four-wheeler Insurance Plans


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Tata AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.

98% (FY 2020-21)


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Disclaimer: The premium prices mentioned above are indicative and may change due to multiple factors. Please connect with your insurer in order to acquire a clear understanding on the premium quote that is applicable to your four-wheeler insurance policy.

Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance

You will find three types of Tata AIG Car Insurance plans that offer you financial support in times of an unforeseen accident, theft, or total loss. 

Car Insurance Type


Third-party Car Insurance


  • Mandatory by law

  • Protection against financial and legal liabilities

  • Coverage for loss/damage of third-party property/life

  • Personal Accident Coverage up to ₹15 Lakhs

Standalone Own-damage Car Insurance


  • Coverage against accidental damages to insured four-wheeler vehicle

  • Applicable for cars bought after September, 2018

Comprehensive Car Insurance


  • Combined third-party and own-damage coverage

  • 13 add-on covers

  • Compensation for theft and total loss

  • Coverage for accidental damages

  • Financial support against man-made and natural calamity damages

How to Buy/Renew Tata AIG Car Insurance Online

Follow the steps given below to purchase a Tata AIG Car Insurance plan on Bajaj Markets.

Step 1

Navigate to the car insurance premium calculator page.

Step 2

Enter information about your car’s make, model, registration number, etc. 

Step 3

Choose a plan that fits your car insurance needs and budget.

Step 4

Include preferred insurance riders or add-ons to enhance your policy.

Step 5

Pay the premium price of your Tata AIG Car Insurance policy.


The insurance provider will send you the policy documents shortly on your registered email address and/or mobile number.


Key Features of Tata AIG Car Insurance

Here are the key highlights of Tata AIG Car Insurance.

  • 98% (FY 2020-21) Claim Settlement Ratio

  • 7500+ network garages across the country

  • 13 add-on covers offered

  • Up to 50% no-claim bonus

Benefits of Tata AIG Car Insurance

Given below are the benefits a Tata AIG Car Insurance plan can offer you.

1.Fulfilment of Legal Requirement

A Tata AIG Car Insurance plan’s first and foremost benefit is that it helps you comply with the laws of this country. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every car owner needs to have at least a third-party car insurance. Hence, be it comprehensive or third-party insurance, Tata AIG has your covered. 

2.Coverage Against Third-party Liability

You are offered a basic Tata AIG third-party car insurance plan. This plan can cover damages or losses caused to third-party property or life during an accident. Hence, the compensation you could be liable to pay to a third-party involved with you in an accident can be covered by Tata AIG Car Insurance. This coverage can be claimed up to the maximum sum insured, as quoted under this policy.

3.Financial Protection Against Theft

In the unfortunate event of losing your car to theft, you can bank on Tata AIG Car Insurance. They can offer you compensation against such loss up to the maximum coverage limit. All you must do is set an ideal insured declared value to ensure that the compensation can be as close as possible to the current market value of your car. This also applies in the case of a total loss due to accidental damages that are beyond repair.

4.Financial Coverage Against Natural Disasters

Tata AIG Car Insurance offers benefits and coverage against the expenses of the damages caused due to natural disasters. The aforementioned natural calamities include floods, earthquakes, storms, etc. Hence, the financial plan can offer you protection against the financial losses caused by harsh conditions and unforeseen events that you cannot have control over. 

5.Personal Accident Coverage

You can tap into the benefits of the Personal Accident Cover offered by Tata AIG Car Insurance. This cover can offer you up to ₹15 Lakhs in the event of a road accident. This sum insured can be claimed for permanent total disability, an unfortunate demise, or severe injuries inflicted during an accident. You can add the Liability to Unnamed Passengers cover to this plan to enhance its coverage. 

6.Insurance Add-ons

Your Tata AIG Car Insurance can be enhanced significantly with the help of add-on covers. Under this car insurance, you are offered 12 optional add-ons. Among other plans, add-ons include no-claim bonus protection, emergency road assistance, and daily allowance.

7.Quick Application

The purchasing process for a Tata AIG Car Insurance plan requires you to complete only five steps. All you must do is enter basic information about your car, choose your ideal plan, add optional covers, and make the premium payment. Your policy documents will reach you soon after that. 

8.Wide Cashless Garage Network

Tata AIG Car Insurance offers you direct access to 7500+ network garages. You can enjoy the benefits of convenience, accessibility, assurance, and accountability from these repair and replacement facilities. You won’t be asked to make upfront payments, except for instances of compulsory or voluntary deductions. The insurer will settle the payments with the garage directly. This saves you from the hassle of arranging the funds and waiting for a reimbursement later. 

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What’s Covered and Not Covered Under Tata AIG Car Insurance

Here are some of the inclusions and exclusions of a Tata AIG Four-wheeler Insurance plan. 



Theft and total loss compensation

Accidental damages caused when driving without a licence

Natural calamity damages

Damages incurred abroad

Man-made calamity damages

Accidental damages caused due to drunk driving (driving under the influence of substances)

Fire, explosion, and self-ignition coverage

Regular wear and tear

Accidental damages

General maintenance

Transit damages

Damages caused due to negligence

Loss or damage of third-party property or life

Unregistered usage of vehicle (driving private vehicle for commercial needs)

Personal accident cover up to ₹15 Lakhs

Damages due to adventure sports or hazardous driving

Customisable plans with add-ons

Damages caused due to war-like conditions and nuclear activity

Compensation in case of disability or demise

Claiming from an excluded add-on

*Detailed inclusions and exclusions are stated clearly in the policy document. For further understanding, please read this document before purchasing this policy

Factors Influencing the Premium of Tata AIG Car Insurance

A Tata AIG car insurance price cannot remain constant for everyone. Various factors can decide whether or not a car insurance plan’s premium should increase or decrease. Hence, given below is a guide that can help you understand a few of these factors. 

1.Insured Declared Value

The insured declared value is the current market value at which your car was purchased. You and your insurer can come to mutual agreement and set the IDV accordingly. This value takes into account the depreciation of your car’s accessories as well. This value will be given to you as compensation in case of theft or the total loss of your car. Hence, it heavily impacts your premium price. 

2.Your Car’s Age

As soon as your car leaves the showroom after its sale, its insurance clock starts to tick. This is considered with respect to its depreciation, IDV, and premium. The insurance premium price for older cars is bound to be higher. The older your car gets, the higher its depreciation and premium are bound to rise, and the lower will its IDV fall. 

3.Optional Covers

This factor has a direct impact on your car insurance premium. Each add-on comes with a premium price of its own which is added to the price of your primary car insurance plan. Hence, the more insurance riders or optional covers you add to your plan, you can expect the policy’s premium price to rise alongside that. 

4.Engine Capacity

The engine capacity refers to the cubic capacity of your car. Vehicles that don’t exceed 1000cc invite a third-party premium of ₹2,094. On the other hand, insurance for cars that have a cubic capacity higher than 1500cc can cost you at least ₹7,897/year. Hence, the cubic capacity of your matters greatly when it comes to car insurance premiums. 

5.Voluntary Deductibles

Whether or not you choose the voluntary deductible option for your car insurance plan can impact its premium greatly. A voluntary deductible refers to a percentage of your claim amount that you choose to pay out of your own pocket. For example, you chose a 10% deductible and claimed ₹100 for repairs. Under the 10% deductible, you will be liable to ₹10 while the insurer pays ₹90. This means that the higher your deductible rate, the lower your premium price will be. 

6.No-claim Bonus

A no-claim bonus or NCB is a reward that you can earn by not claiming any coverage for a year or more. This bonus is presented in the form of a discount of renewal premiums which can range from 20% to 50%. Since this applies a discount directly to the price you pay to renew your car insurance policy, it is a factor that heavily impacts premium prices. 

7.Registration Location

The city or town in which you registered your car when you first bought it matters a lot when it comes to car insurance premiums. If that region is plagued by heavy traffic and a high accident rate, the premium price will be high. Areas like these will be considered high-risk regions. Your car could be susceptible to damages due to the negligence of unruly drivers or unsafe roads. Hence, the premium price will be higher due to the need for larger coverage.

8.Fuel Type

Diesel, petrol, and CNG run vehicles predominantly rule the market. Car insurance takes these fuel types into account when it comes to deciding your insurance plan’s premium price. Diesel vehicles can invite a comparatively higher premium price. While electric, petrol, and CNG cars hold nominal premium rates. 

9.Safety Devices

Going the extra mile to keep your car safe from damages and accidents is a mark of responsibility and accountability. Hence, you will be rewarded for this good deed in the form of a discount on your car insurance premium. If you have safety devices installed into your car, your insurer can substantially decrease your car insurance premium.


Contrary to the concept of customisations for safety, modifying your car can cause your premium budget to take a major hit. If these modifications are made to enhance the performance of your car or to beautify it, it can render the car unfit to be driven on public roads. In fact, most car modifications are deemed illegal. Those which can be tolerated by law will lead to a hike in the premium price of your car insurance. 

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Add-on Covers Offered by Tata AIG Car Insurance

Here are the 13 add-on covers offered by Tata AIG Car Insurance.

1.No-claim Bonus Protection

This cover protects your no-claim bonus record from the tarnishment of claiming coverage. It will allow you to make a predetermined number of claims without losing your NCB discount for that particular year.

2.Roadside Assistance Cover

You can use this cover should you find yourself stranded in a remote area with no help nearby. You can call the emergency roadside assistance helpline number in situations like these and help should reach you shortly. 

3.Repair of Glass, Fibre, and Plastic Parts

Through this cover, you can file a claim for the repairs of glass, fibre, and plastic car parts without losing your NCB. You can file one claim for each policy year through this cover without altering your NCB. 

4.Daily Allowance

With the help of this optional cover, you can ask for financial assistance for regular commute while your car is under repairs in a garage. The insurer will offer you a daily allowance which can be used for travelling short distances within the city.

5.Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses

There could be times when your car is damaged in an accident and you cannot make immediate arrangements to reach home. In such situations, you can use this cover to request for emergency transport or coverage for accommodation costs at a hotel. 

6.Key Replacement

If you find that your key is lost, stolen, or damaged accidentally, you can claim the repair and replacement benefits of this cover. The insurer will either help you acquire a new key or access services that can fix your car keys for you.

7.Engine Secure

A car’s engine is the heart of the vehicle and it is a vital part of its mechanical life. Should you find that your engine is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, you can bank on this optional cover to help you. In this way, you will not have to worry about any extra expenses or loss of money.

8.Tyre Secure

A punctured tyre or damaged tube can invite a heavy load of stress and repair/replacement expenses. Hence, this cover helps you manage the costs of these needs and give you access to quality garage services. 

9.Consumables Expenses

Consumables can be considered the food that a car needs alongside fuel. This includes AC gas, gearbox oil, engine oil, etc. If any of these consumables are lost during an accident, your insurer can cover the cost of its replacement. 

10.Loss of Personal Belongings

If you find that any of your personal belongings are damaged in an accident or stolen, you can seek the support of this insurance rider. You could request coverage for this loss from your insurer. 

11.Return to Invoice

If your car is stolen or completely damaged due to an accident, the insurer will offer you a compensation amount. However, this compensation will experience deductions due to various factors. The return-to-invoice cover can ensure that you are compensated with the same price at which you bought your car. 

12.Zero Depreciation

As your car gets older, the value of its parts and components decreases. This depreciation directly impacts your car insurance coverage. Hence, through the Tata AIG Car Insurance Zero Depreciation add-on, you can claim a reimbursement for the amount deducted under depreciation.

13.Liability to Unnamed Passengers

This could be considered a cover directly associated with the Personal Accident Cover offered under Tata AIG Car Insurance. This cover allows you to claim coverage for injured passengers involved in an accident with you. 

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Insurance is subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read policy wordings carefully available on our website before concluding a sale.

The benefits and features of the products and services are purely indicative in nature. The purchase of  Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited products by BAJAJ FINSERV DIRECT LIMITED customers is purely on a voluntary basis. For clarifications, customers can call on 1800 266 7780 or 1800 22 9966 or write to This information is given by BAJAJ FINSERV DIRECT LIMITED whose registered office is at Fourth floor, B2, Cerebrum IT Park, Captain Sopanrao Trimbakrao Mulik Path, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, 411014. BAJAJ FINSERV DIRECT LIMITED is a Licensed Corporate Agent (Mention License no CA0551) of Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited (IRDA of India Registration no. 108 CIN: U85110MH2000PLC128425). The insurance products are underwritten by Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited. Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited is a registered corporate agent of Tata AIG General Insurance Limited For Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited, IRDAI Registration Number CA0551.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tata AIG Car Insurance

You can initiate the Tata AIG motor insurance renewal process on their website itself. Navigate to claims, initiate the claim, log in, and fulfil all the renewal requirements as requested. 

You can use the car insurance premium calculator on Bajaj Markets. You can start by navigating to this calculator. Enter all details of your car like its model, make, brand, registration number, etc. You can choose a policy type that fits your needs and budget. Car insurance options should be displayed on your screen once you proceed. You may click on ‘Know More’ or ‘Buy Now’ as per your convenience. 

Yes. Tata AIG Car Insurance offers a Personal Accident Cover of up to ₹15 Lakhs. 

You can earn up to 50% as a no-claim bonus for not filing a claim for five consecutive policy years. 

As per Tata AIG Car Insurance’s promptness, you can rest assured knowing that your claim will be settled within 30 days of filing the claim. 

Yes, you can. You can also get a Tata AIG Car Insurance policy for your old car as well. 

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