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There is always a checklist that we keep for international travel. Of course, this includes travel insurance as well. You can never be too safe and need to be insured in case of unfortunate events. A good option to check out would be Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS. It provides extensive coverage with a network of 10,000+ hospitals around the world and 24×7 on-call assistance.


One important part of being safe while travelling is driving safe. We all would love a nice drive amongst the mountains of Europe or the sea coast of Latin America. But you need to have a valid international driving licence first. Your responsibility doesn’t end there. You need to be aware of traffic signs information as well. Traffic signs and road safety information isn’t stressed upon in India, and hence you might be lost when you visit a Western country.


If you have traffic signs information in India, you pretty much have information for the world because traffic signs are more or less similar and easily identifiable. This is because of the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, 1978, an international treaty.

1. Stop sign

This sign means that you have to put a complete stop to your vehicle. Although a red octagon and the word ‘stop’ are standard format for stop sign, there are slight variations of it.

For example, this is how the stop sign looks in Nepal.

2. School crossing sign

This is a sign that you will find close to schools indicating that you need to slow down your vehicle as a lot of kids would be crossing the street.

3. No turn sign

This sign is used to indicate that turning in a specific direction - left or right- is not allowed. It is often used when it is unsafe to take the specific turn.

4. Do not enter sign

This sign could or could not have text written on it. Hence this bit of traffic signs information becomes extremely crucial to know.

5. Railroad crossing sign

This sign is used to indicate an approaching intersection with train tracks. The sign is often used when there is no gate or barrier obstructing traffic flow at the intersection. It is a signal for you to slow down and stop your vehicle in case a train is approaching.

6. Traffic signal ahead sign

This sign indicates that there is a traffic signal ahead, and you might want to slow down your vehicle in case a red light is approaching.

7. No U-turn sign

This sign indicates that you cannot take a U-turn or an about turn on the road you are driving into. This is often used in places where there is bound to be a lot of traffic and taking a U-turn could be dangerous.

8. One way traffic sign

You must have noticed this sign at a lot of places in India as well. One-way roads are quite common in cities. You can drive in only one direction on this road, and driving on the opposite direction could get you an unnecessary fine.

9. Two way traffic sign

This sign indicates that you are now entering a two-way zone.

10. Animal alert sign

This is a very interesting sign, which is placed in areas where animals are expected to cross the roads. The animal depicted on the sign depends on the popular animal in the country.

11. Pedestrian crossing sign

This is another sign that changes from country to country, but the basic format remains the same. It indicates that you need to let pedestrians cross.

12. Winding roads sign

This is a very crucial part of traffic signs and road safety information as winding roads are very tough to drive on. You might have a good travel insurance cover but you would rather not claim it and stay safe.

13. No parking sign

This sign need not be explained as Indians are used to dealing with it on a regular basis. It is mostly similar all over the world.

14. Filling station sign

This means that there will be a petrol/gas filling station at the next turn or exit.

15. Hill ahead sign

This indicates that you are going to face an upward slope ahead and need to be safe.

16. Pegasus crossing sign

This is a sign unique to the UK and Peru, which indicates that there is a special crossing for horse riders ahead.


Now that you are well-versed with traffic signs as well, you are pretty much prepared to drive outside India. Just secure yourself with Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plans, available on Finserv MARKETS, and you will be perfectly ready!


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