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What is a Tyre Protection Cover? - Explained 

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16 Sept 2021

Tyre Protection Add-on Cover in Car Insurance

For any vehicle, the tyre is one of the most important parts. Tyres carry the weight of the vehicle and the passengers while running on the piercing hot roads. This is bound to result in some wear and tear of the car’s tyres. A standard car insurance policy rarely covers tyres. That is why it is always advised to opt for a tyre protection cover in your car insurance policy.

A tyre protector in car insurance is an add-on feature of the policy. It can be bought by paying an additional premium amount along with a standalone own-damage or a comprehensive car insurance plan. This car tyre cover in insurance allows you to take care of any repair and replacement cost of the tyres- without you having to pay anything extra. Interestingly, labour charge reimbursement incurred during the repair or replacement of tyres is also covered in it. As we explored what tyre protection insurance covers, let’s now understand the inclusions and exclusions of tyre protection cover in car insurance.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Tyre Protection Cover in Car Insurance

As mentioned earlier, a tyre protection cover is important while buying the policy. However, before you buy the cover, it is imperative that you know about the inclusions and exclusions of the same. Let’s have a look at it.

Inclusions of Tyre Protection Cover

  • Cost Required for Replacement of Damaged Tyre

Tyre protection cover in car insurance covers the cost of replacement of tyre in cases of damage or loss caused to the insured vehicle due to any kind of road accident, fire, theft, natural calamities, etc. A number of insurance companies offer cover where they are liable to pay 50% replacement cost in cases of car tyre damage.

  • Charges Incurred by Labourers for Replacement

When the tyres are damaged, they are removed, refitted and rebalanced by the labourers for which they charge a certain amount from the owner. In cases of normal vehicle insurance, these charges are incurred by the buyer, but in cases of tyre protection insurance, these charges are acquired by the insurance company.

  • Mishaps or Accidental Coverage

An accidental mishap caused to the vehicle might result in serious damage to the tyres. Sometimes the tyres swell, blast or tear due to fire. This is the reason why tyre protection insurance is required in the car to get coverage of tyre damage cost due to any mishap.

Exclusions of Tyre Protection Cover

  • Cost Against Tyre Repair and Puncture

Puncturing of tyres is a very common problem in a vehicle and can be fixed in any car workshop. However, the amount levied against this by the workshop is not covered by the insurance company. The tyre protector in car insurance does not compensate for minor tyre puncture or repair costs.

  • Cost of Replacement of Damaged Tyre

Damage to tyres can occur for many reasons like punctured tyres, cracks, cuts, swelling, bulging, etc. for which replacement may be the only solution. However, if the vehicle is not damaged in this case, the cost to replace the damaged tyre will not be covered under the tyre insurance.

  • Labour Charges for Services

Fitting or moving the tyre can cost you a certain amount as labour charges. The tyre cover in car insurance doesn’t cover labour costs for repairing, removing or rebalancing the wheel.

  • Damage to Tyres Due to Overloading

Bulking up on storing goods in the car can put a lot of load on tyres. Any damage caused to tyres in the scenario doesn’t invite the tyre insurance cover.

  • Theft

The tyre protection cover doesn’t apply in cases of theft as the matter is dealt with by motor insurance cover.


Get in touch with any insurance company or compare different insurance covers online to understand which one works the best for you. And apply for the one that suits your requirements the best. Just like any other insurance cover, you can now insure your car tyres too. All you have to do is look out for features that are included in the car tyre protection cover. It is important to understand what is covered and what is not covered as per the insurance. With car insurance plans available at Bajaj MARKETS, you can easily buy the tyre protection cover with your policy. So do not wait more and give your tyres the added protection with car insurance plans available on Bajaj MARKETS.

FAQs on Tyre Protection Cover

  • ✔️How can I save my car tyres from being cut?

    Slashing or cutting of tyres is a common result of driving in poor road conditions or vandalism. Since this type of issue is not compensated by car insurance, one must take care of their tyres. Here are some points to take care of:

    • Try not to drive on poor roads or roads full of potholes.

    • Park your vehicle safely.

    • Installation of motor sensor lighting in parking helps in parking easily.

    • Look out for your car safety by installing a security camera in the parking lot.

    • If there is any kind of vandalising incident, report it immediately to the police.

  • ✔️Would the insurance company compensate for the loss incurred due to the theft of the tyre?

    No, usually a tyre protection add-on cover doesn’t compensate for the theft of tyres.

  • ✔️If I want to upgrade the quality of the tyre at the time of claim, will the amount be compensated?

    The insurance company allows the replacement of tyres with the same make and specification. In case of unavailability of the same make, the company compensates for that payable limit.

  • ✔️Would the labour charges incurred during tyre replacement be covered under tyre protection cover?

    Yes, it will be covered by the insurance company.    

  • ✔️Is it ok to opt for tyre protection cover while renewing my comprehensive car insurance plan?

    Yes, you can opt for tyre protection cover at the time of renewal of your comprehensive car insurance plan.