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Improving Your Car’s Mileage 

One of the main costs associated with owning a car is the cost of fuel needed to run it. As the cost of petrol and diesel is rising across all of India, car owners are looking for more ways to save money on fuel. One of the best ways you can save money on fuel consumption is by improving the mileage of your car. Increasing your car’s mileage will increase fuel efficiency in the long run, helping you save a lot of money. We have compiled a list of tips for car owners on how to increase car mileage and save fuel costs.  

How to Increase Car Mileage?

  • Reduce the load on your car - The more weight the car has to carry, the more fuel it needs to burn to carry the extra weight. You can increase the mileage of your car by removing all unnecessary weight such as luggage, random objects in the car and any waste lying around. Keep your car as light as possible for increased fuel efficiency.

  • Regularly service your engine - Regularly servicing your car and engine will ensure that your car runs at the best possible fuel efficiency. If your car’s engine is not running at peak condition, your car will consume more fuel to travel the same distance. You can save a lot of fuel costs in the long run by keeping your car’s engine in top condition.

  • Use the recommended fuel type and engine oil - Most cars have a particular type of fuel and engine oil that is best suited to be used for those specific cars. Using the specific fuel type and engine oil recommended by your car company will help you increase your car’s mileage.

  • Drive your car smoothly - To increase the fuel efficiency of your car, make sure that you drive your car smoothly and don’t accelerate or brake the car sharply. Sudden acceleration or braking uses up a lot of fuel, so if you want to brake ahead, slow down the car gradually and accelerate slowly, instead of or rapidly accelerating.

  • Check your tyre pressure - One of the most important tips to increase your fuel efficiency is to keep your tyre pressure at the recommended levels. Tyres that have just the right amount of pressure will help you save a lot of fuel in the long run. Make sure you use company recommended tyres and regularly check the tyre pressure.

  • Keep your car at a constant speed - Repeatedly accelerating or braking your car burns a lot of fuel, so keep your car at a constant speed wherever possible. Make sure you change your gears smoothly and don’t put unnecessary pressure on the engine.

Most cars in India give the best fuel efficiency between 60-80 km/hour speed. Check the speed at which your car gives the best fuel efficiency and try to stick to that speed, especially on empty roads and highways.

  • Keep your windows closed - One neat trick you can use to increase the fuel efficiency of your car is to keep all the windows of your car closed, especially at high speeds. When the windows are open, your car will face more drag at higher speeds, thus needing more fuel. Keeping the windows closed makes your car as aerodynamic as possible, increasing fuel efficiency.

  • Turn off the AC when you can - The AC unit consumes a lot of power and fuel so it is a good idea to turn off the air-conditioning when not needed. It is especially important to turn off the AC when your car is idle. However, if you’re on a highway, close your windows and turn on the AC. Your car runs more efficiently with the AC on and windows closed compared to keeping your windows open, at higher speeds,

  • Turn off your car when idle - The car consumes fuel when the engine is turned on, even when it is idle. If you’re going to keep your car idle for more than a minute, it is a good idea to turn the car off to save fuel. In the long term, it will help you save a lot of fuel.

The tips on how to improve car mileage given above are general tips that apply to both Petrol and Diesel cars. However, there are some petrol and diesel specific tips that car owners should be aware of, to further improve the mileage of their cars.

How to Increase the Mileage of a Petrol Car?

  • Drive at a constant speed - While Petrol cars are more efficient when it comes to accelerating and fast pick-ups than Diesel cars, accelerating quickly still consumes more fuel than driving at constant speeds. Even when accelerating, it is a good idea to increase the speed of your car more gradually.

  • Turn off the engine when idle - Unlike a diesel car where it needs time for the turbocharger to cool down and warm up, a petrol car can be switched off when not in use for more than a minute to save fuel. However, if you are stopping for less than a minute, do not turn off your engine, as restarting it will take more fuel than when it remains idle.

  • Turn of the AC - It is a good idea to turn off the AC when starting up the car and accelerating. The air conditioning unit uses power from the engine, so make sure you turn on the AC only when you are driving at a constant speed, for maximum fuel efficiency.

How to Increase the Mileage of a Diesel Car?

  • Use engine-braking to slow down - Diesel cars have high-compression engines that have very good engine braking capabilities. Instead of repeatedly using breaks, you can use engine braking to slow down your car. Engine braking increases the fuel efficiency of your car and also increases the life span of your brakes.

  • Warm-up your engine - A cold Diesel engine consumes more fuel until the time it gets warmed up. so warming up your diesel engine by driving a few kilometres ensures increased fuel efficiency when going on a long trip. It is advisable to use petrol cars for very short trips.

  • Use the accelerator gently - Accelerating your diesel car very fast results in poor fuel efficiency as the torque in diesel cars rapidly falls off after reaching a certain RPM. Using the accelerator gently will ensure the maximum fuel efficiency for your diesel-powered engine.

List of Best Mileage Cars in India 



Volvo XC90

46 km/pl

BMW 7 Series

39 km/pl

Hyundai Grand i10 and i20

25 km/pl

Tata Altroz

25 km/pl

Honda Amaze

25 km/pl

Hyundai Verna

25 km/pl

Ford Figo

24 km/pl

Ford Aspire

24 km/pl

Kia Sonet

24 km/pl


The tips given above on how to increase car mileage can help you save a lot of money on fuel costs in the long run. However, apart from increasing your car’s fuel efficiency, you can protect your vehicle by getting a good insurance policy for your car. A comprehensive car insurance policy will ensure that you remain financially protected in the situation of any unexpected accident and damage to the car. You can take a look at the various comprehensive car insurance plans available on Finserv MARKETS.  

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tips to Improve Car Mileage

  • ✔️At what speed does a car give the best mileage?

    While most cars have different speeds for best efficiency, as a general rule Indian cars are most efficient at 60-80 km per hour.

  • ✔️Why is my car’s mileage so low?

    There could be any number of reasons as to why your car has a low fuel efficiency, such as problems with the engine, extra weight on the car, using the wrong fuel and engine oil type, etc.  

  • ✔️Which gear is the most fuel-efficient?

    Driving at the highest gear possible without putting any pressure on the engine is the most fuel-efficient way to drive.  

  • ✔️Do automatic cars burn more fuel?


    Automatic cars may burn up to 10 per cent more fuel.


  • ✔️Does Cruise Control save more fuel?

    Yes, Cruise Control helps to maintain a constant speed on your car, saving more fuel as a result.  

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